Funny People

Can't wait to see this...

(Thanks Jo for posting this!)

Let's stop for a second and talk...

{this is in miami but I liked it so I used it: pic found here}
about the fact that there was a F1 tornado pass by on the other side of a mt. right.behind.my.house!
I have video of that scary night.... that hail was I.N.S.A.N.E.!
So much fell and so hard that there was need of shoveling in most parts of my county!
There's a city two minutes away which had a park pretty much wrecked with many trees fallen down and just havock everywhere.
Yeah.... this is the SECOND time a tornado has passed by (I believe so far this year...) and made a disaster out of our city/county.
The first one that came through went right through my alma matter (high school). It's still in shambles! This was so scary when I found out because my best friend Quynh lives literally a block away from the h.s. Plus, my other bestie WORKS at the school. Luckily the tornado passed by on a Saturday afternoon and Quynh wasn't home and weird enough the havock stopped about five homes before it reached hers.
This is crazy! We live in a VALLEY not plain land!!! What is happening with the weather this year????
Today (only 24 hrs later) it is sunny, light breeze, ~62 degrees with the sun beaming thru my shades!
Gotta love mother nature dears....
How's the weather in your corner of the earth??


It's raining....

and I hope it does this all week long but not this coming weekend!!!
Although weather.com is NOT being helpful to tell me that the weather in NYC is rain 40% on Friday and rain 30% on Saturday.
I really hope it just rains a little bit...
Hopeful dreaming...

So describes me right now...

Kevin is gonna be maaad when I don't wanna wake up to go jogging in the AM... although it already is the AM...
Plus I have to work tonight... ah!

Challenge #1 for you:

Can you name the 50 U.S. states in 6 minutes???

I absolutely love FRIENDS and I want to try to name all 50 states in 6 minutes...
I don't know if I can do it... Can you???

My new love...

is this aqua Steve Madden Single-Breasted Trench Coat!!!!
It is amazing!
I have been looking for a trench coat for such a long time! I am so happy!
I can't wait to wear it ... especially in NYC when I go for my Ladies Weekend!!! YAY!
The best part about this new love is how CHEAP I got it for!
I bought it at Macy's and I saw there was 40% signs everywhere... low and behold they were signs for all sorts of lovely trench coats! Including the one that is mine now!
Orig. price is $120 and what we (well more Kevin than me... thanks lovie!) ended up paying was $72!!! How great is that???
Plus the fact that online it is much more than what we got it for is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!
Other coats I am looking at online (which weren't in store) are this one in green and this one in black and this other black one.


Pet peeve #3

So at work they print out 24 hour charts for each pt.
Most of the time its about 5 pages long and then comes 2-3 pages of what you see in the picture.

ONE WHOLE piece of paper wasted because of 13 or so words! Such a WASTE of paper and money!!! If you saw how much paper was thrown out on a daily basis you would be amazed!

Then they wonder why they go over their budget! Ugh! I hate this type of waste! Hence why its one of my pet peeve's!


{found here}

Power of love...

My heart was racing at the end.

i have felt that kind of anguish and disappointment of not knowing and regret of not saying my true feelings.


Love your parents now like they were already gone

Check this site out.
Read all of them.
There's only 30-some of them so take the time to read each word carefully as it is a lesson to all of us to let our parents know how much we love them.
Even though they might get you mad, make you feel like a little kid, annoy you, critizice you, and tell you what to do they are still your parents.
You can never EVER replace your parents.
So cherish them while you have them.
Because when they are gone you won't have the time to be with them, hug them, tell them you love them, enjoy a meal with them, go on adventures with them, ask them for advice, have them help you with tough decisions, be a shoulder to cry on, walk you down the aisle, share jokes with, rejoice in wonderful memories, laugh about nothing, and enjoy each other's company.
With much love, this is dedicated to my parents.
I love you Dad. You have been there for me these past 12 years and no amount of thank you's or words can ever show you how much love I have for you and how much I appreciate you. You have put up with many teenage temper tantrums, dramas, lies, hurtful words, and so much I am ashamed to even recall. But yet you have not let me go. You still see me as your little girl that you used to carry on your shoulders as we walked down the street to McDonald's on the many weekends you came to visit me while I lived with my Mom. Thank you for so many great memories. I will cherish them always and can't wait until my wedding day when you get to walk me down the aisle; when I give birth to my firstborn and give you your first grandchild; I can't wait to make so many new memories with you as I become a professional woman that you helped create with not only monetary help but also love and patience (lots of it!).
I love you Mom. You raised me as a single mother in a new country with little money and a lot of knowledge. We went through a lot even though we were only together for 10 years of my childhood. I have missed you these last 12 years and I hope you know I still love you. No matter what I still have love for you and thank you for shaping me into the young lady I turned out to be. I hope you will be happy for the woman I turned out to be without you. My dad has helped me become this woman and I think even though you got divorced you somehow knew he would be a great dad - I can assure you he is and will be forever a wonderful father. I thank you for bringing me a wonderful little sister who I also haven't seen in 12 years but I hope you know that I love her as well. The three of us will soon meet and know we will have LOTS of catching up to do. I have many conversations to have with you and with her as she grows up to be a young lady - and sooner than we would like she will be a woman. But I hope that one day we will be closer (much closer... I don't like having you an ocean away) so I can help mold and shape my little sister become a great and strong woman. I can't wait until I see you.
They both have made great contributions to make me the person I am today.
Let's face it: if it weren't for them getting together and deciding to get married and have me, I wouldn't be here becoming a professional woman, loving my life, loving my parents, and knowing what it really means to truly love someone.
They have made me realize that in life there is such as things as mistakes and hardships and wrong - but that should not stop me from loving them, myself or others.
Negativity brings negativity and I don't want that in my life.
I could be saddened (which at one point in my life I was) about the fact that my parents are divorced, I haven't seen my mom in 12 years, can't interact with my sister and help her grow up, didn't graduate college in 4 years (it's going on 5.5 years come this summer).
But so far my life has so many more positives that the negativities just seem so futile and it is useless to keep picking at old wounds.
I did that for a few years during high school and I finally realized a few years ago that I can keep going in that path of darkness and negativity or change my attitude and know there is bad things that happen but I have to brush them off after a REALLY good cry.
So thank you mom and dad. You are the main two people I have to thank for bringing me into this crazy world we call home. I know that if I can make it through these past 20+ years, I can make the next 80 or 90 really worthwhile.

We did it, we did it!

Congrats to The Ladies and I!

We organized and planned and scheduled sorta a plan for our ladies weekend NEXT WEEKEND!

We did it! We talked and talked and gossiped {yep... gossiped} BUT we got our goal of planning achieved.
As always we have din din and desserts....

our FAVE!

Brownies, choco cupcakes made with applesauce and strawberries on top (25 calories each!), fat free cool whip and our little tubs that we shared of Ben & Jerry's.


Can't wait til April 3rd!!!



Doing some planning and list making

As March comes to an end, April is ahead with an exciting first weekend!
Tina, Lauren and I are going to NYC and staying at the Waldorf=Astoria for some much needed rest!!!
I have found this great site: http://tadalist.com/
which has helped me make to do lists for this trip.
I don't know about you, but I am a list FREAK.
So I was ever SOOO happy that I found this awesome site!
It's such a simple thing, but it makes me happy!
Plus, it is so simple to use and I don't waste so much paper so it's eco friendly... if you really want to think about it that way.
So if you were wondering {haha... yeah ok...}
what my lists were {so far} they are:
  • Places to go in NYC
  • Places to eat in NYC
  • Things to bring on NYC trip

So far I have 24 places to go, 20 places to eat and just 2 things so far on things to bring because I still don't know what the weather is going to be like.

Which reminds me; I have to find a good bag(s) to put my clothes/things in to bring to NYC.

I can't believe I am actually going!

I'm sooo excited as Tina and Lauren (a.k.a. The Ladies) are too.

Later today we are meeting to have a small dinner (Subway) and some treats (appetizers and dessert... yum!) and of course PLAN PLAN PLAN for our trip.

We have trouble at times. We tend to not be good at being decisive about what to do. Hence, this is a problem to plan a weekend in NYC because, if you have ever been to this wonderful city, there is just SOOOOO much to do!

I have done so much research, and with the help of other lovely bloggers like rockstar diaries and A CUP OF JO who live in NYC, I have gotten many places to go see and places to eat!

Thank you ladies for helping out with my ideas!

I hope our meeting tonight with The Ladies is productive.

Gotta go now.

Yogalatte class awaits in half hour!


You HAVE to watch "Her morning glance"

{found at this great blog}

Amazingly done.




Love it.



Isn't that nice?

We went to a new shoppe and found these really cool things.

Doesn't Kevin make a good model?
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Oh daffodils...

How I wish you and this vase were in my house.
On top of my coffee table.
But for now,
You will be my background on my laptop.
I can keep on dreaming.
One day you
Will be here and possibly outside decorating my yards.

If not, I will plan to use you and lilies
on a wonderful spring wedding
sometime in my future.

I can dream, can't I?

garden decorations

If only I had the money, time and a green thumb to make my front yard and/or backyard look marvelous.

Just went to a local greenhouse and cut flower outlet and couldn't find JUST daffodils!

Only in pots!

I was also thinking about getting the fake kind but a) they were too expensive for FAKE flowers ($5.99 a bunch) and b) I want fresh flowers so I can smell them!

Oh well!

I will continue my search for lovely daffodils!

*hint hint KEVIN*

Watch Demetri Martin

Important Things with Demetri MartinWed 10:30pm / 9:30c
Coolness - Some Jokes About Coolness
Joke of the DayStand-Up ComedyFree Online Games

I belong in...


You are interested in old architecture and ancient history. However, you also would like to be close to be warm beach where you could lay back and relax in the sun after all that studying.
You belong in Italy!

Take the quiz here and see where you belong!


Are French Women Really Sexier Than American Women?

By Lauren Iannotti

Read this and tell me:

Can you answer the above question?

Do you agree or disagree?

And, why?

This weekend I'm looking at...

:this really cute and inventive hanky.

:a coke commercial that show you to live life to the fullest.

:wishing this is the type of weather i was in... and able to take a deep breath without shivering.

:would you wear this? i don't know if i would...

:how life is so tricky and it can change ever so quickly.

:dreaming of far away places... like Venice and Amsterdam and Australia and... so many more...

:looking at this lovely blog and smiling

:scared to go out to dinner after seeing this list!

:thinking this awesomely cool rockstar blogger and her hubby should choose option B... i like B better than A! just sayin'...

:checking out others secrets... and wondering if i personally know anyone who sent in their secret... is it YOU?

:falling in luv with this new etsy shop and blog i just found thru this fabulously gay blogger


And it smells like Play Doh...


Play Doh.


Happy Sunday!

{these are flowers that were at work... ain't it pretty???}


Rita's Italian Ice...

On a COLD first day of spring!


Kevin is taking me out to get one of these:

{picture from here}
He's getting a cherry one and I don't really know which one I'm getting yet.
Probably a sugar-free one so I can stay on my "diet"...
It's the first day of spring so our ices will be FREE!!!
Yay for free stuff!

Have nothing to do on Monday's at 10pm?

Then you should watch this show!
It's greatly entertaining and both are really good actors.
Plot and story line is interesting.
If you like shows like Law & Order and CSI, then you would probably like this one too.
If you are a Dancing with the Stars fan, then you don't have to do anything after that show is done.
Just sit back and watch a great episode of Castle.
Simple as that!
But if you can't make it on Monday nights then you can catch it online.
{like I just did tonight!}
If anyone has watched, what do you think?
Good show?
Something you DVR/record and watch later?
Might catch it online?
Tell me your thoughts!


An Interview of a lifetime - by a 10 year old

Interviewing the future king of England is the type of assignment seasoned journalists clamor for.

But Prince William's recent exclusive interview went to someone decidedly less experienced but well prepared nonetheless -- 10-year-old cancer survivor Alice Marples.

Alice grilled him on everything from his childhood to arm-wrestling with Prince Harry. And she learned some princely tidbits. Prince William told her he wanted to be a policeman as a child. And he's got what he calls a "Harry Potter scar" on his head from a run-in with a golf club.
Alice was a patient at the Royal Marsden Hospital, which treats pediatric cancer patients from all over the world and this week launches a massive building project to make it the largest cancer treatment center in Europe.
"I am so nervous but quite excited as well," Alice said before her big interview. "I have hundreds of butterflies in my tummy."
Yet the pint-size interviewer walked in, shook the prince's hand and got right down to business, asking him what inspired him to get involved with Royal Marsden.
"For a very long time, my mom was involved with the Royal Marsden, so she had a close connection to them, so I wanted to follow in her footsteps in that sense and help," the prince said as he settled onto the couch beside Alice. "Since doing that I've learned so much and met so many incredible people. If you've been unfortunate enough to have cancer ... most battle through with it and deal with it in such an inspirational way, much like you."
Alice, dressed in a bright pink shirt, with ruffles, also grilled Prince William on his own hospital stay when he was 9 and got clocked in the head with a seven iron on the putting green.
"That was for my Harry Potter scar," he said. "I call it that because it glows sometimes, and some people notice it, and some people don't notice it at all.
"But that was very minor compared to what how many times you've been to hospital," the prince told his young interviewer.
She made Prince William laugh by asking him what he would like to be if he weren't a prince.
"That's a very difficult one. A long time ago I wanted to be a policeman when I was younger. I soon learned that wasn't a good idea," he said. "At the moment, I'm doing some helicopter flying, doing search and rescue."
But what if he could be invisible?
"I'd probably get myself in a lot of trouble," the prince said. "I'd probably go into the sort of newspaper office and hide in the background and listen to all the stories they talk about me."


But for all her preparation and poise, Alice learned that even the most well-thought-out interview can go a little awry. Toward the end, she slipped up and called the prince by his brother's name, prompting William to burst into laughter.
"Brilliant, brilliant Alice," he joked, as she hid her face in her hands. "That is a keeper!"


If you had the chance to interview the next King of England, what would you ask him?


I was sitting and drinking tea outside.

Decorative fan

Found this at BJ's.
It is a decorative fan.

Interesting no?

What does this picture make you think of?

{pic found at this lovely blog and she found it at another lovely blog}




What are your thoughts?


Pet Peeve #2

{pic from here}
People in front of me braking and slowing down when the light is green.

Green does equal go right???

I thought so.


Can anyone help???

{pic found here}

I have homework before I meet the ladies (Tina and Lauren) to think of PLACES to go to while on our weekend to NYC the first weekend of April!

Any comments/help is well appreciated.

And if touristy places could be avoided that would be awesome!


Back to my homework and daydreaming of this weekend coming!

{pic found here}

So ... what do you think of this?:

I can't believe what I just saw...


And at the end: why do the NYPD have those two people down on the ground???

If anyone has details please update!

Breakfast at home...

{pic by me of this deliciously yummy breakfast}

Nothing better than this!

Here's to hoping this breakfast is better and MUCH less expensive than one I would have gotten at a restaurant/diner yesterday!

Eggs were made with a Tbsp of butter on a skillet. Ingredients included: 1/4 of a green pepper, 2 slices of 2% milk cheese, and 2 large eggs. 2 slices of bacon. And low fat Aunt Jemima waffles!

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I found them! I found the SF PEEPS! Whoo!

They are sooooooooo yummy!
Especially because they are sugar free!

And remember how I said Kevin likes to point out monkeys?

{Like here and here.}

Yep. He made me get a pic with this monkey... hanging from my arm. It was a cute monkey...
I love you Kev!
Thanks for making my trips to stores 100% times more fun!!!

So many pictures. So many memories.

For two days this is what overtook half of my living room!
Loved looking through all my old pics!
Can't wait to have many many more!!!

One of the reasons I dislike my local neighborhood:

Takes super long for the truck to back up.
Plus traffic doesn't stop even though lights are red...
Hence me being in the middle of the road because JERKS on the right kept going EVEN THOUGH the light for them were red!

Has anyone ...

seen this movie?
It's called
I've Loved You So Long
and I want to see it.
It looks good just by the description on the back.

If anyone has seen/heard of it can you please give any advice if I should rent/buy it???

Listening to at Barnes and Noble:

I hate the cold yucky wind!

That is all.

He doesn't like to build things.

But he did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you guess what he's building???

Can't get away from the Girl Scout cookies... yummy lemonades.


Did you guess what he built?

If you guessed a chair you were RIGHT!

Yay to the new chair!

We don't ONLY shop at Wal-Mart

We also go to BJ's!

Can't you see how excited we are???

Does anyone remember ever having Little Bites Banana Nut and don't you miss them like crazy???
I mean yes the chocolate chip are great and so are the brownine ones BUT
I miss the banana nut ones!
(grrr... looks like they discontinued them. can't find them anywhere online)
I haven't tried the 100 calorie pack ones either... have you?
Any good?

And I love these cookies. But we didn't buy them... to freaking expensive and I had enough cookies/junk at home... and bringing this big can to my house... yeah wouldn't last over a week between Kev, my dad and I!
yeesh! too much calories!

Yep. Our trip to BJ's was fun.

But I always have fun with the Kevin. He makes trips to stores a lot more fun and entertaining!