Day Dreaming

Wouldn't you love to be here?
I love the whole room.
Colors would need to be changed and some furniture would need to be updated to some comfier stuff but I like it.
I love the bookcase.
What's your dream room?


Road trip

I would love to go on a road trip.
Doesn't that sound delightful?
Just take a week and go.
Just drive off.


It’s Official: Lindsay Is Fine

This post title is to be said with sarcasm.
No way she is fine. She got out super early from jail AND rehab.
Damn girl.
You are a HOT MESS.
I don't have hate for her.
I feel sad for her.
She's tunneling into a really bad place and seems like she is having a REALLY hard time getting out and standing up nice and tall and professional.
Hope someone comes into her life to help her bring her up.
Cause the way they are giving her a "break" by letting her out early is in NO WAY helping her!


Spinach Dip!

This is exactly what I want to make!
Spinach Dip is something I have been craving since I had it on Sunday at Kev's sister-in-law's baby shower.

I have been looking for a really good and easy recipe to make this dip.
Plus, finding the perfect bread to put the dip inside. Hmmm...

I just bought some applesauce today so I am making my dad some yummy lower cholesterol cake.

I think since tomorrow is gonna be a rainy day (again) it will be a cooking and baking (and eating) day!

num num num....

Living the Vida Limping

ah the weekend.
Wondering what I did?
Well ok. I'll tell ya.
Saturday - went to buy buy baby to buy my cousin's baby, Miah, crib and things that we promised we would get them. Between my dad, Aunt, cousin Freddy, Kev and I we put together money so we could get them a really good gift.
And what better gift than a crib, mattress, comforter set and stroller is there right? I hope they really like it and learn to care for all of it so it can last them for awhile.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with Kevin.
We went to Target to get the hundreds of pictures that I had gotten printed there. Granted not all the pictures were of our Disney vacation but there were a lot of pics. Can't wait to put together my scrapbook. So excited.

Will show the finished product later!

Festival 2010

My grams found this cute little baby doll.
Only $2!

And here are the pics I took at the festival of all of us:

Loved spending time with the girls.

"You get in the bowl!"

I absolutely LOVE this commercial!

Ha ha!

So much so that I am eating them right now!

I need to try some of those pretzel M & M's.



Disneyland debate...

I just read this post at Beachy Keen and here is my response:

I have to agree. I am on Disney's side. If those are all the facts that you both have written, then I think she is just using 'religion' as a case to fight against them. Why is she staying there if they are being so unfair to her and her religion??? But seeing as Disney has offered her many options for her job, she's in the wrong. She should be happy to have a job in the beginning! How many other people (of same race, religion or not) are looking for jobs right now? She should be happy to have one! And she's only NOW complaining after 2 years? That's just wrong...

But my question is (since I really don't know much else than from what I read here) what is she asking for? A better position? More money? What is she looking for other than 'publicity' on this whole situation?

What do you think?
And what do you know about it?

Feel free to comment here or at their blog.


IdeaPaint at Dwell on Design 2010

When I get my own house, my kitchen, extra room and/or walls will probably will be covered with this paint!
What do you think?
Go to IdeaPaint ( to find out more.

found via Haute Whimsy

I just realized...

That this blog was 2 years old in July!
I don't know how I did it 2 years ago by posting so much!
I was in nursing school, working, and blogging. How did I do it?

But I am not even capable of keeping up now and I am on medical leave.
I wish I had some people commenting on my blog or somehow to get more people knowing about it and so I can know what to post about... maybe I should comment on more blogs again...


well anywho:
Happy Birthday blog of mine!

Even without many people coming by, I will continue to post!

And to the ones who do come by, thanks!

Please comment if you would like!



Sitting here waiting for food...

And there are two guys who are wearing the exact same shirt.
Makes me wonder what their story is...

That's all.

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looming cloud

Holy cloud!
Huge dark cloud right above my house. Hope it doesn't rain!
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Good Luck Chuck

is freaking HILARIOUS!!!

I saw it the other day (with all my free time you know I can actually watch movies... ha ha)

Have you ever seen it?

It is good!
Especially if you get high or just wanna laugh, see this movie.
Check it out:


Ooh... Friday 13th!

And I am at home. Not at work. Or on the road.
Thank goodness!
Because I know anything bad that can happen, happens to me!
Especially at work!
So today I have decided that I need to gather the hundreds of pics that I took down at Disney, put them on a memory card, and go get them printed!
I have a printer here but my ink runs out soon and is freaking expensive!
With these pictures I am going to put them into a scrapbook that Kev bought me down at Disney.
I also want to get frames for the dinner menus that I took was given for some of our meals at Disney.
I can't wait!
Also, today I am going to see my good friend Quynh and possibly her lover boy Dan.
I wanna go out and do something with other people!
I feel like if I keep sitting here I'll end up with a bed sore cause my a$$ hurts like no other from sitting so much!
But when I walk around my foot hurts.
We'll see how the next two weeks go as well. My poor buttocks. :(

Anywho, enough about that.
Here are some pics from Disney for you. Enjoy!

And there are so many more where those came from!

More to come....


My left foot:

-Is sore.
-Healing. Very slowly.
-Missing out on many good walks.
-Loving the ice I apply to it.
-Is a lot less swollen than it was when I went to the ER that Saturday evening after I got home from Disney.
-May not be able to wear high heels for a VERY looooong time.
-Is waiting to go back to work.
-Needs to get better so I can finally start exercising again to lose those extra pounds I gained at Disney.
-Does not enjoy the small amounts of pressure I put on it more and more each day like the Orthopaedic doctor told me to do.
-Needs a pedicure! (So does my right foot!)
-Has another 2 weeks to heal before my doctor's appointment and I go back to work! (So weird to say I'm excited to start work again!)

Ahh... Such is life!
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If there is no Skinny Cow, I'm going for Breyer's!

I haven't had dinner yet but dessert is just calling to me!
Darn O magazine!
Showing me all sort of yummy treats!
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So cute!

Reading June's O magazine and saw this!
Love it!
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Skinny Cow

These are just asking to be bought and eaten ASAP.

Kev and I are gonna go buy him new work shoes so hopefully the store(s) we go to [target and/or wal-mart] has these!

Yummy ice cream for less than 180 calories?
I'm there!
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If I wore this,

I'd be laughed at in my city!
This outfit is part of the article of this August's InStyle: '10 New Style Statements'.
What do you think?

There are other bloggers out there like Naomi or Stacey who are cool enough to wear stuff like this but me?
Although I think it's pretty cool, I don't live in NYC where this would be considered fashion!

Ha Ha

How about you?
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Courtney Cox

I'm reading the latest InStyle magazine and Courtney is in the cover.
She is just so pretty - no. Gorgeous! She's gorgeous!
I loved her in Friends as Monica Geller and currently love to watch her in Cougar Town. Do you watch that show? It's awesome! :)

Anywho, gonna go back to the article ...

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Vote! Vote! Vote!

Last day to vote for Carolina to be co-host for Live! with Regis and Kelly next week.
Here is her vid:

She's from Elvis Duran Show in NYC and she is really great.

So go vote!

p.s. I wish Lisa Paige was up for this as well because then that would be two great radio DJ's that I love from NYC! Maybe next time Lis!

At home...

It is going on 1.5 weeks now that I have been on medical leave and it has been going ok.
The only bad part of it all is that it is hot like I would not believe in my house!
I have the fan going 24/7 and the ice on my foot is melting faster than I can say "I'm hot."
Plus, after this week I won't be able to get paid because I have used all of my sick hours already for this fiscal year. booo!
So spending money will not be likely in the next couple of weeks. ... Like I can go anywhere right? ha ha

Although I have gone out some days to visit my fam and see my family's new addition : Miah Kiana

Isn't she adorable?
My dad called this picture "Her first roller coaser ride."
ha ha

Well that is pretty much it for me. Been reading some books, magazines, blogs, paying bills, adjusting to a life as a home-body.

If you have any other suggestions of what I should do with my "free time" let me know!

See ya!


Carriage in the burb-ghetto

We were going to the store with my aunt, dad, and grammy when all of a sudden we are passing by a carriage.
It was so odd to see in our part of neighborhood!
So I decided to take pictures of the nice horses and carriage.
We believe it was a for a wedding or a quincianera (the equivalent to a sweet 16 in spanish).
I think it was a wedding cause I saw a bright white dress across the street and that usually means wedding.
But it was a rarity to see a horse-drawn carriage in my parts of town...
Just decided to share!


Castle's 'Heat Wave'

I finally finished it!
So glad I got this as a present thanks Kev!
Awesome book!
If you haven't seen any season's of Castle on ABC then you should!
Can't wait til that show is back on for the next season!

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