Still need to celebrate!!!


Getting my license in the mail today made it official:

Soooo need to celebrate!
Now if I can find the right people to celebrate with that would be great....
I need to get plastered...
{aka drinking 2 shots of captain morgan and I'm gone.... haha. actually... at this point I'm not kidding. I havent gotten drunk since I was like... 19!}

What do you do to celebrate???

And how are you?


Loving this walking weather!

Meeting kev for the free Rita's italian ice and I am currently walking right now not driving.
It is GORGEOUS outside!!!
I love walking in such great weather!
Can't wait to have some italian ice though...
I usually get cherry but I might just get adventurous and get something else... Hmm...


First day of spring = Cherry italian ice!


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And I'm drinking hot chocolate for lunch!
I'm so weird!
But darn did my Keurig make a mean hot chocolate! Hmm hmm! Yummy!

But I have something to look forward to today:
FREE first-day-of-spring ITALIAN ICE!
More on that to come!

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Mascara critique

So as I mentioned before, I bought the Dior Show mascara and tried it for a few days and did not like it!
But I actually found the Bobbi Brown (BB) No Smudge Mascara! Yes!!! I absolutely love it! It's great!
I took before and after pictures and here they are!


Do you notice any difference?
Well even if you don't... I do! hahaha!
It is the smallest tube of mascara I have ever had but it is a powerful tool I tell ya!
Hear a little more about it here on this my V-log.

But if you are in need of a new mascara get BB's No Smudge Mascara! Don't even have second thoughts when you grab one! I got mine at the Sephora counter inside Macy's. Plus I have to give a shout out to the girl who helped me. She was great and suggested a really good bronzer from BB as well. I like that one too. Forget which one it is but it is good!

What other mascara's do you like?
Any I should know about?


Look! My new summer purse!

Her name is:
Coach Chelsea Tattersall Multi Stripe Tote a.k.a. Chelsea!
Jackie and I went to the Philadelphia Premium outlets last week and I got this pretty little thing.
I was in luck becase there were no more of these but someone decided to bring her back... yay for me!
I'll give her a better home anyways!
Here is Chelsea:

{this isn't my pic but I don't feel like taking the pic, downloading it, editing it so... yeah. but it looks exactly like my Chelsea!}

Ain't she a beaut??? I love her! I love my other Coach girls but she is all summery and colorful and big and I bought her with my own money hard earned money!!!

I love Kevin for buying my other Coach purses and I should show them off here but I wanted to show the one I bought for myself with my first paycheck as a G.N. {graduate nurse}!!!

Just gotta pass this NCLEX exam and I'll be happy... and maybe I'll get Kevin something nice that he likes...
But not from Coach. It isn't his cup of tea! haha.

So ... what's been going on?

I have been super busy with work and with keeping myself somewhat studious that I haven't come around the web to check on my blog. Much has happened, of course, since it's been more than a week since I've updated here.
Work is going ok. I have learned a lot and have yet to learn many many many more things... being a nurse is hard work! No lie. 12 hour shifts suck too! Especially when the weather is gorgeous outside and you are stuck inside during the!!! So bad! But I finally got a 8 hr shift yesterday and was so happy to just feel the sun shining on me and the wind coming in my open car windows!
I absolutely LOVE spring!!!! It is my very favorite season of the year... next up is summer. Warm weather and me make a perfect couple! haha.


But other than work I have been doing NCLEX questions up the waazzooooo!
I need to pass this exam. It is going to be the most important exam I have ever taken in my whole life for crying out loud! It decides my future and how I am going to survive for the next 3 months without being able to work as a nurse if I happen to not pass this exam.
It will go one of two ways:
1) I pass the NCLEX-RN exam and I am officially a Registered Nurse in my state. I will be able to pay my bills without too much worry. I will be able to save even more money for a vacation that I am planning for this summer (which by the way I am going even if I don't pass the first time!!!). I will not have to go back to my measly $12/hr position for 3 months until I can take this exam again. I WILL BE AN RN!!! Whoo!!!
2) I don't pass the NCLEX-RN exam and I go back to being a technical partner, even though I have a BSN. I will be worried about my bills because I won't be able to save enough. My vacation might be cut shorter than I would hope it would be. I will have to take this exam ... yet again. I will look like a failure to my floor and supervisors... even though plenty of nurses who work there NOW have taken the boards at least twice and they are wonderful and smart and great nurses.

Yeah. I'm hoping scenario #1 will occur for me!!! I am sending happy and good thoughts to the universe so it sends me good karma right back to me! I need this more than I have ever needed anything in my life. I want to not worry about this exam anymore. I wish I would have taken it already so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. But I don't think I would have felt ready. I feel 75% ready for this exam right now. Over this 5 day break from work I have, I am studying my little big butt off, going to feel confident (but not over confident) on myself and tell myself that I will pass this exam. And even if I find out that I have not, I will not be too disappointed in myself. I will just have more time to study, more time to prepare and pass it the next time. I will have an advantage because I will know what the test looks like and I will prepare more on what made me not pass. Whether it be not reading the questions right, not knowing the material well or whatever other reason it might be.

I just hope that I do pass. I will deal with scenario #2 when, and if, it happens. I have gone through worse things in my life and I have survived. So this is a piece of cake.... sort of. haha

Wish me and everyone else luck [and send happy thoughts] that has to take this very important exam that will make them become Registered Nurses!
Thanks for all the good thoughts in advance!!! Even if you don't think they help, they really do! I appreciate all the positivity I can take!

Have a wonderful Friday lovelies!



Falling asleep...

As I watch the evening news...
At 6pm.

This is not a good sign as tonight is LOST night.

Gotta see LOST.

But naps/sleeping is good too right?



[To Be Continued...]
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Oh spring-like weather, how I love thee!

And it will be gorgeous outside for the next two and a half days.
But of course the day I am planning on going shopping with Jackie on Saturday what is it going to be like???
Well see for yourself:


Mar 09 Mostly Clear 35° 10 %

Mar 10 PM Showers 57°/38° 30 %

Mar 11 AM Showers 59°/46° 30 %

Mar 12 Showers 57°/50° 60 %

Mar 13 Rain 57°/47° 70 %


It always rains on my parade... but at least it will be in the high 50's!

Spring you cannot come any sooner!
So loving this weather!

Off to go outside and enjoy some of this sunshine before I have to go to bed.
Early and super long day tomorrow!

See ya!

p.s. pictures might be coming of the gorgeousness that is outside if I have enough energy to go for a walk. <3


Trying something new...

Thai food.
Ever had it?

We are going to try it for dinner tonight.

Wish us [and our stomachs] luck!

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Wishing we had the dough $$$ to buy this Camaro!

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Loving this sunshine!

So freaking gorgeous!

Too bad been in the hospital visiting for the past two days...

Please send prayers that our family member will go home soon ... But with good outcomes!

But for now... Let's enjoy this gorgeous sunshine!
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Saturday morning and I am...

Cleaning my kitchen.... Fun & exciting life I lead right? Haha!
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taking a commercial break....

and writing on my blog!


i am currently in my orientation and they are covering things that i already know so... i decided that it was a great idea/time to update my lovely and lonely blog.

been doing this orientation for 3 weeks now and it's been interesting so far.
a lot to learn, a lot to memorize and at the same time a lot to try to get through! a lot of things i already learned myself they are telling us AGAIN because there are new people that need it. oh well.
gives me time to update here.

and also catch up on some blogs as well.
just fyi, this keyboard sucks balls so my letters will be minimized unless i wanna hit the caps lock. too much work pressing the shift key for 5 seconds before it works. haha

so to update, my paycheck came in and it looked so lovely. but guess what? it went bye bye by the time the next day came around because my bills were asking to be paid. it sucks!!! and they actually jipped me $$$ because they got my rate wrong for 36 hrs. i hate talking to payroll too. they aren't much help either! so hopefully it will get fixed by this week!

so what has happened since the last time i came around...

well kevin and i are spending some QT over the weekends because we both have off and are able to go places now! yay!

this past saturday we spent the day together by just going out, window shopping, and watching big bang theory. we are on the second season now and we LOVE it.
with many shows (esp. comedies) it takes A LOT to get him to react! he barely makes a sound via laugh, chuckle or smirk. he'll say "yeah. it was funny." after i ask him if he thought it was funny.
so to hear him make a chuckle or an actual laugh while watching this show makes me happier!
thank you the big bang theory!!!

 i think he was a deprived child and did not have any little kids to have a real full blown out laugh-off.

now - with me we have had some laugh-off's can't lie. but it is just annoying at times because he won't do it in front of other people! i have to usually say "it's just his way. he doesn't like showing emotion a lot." (like they couldn't already tell from his non-reaction!) i just hope as the years go by, he will be more comfortable with our friends/family to be able to show more emotion.

does you guy do that??? does it feel like you are giving him a root canal it takes you a long time to pry emotion from him? is he any different after you  have gone out for awhile/a big event happened (i.e. marriage, kids, loss of parents/loved one)?

anywho, sunday we took my dad out to breakfast.
that was fun.
we haven't done much with just the three of us and it was good to be with both of them at the same time.
i love that we all get along and that there is no awkwardness.
do your parents and your current beau get along?

and so the work week begins.
monday was just another learning/class/orientation day here at my job. some interesting things but it was just a long day. what made it not cool was that i got stuck in traffic when i was 5 minutes away from home. yuck! but my dad made up for it by having dinner cooked and ready for me! yay!
i finally got to watch Ellen since the darn Olympics took up the whole time in february so that was cool.
i also watched Oprah and she had jerry seinfield with his new show "marriage ref". it looks awesome and a cool new show for sunday nights.
later in the night kev and i went up to the mall cause i had to do a return at Sephora. what i had to return is this:

it sucked.
it was clumpy, heavy and did NOT give my eyelashes any volume!
the heaviness of the mascara made my eyelashes sag instead of lift up and curl.
i had more success with a $4 cover girl mascara!
i'm on the look out for bobbi browns no smudge mascara
and i cannot find it anywhere. i'm probably gonna have to order it online from nordstrom. anyone have any idea where i can get it???

after sephora i took kevin to dinner since he didn't get anything at home after work.
we went to corner bakery and i bought me some pretzel bites. yum! it was my "spoil" day of my good food eating goal. haha

and today Tuesday i am in classes/orientation again and bored but happy i got to update. we are about to go to lunch now and gotta finish this looong a$$ post up.

thanks for reading! everyone! anyone!