I am way late to the party...

But I have to share with you my lovely decorations!
My tree is small and so disorganized but I love it!
Let's start with the before:

{hey daddy!}

{poor little bare tree... you need ornaments!}

{yep. still a little bare...}

{one of my fave ornaments given to me... which reminds me to take a pic of the one Kevin got me}

{getting there! see the Santa's all around the bottom of my tree??}

{So pretty, don't ya think? ... Well I do!}

{looks better at night!}

{yep. definitely better at night!}

There ya have it!
I've had these pics for awhile now
{all from my blackberry btw... since Santa kinda forgot about my one big wish... oh well. maybe this year...;)}.
So I just decided to share with you now.
Better late than ever.

Been so busy coughing up my lungs that I haven't been able to blog. Hope to do more of that soon...
Starting with this post.

So how are you?
What's new with you?
Tell me!

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