Hola! Buenos dias!

Good morning lovelies!
How are you???

so much to talk about on this great and frigid friday!

I have updated my other blog : Stories of a G.N. 
so go ahead and read up on that please.

I would like to keep my nursing life and "real" life seperate because I think that both right now are two different personas that I have.

I am not saying I am bipolar by any means.

But... I am going through too many things to be telling you stories both on here and over there.


I will update my life things/occurences here such as:
Kevin and I going out
Family outings
Dates with my girl friends
Work outs
My weekly vlogs (which I need to find out a way how to keep them all together for y'all to see... yep. I just used the word y'all... weird I know... haha)
Other lovely blogs/bloggers
etc, etc

My G.N. blog will keep you informed on :
State boards
my position on L&D/PNU
news of nursing/medical related topics
things I find interesting about being a nurse
stories filled with laughter, tears and miracles... believe me, there are plenty I can tell you!

My other spanish blog... well probably will be just things I can post in spanish to communicate with my family in Ecuador and Portugal.

Also pretty pictures that I like... =)

So please come back and read and share with me!

I promise to update more, keep reading your blogs and commenting on them if you do the same here and over there.



I'm excited.

So I gotta go now.

I need my "beauty sleep" before work tonight. ha! =0P

So I leave you with this song that will get you going on this freezing Friday!!!

LOVE this song! Makes me want summer more and more!

Until next time peeps!


Short and sweet!

Hello everyone!
Happy MLK day and Monday!
Hope you are fabulous darlings.

Just want to say a short hi and to tell you that I am off to kickboxing.
I haven't really blogged about it but this class is kick ass!
I wish I was not starting orientation knew what my schedule for next month was because or else I would sign up for this class again!

The one my dad just joined is Zumba!
Ever heard of it???
I absolutely love that one too!

I hope that I can figure out a schedule out so I can take more classes through the gym at work. I love that they give us reimbursement for all these classes. Absolutely love getting my money back after I've attended these classes.

Well more on that later.
Gotta run.

Before I go, gotta remind myself to stop by Sephora or somewhere to buy Bobbi Brown's "No Smudge" mascara. Lisa always raves about it and my tube right now is running out. As much as I love the Cover Girl "LashBlast" mascara I think it is time for an upgrade.
So Bobbi Brown here I come!
{And for $23 something it better darn be worth it!}

See ya soon!



Two great sunsets in a row?

Just gorgeous!

Yet it's freaking freezing!


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Haven't seen a sunset like this...

In a long time!
I miss the pretty colors the skies turn during sunsets!
Finally a break in the sky & I got to see very pretty colors over my city!

Made my day after a crappy afternoon!
Love the simple things, don't you?

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New addition to my blog!

My blog has got my vlogs now.
I hope I get to keep up with that!
I'm not doing so great on keeping these blogs updated or reading others blogs either!


I'm a bad blogger!
But ever since I got sick and have been crazed with school stuff to do no time for blogs!
But I need to make it up to myself.
I need to keep my blogs updated.

Any suggestions on topics?
I hope my life gets a little more interesting so I have something to contribute.
But other than doctor's appointments and kickboxing that is all that is happening with me.
Although I have some pictures that I have yet to upload and tell the story behind them...
Maybe I'll start with that at a later date.
Now I will leave you with this one of my best friend (who you can only see her girly hands) and her lovely boyfriend:

{i love it. zexy, no?}



More on Pristiños - From Ecuador

Mayra over at Bananas. was wondering about Pristiños and I am happy to oblige. =)

Pristiños are the typical Christmas dessert of Ecuador (where I'm from). They are kind of like fried cookies dipped in honey. If made just right they are very flaky and delicious! Hmmm...

Want to try to make some?
Here is the recipe!

3 cups of flour

1 ½ tablespoon of cooking oil
3 egg yolks
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 tablespoons butter
¾ cup of milk
Oil enough for frying
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon spice cloves
3 teaspoons cinnamon
3 cups of water
Grinded peel of 1 lemon
3 panelas, (rapaduras) and if not, 1 cup of honey
{try to do it with rapaduras because with honey the miel just isn't the same!}

Preparation of the dough:
Put the flour in a big bowl, add the oil mixed with the milk and the egg yolks, warmed up, over the flour and start kneading it. Add 1 cup of water (warmed also) with the baking powder in it and a ¼ teaspoon of salt, and add this into the flour mixture also. Knead until you get a dough you can easily handle, then let it stand covered for some fifteen minutes. Once this time passed, cut long strips of the dough and make circles holding both ends firmly together so that they will keep this way, you can add some delicate cuts or marks on top of them. Fry them on very hot oil until they get golden, then put them in a bowl with some kitchen paper towels to absorb the extra oil.

Preparation of the sauce:
Put the two cups of water to boil, add the cinnamon, the spice cloves, the lemon grinded peel, and let this boil for five minutes. Then take the spice cloves out of the water and add the rapaduras, (panelas) or the honey and back to the fire, until this gets reduced to its half. Add the vanilla. Once this is cool, cover the pristiños with this sauce and serve them. Delicious!
{This sauce is kinda like the syrup you put over pancakes but the rapadura makes it much thinner and the lemon peel makes it so yummy!}

If you make them, let me know if you  liked them and take pictures!
I would love to see your creations.
Thanks for stopping by!

::Another yummy dessert from South America are buñuelos from Colombia! Do you know about them? They are so good!!! Wanna hear more? Let me know!::



Apparently I can bake from scratch!
Because my aunt and I made pristiños and they were DELICIOUS!

{the dough that made the following...}


We even made the syrup called miel in spanish.
My mom used to make them.
Mine were delish.

Then my aunt made more and I couldn't help but eat three! No miel though. Needed to save my calories for the rest of my meal.

Would you like to know more about pristiños?
Let me know.

Oh no... It even has gotten to the stuffed bears!

Are people really sad that the holidays are over that they had to put this poor bear in this position?
Couldn't they have put this poor bear in a better position?
Instead of looking all suicidal by hanging it by its scarf.
It was just THERE as soon as I walked into this store.
Couldn't help but take a picture.
Poor bear.
Hope some cute little kid insisted on getting you and brought you to a nice warm home.

I am way late to the party...

But I have to share with you my lovely decorations!
My tree is small and so disorganized but I love it!
Let's start with the before:

{hey daddy!}

{poor little bare tree... you need ornaments!}

{yep. still a little bare...}

{one of my fave ornaments given to me... which reminds me to take a pic of the one Kevin got me}

{getting there! see the Santa's all around the bottom of my tree??}

{So pretty, don't ya think? ... Well I do!}

{looks better at night!}

{yep. definitely better at night!}

There ya have it!
I've had these pics for awhile now
{all from my blackberry btw... since Santa kinda forgot about my one big wish... oh well. maybe this year...;)}.
So I just decided to share with you now.
Better late than ever.

Been so busy coughing up my lungs that I haven't been able to blog. Hope to do more of that soon...
Starting with this post.

So how are you?
What's new with you?
Tell me!

My New Years' Goal (one of them at least!)

This was supposed to be blogged about over the weekend but coughing and sneezing and work has kept me busy.
Hope to put up my Friday vlog on time this week!


Thanks for stopping by!
See ya next time,