At B&N

All full from Texas Roadhouse.
Thanks babe for a great dinner!
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Brave pup!

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My outfit

For my night out with Kev.
Yay! So excited!
The place is a surprise so will update later on the place.
So hungry! Better be a good place!
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This rain is very soothing! Almost like having those sound machines without paying the ridiculous price! :) here I come sleepyland... O:)
Greatest joke: know why it's so hard to solve a redneck murder? Because the DNA is all the same and there are no dental records. Ha ha! Awesome Jeff Foxworthy!
Work: ten more minutes. I don't work tonight and Kevin invited me for dinner. Sooo excited! This rain will be awesoooome to sleep in... Ahh.... :D
Updates from my phone: willing to at least update via SMS because I am just too lazy to tell you about my life. :) At work now. Lots going on. Babies galore!


Oh teens!

Smart or... Not?
You teens tell me!
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Love this list!

Click to enlarge!

From September issue of O mag on pg. 196.

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Cool gadgets & accessories that I want!

Found all these on the September issue of my O magazine (pgs. 92-93).

Would love each of them to be mine!

(Hear that Santy Clause???)

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Not so much.
Weird computer of mine!
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Fall Season Premieres - so excited!

So many shows, and I'm glad that I get a DVR starting today!
It starts next week, Monday and I'll go through each day showing my favorite shows!

Up first MONDAY!
{definitely not voting for Palin or that Jersey Shore guy...}

{hotness all around!}

{yep. can't just have one day of the week with the dancing...}

Not sure what else is on Tuesday's.
Oh yeah. I think Parenthood is!
Ever watched?

The Middle

{I just love this show. So realistic! And freaking funny too!}

Modern Family

{I just wish I was a part of this family! Awesome and hilariously funny! Must watch!}

Cougar Town

{Old friends getting together. How much more amazingness do you need?}

The Whole Truth

{new one... we'll see how this goes... but I love Maura Tierney...}

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT for short)
{one word: HI-LARIOUS!}

Others that I need to catch up to are:

{Love him and his sarcasm... haha}

The Office
{It won't be the same without Michael Scott!}

Law & Order: SVU
{Watching on Netflix starting on season 1.... love the cases they have there. Love Mariska Hargitay!}

Oh my goodness!!!
So much to watch!
Thank goodness I have a DVR now!

What's your fave show???
I probably missed something....


Cute kid, cute dance

Obviously this is just a commercial but cute nonetheless.


Women in Brawl... and biscuits!

Sooo.... My dad was reading the paper this morning and I had to report this awesome and stupid news.
Read on:

"Police said two women have been charged in a fight over a plate of biscuits and exactly who was allowed to eat them.
The incident happened just after 11 p.m. Aug 31...
"Jane Doe", 26, who lives at home with her boyfriend and his family, told police she baked the biscuits. Police said when other people at the home ate some of them, Doe got angry and said the biscuits were only for her. A fight broke out between Doe and her boyfriend's mother, "Jane Smith", 52, according to police.
Both women are charged with harrasment."

*names were changed, of course*

My dad and I were saying why in the heck would you get in a fricking fight over biscuits when they cost less than $4???? The charges are definitely gonna be more than four freaking dollars!!!

ha ha

This made my day!


"I go in with you, I come out with you"

Wow. I can barely see through my tears after watching this.
I strive and live and breath for one day to have a marriage bond like this. {if that day ever comes and I decide to marry}
To have this never ever ending love is something special.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

If you have a marriage bond and love like this, go ahead and give a kiss/hug to the one you married/love right now.
I wish I had Kevin next to me this very second just to give him a kiss and tell him how much I love him.
Maybe one day I'll see this video again and know what Annie and Danny were talking about.

{thanks Jo for posting this!}