Women in Brawl... and biscuits!

Sooo.... My dad was reading the paper this morning and I had to report this awesome and stupid news.
Read on:

"Police said two women have been charged in a fight over a plate of biscuits and exactly who was allowed to eat them.
The incident happened just after 11 p.m. Aug 31...
"Jane Doe", 26, who lives at home with her boyfriend and his family, told police she baked the biscuits. Police said when other people at the home ate some of them, Doe got angry and said the biscuits were only for her. A fight broke out between Doe and her boyfriend's mother, "Jane Smith", 52, according to police.
Both women are charged with harrasment."

*names were changed, of course*

My dad and I were saying why in the heck would you get in a fricking fight over biscuits when they cost less than $4???? The charges are definitely gonna be more than four freaking dollars!!!

ha ha

This made my day!

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