Hello Hello!

Man have I missed the blogging world. I have many stories that I don't even remember but many things have happened but I will post them as they come to mind.
Christmas was great this year and I love love LOVE having my family all together at once!
I also love spending time with Kevin's fam as well and giving presents is also a good thing about Christmas!

Santa was good to me this year. Yep. This is what I got:

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And this is a good read! It's very short though! Wish it were longer!

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She's hot. She sounds amazing. Love her music. It was an awesome present! It will help for when I wanna get dancing too! Or when I wanna start running... yep. These songs will get me pumping!

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Cause you cannot have enough mario and luigi inside bowser fun!
I've already started playing this on my DS and it's fun!
Now only to find my stylus... keep losing that darn thing! Good thing I have more!

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And who doesn't love peanut butter and chocolate right?
They are HUGE and my little cousins already helped me eat one of them.
I'm making Kevin help me with the other one!
Whew. With that much chocolate... I don't know what to do!

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Kevin and I started a tradition. Every year we are going to be getting each other an ornament. It should be interesting to see which one he gets me next year. I got him this FLASH ornament. He asked for it. =)

This was the first present I got. It brews yummy yummy coffee and the K-cups are not too expensive (depending where you get them from).
Yep. Santa was very good to me this year!
I also got some gift certificates for Old Navy that I will show what I got when I go shopping. Plus some chocolate from Gertrude Hawk... hmmmm....
Also some money (YEAH!) and a gift card to Panera.
My little cousins gave Kevin and I dreamcatchers; one pink and one blue. So cute!
Even though we agreed to NOT give each other anything, Kevin's brothers' and sisters'-in-law gave us gift certificates to go out to eat at two different restaurants. They are both really good places too!
Will take pics and then post them here when we go out!
Speaking of food, I'm going to make dinner now!
Fruit was not enough to keep my stomach from grumbling.

I'm sure I have more things to tell you about but food needs to go in my belly!

Until then take care lovies!


Marie S said...

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and Kevin.
Love and hugs.

SoFiA said...

Marie - Thank you very much!
Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!