At Khol's

And kevin finds this hilarious. Silly Kevin.

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Freaking hysterical!

So earlier I showed such a beautiful video.
This one is just plain hysterical! gotta love Ellen!!!

"a beautiful animated little film"

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

found at Naomi's blog.
beautiful work right???

look at the behind the scenes of it too:

Thought of You - Behind the Scenes Preview - ROUGH CUT from Cambell Christensen on Vimeo.

what do you think?
awesome and amazing right?
and she did all the choreography while she was pregnant???
impressive! :D


Sleeping more than I should.

I have to go into work at 7pm.
I just woke up at 515pm.
I is now 550pm.
I really need to start setting my alarm.
I hate work.
Any millionaires wanna help me and my family out by donating some of your $$$ to us so we don't have to work as much?
Thanks a million!


Random picture moment: Me on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Never walked through until a month ago.
The weather did not disappoint!
I love NYC.
Wish I could visit more often.

I need to start blogging more.

How cute is this picture of our Kevin's niece Brooke!
She is just the cutest little thing.
I have so much to update on here!
I work pretty much all this week and I have to clean my room.
I can barely see my carpet, it's full of crap everywhere!

But no excuses!
I have to blog more!

Until next time!
Hope it's soon!



At the mall

Beautiful tree at our local mall. Not sure what to think of those white tumbleweed looking things though. Chic or yuck?

Can't decide.

Kev and I are deciding on what to get everyone for xmas. Wish us luck!


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At a Steakhouse...

And for dessert we got what is called a 'Dirt Bucket'.
Holy moley this thing was sweet.
Way to many chocolate chips tho!
Wish I would have gotten the apple pie a la mode!

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