At Khol's

And kevin finds this hilarious. Silly Kevin.

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Freaking hysterical!

So earlier I showed such a beautiful video.
This one is just plain hysterical! gotta love Ellen!!!

"a beautiful animated little film"

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

found at Naomi's blog.
beautiful work right???

look at the behind the scenes of it too:

Thought of You - Behind the Scenes Preview - ROUGH CUT from Cambell Christensen on Vimeo.

what do you think?
awesome and amazing right?
and she did all the choreography while she was pregnant???
impressive! :D


Sleeping more than I should.

I have to go into work at 7pm.
I just woke up at 515pm.
I is now 550pm.
I really need to start setting my alarm.
I hate work.
Any millionaires wanna help me and my family out by donating some of your $$$ to us so we don't have to work as much?
Thanks a million!


Random picture moment: Me on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Never walked through until a month ago.
The weather did not disappoint!
I love NYC.
Wish I could visit more often.

I need to start blogging more.

How cute is this picture of our Kevin's niece Brooke!
She is just the cutest little thing.
I have so much to update on here!
I work pretty much all this week and I have to clean my room.
I can barely see my carpet, it's full of crap everywhere!

But no excuses!
I have to blog more!

Until next time!
Hope it's soon!



At the mall

Beautiful tree at our local mall. Not sure what to think of those white tumbleweed looking things though. Chic or yuck?

Can't decide.

Kev and I are deciding on what to get everyone for xmas. Wish us luck!


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At a Steakhouse...

And for dessert we got what is called a 'Dirt Bucket'.
Holy moley this thing was sweet.
Way to many chocolate chips tho!
Wish I would have gotten the apple pie a la mode!

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Lists and advice on shopping!

Love this list!
It gives advice of 6 things to buy after Christmas!
I think I'll be on the look out for good things after we celebrate Christmas!

Read on!

1. Baking Ingredients
During the holidays, supermarkets and discount stores load up on baking supplies to meet shoppers’ demands. Afterward - when you just can’t face another gingerbread man - these stores slash their prices out of necessity. “It’s a great time to stock up on chocolates, spices, flour, sugar, the basics,” says Freeman. The chocolate may be colored green and red, but it tastes the same!
2. Electronics
The Annual International Consumer Electronics Show runs the first week of January. That’s when companies roll out all their new models of computers, cameras, cell phones, printers … you name it. While early adapters salivate over the newest and latest tech gadgets, January is a great time for everyone else to buy the most recent models - which will, no doubt, be discounted heavily to make room for the new. ”If you don’t take advantage of the Christmas deals, don’t worry. After Christmas, everything’ll be on sale!” says Freeman. Last year Walmart offered shoppers a $50 gift card when they bought Microsoft Xbox 360 through January 1.
3. Winter Clothes & Accessories
There will be no shortage of discounts at department stores and clothing retailers - especially on hats, scarves, boots, winter coats and wool socks. Invest wisely by opting for non-trendy staples that will last you another winter or three.
4. Refurbished Goods
Expect stores’ “refurbished” bins - where returned appliances and gadgets get a 10 to 20% discount - to be well-stocked after the holidays, as people return unwanted gifts. One note of caution: Only buy refurbished items from reputable dealers that offer a manufacturer’s warranty. Sony, Dell, Amazon, Apple and Kitchen Aid are all in the refurbishing business.
5. Holiday Cards, Wrapping Paper, Ornaments
This one’s obvious. Expect discounts of 50 to 90%. A tip on the wrapping paper - go for a solid color, instead of a sheet with Christmas trees or dreidels. Gold, green, blue or red wrapping paper, while seasonal, can also be used throughout the year.
6. Calendars
Can you wait a few extra days to get organized? It’s almost a given that Borders and Barnes & Noble will have their 12-month calendars on sale the first weeks of January. I’ve spotted their buy-one-get-one-free or “All Calendars $1″ deals throughout the years, appearing right around New Year’s Day.

Love it!

Will you wait until after Christmas to buy all these things to save some $$$ or can you not wait to buy the stuff now???


One good thing about this traffic...

Is that they decorated the bridge I have to be on for 5 minutes.
Thank you city!

Here comes Christmas (even if Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet! Hee hee.

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This traffic...

Was gonna be the death of me!

This sucks!

Hurry up construction workers! Get this road fixed!

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I'm giving in and...

Going to try these jeggings I've heard so much about!
We'll see...

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Tempted to buy!

So I can one day fill it up with pictures of me in Paris.

I can dream, oui?

Le sigh....

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Mom time

My mom is probably here right now! My grandfather decided to go pick her up and my mom agreed. Yeah.
Don't get me started.
Anywho, I'm excited/scared/excited again to see her already!
We'll see what time I'll get to see her tonight.
I hope to be updating with pics soon!

Hope to see you later!



Fall wardrobe

I feel very fall-y weather wardrobe so I chose this hat to keep me warm. :)
What ya think?

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Wish lists!

So the spirit of Christmas has hit Kevin and I super duper early this year!
Don't know what it is this year but I wanna get Christmas rolling already!
My mom is coming tomorrow and I think that is kind of like a Christmas present in of itself! I haven't seen her in over 10 year now! Crazy how time flies by when your not paying attention. And even if you are it still flies by.
But anywho. Christmas!
It is my dad (and mom's) 50th birthday this year so I wanna do it up big for both of them.
I have planned on a couple of days in NYC for my mom and so we can have a girls day(s) up there just going around town, eating good food and just catching up! Plus the PWP event at Touch by Lisa Paige and 92.3 NOW FM will be a plus that weekend.
Then for my dad I won't go into too many details (just in the off chance that he reads this blog!) but it will have some relaxation going on and even a change of scenery. Soooo excited!!!
These are two birthdays that are going to be awesome! Yay!
Anywho back to Kevin and I:
we have already started Christmas lists. He apparently has more on his list than me right now. I am going to be adding on a page up top with our Christmas lists just in case other people want to buy us our wishes! :D
Well gotta go. Getting ready for movie time with my lovely Kevin (who is sick again! grr!).
We are going to see Due Date. It better live up to the hype! I'll let you all know how it is! :D

Ha!!! Love it!
Can't wait to laugh my butt off!


Panera soups... At BJ's??? Whaa...?

There are now containers filled of Panera signature soups at BJ's.
Too bad they are filled with high sodium and fat and ...


It is sooo tempting right now!


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Gym time

Haven't been here since before I broke my foot in late July! Crazy!!!

But I'm gonna try to at least make it 2-4 times a week from now on! Other days I'm gonna try to play my (well it is Kev's ...aaand it is permanently at my house ...tee hee) Wii Fit Plus.

So it was the first time I've run in over a year! Felt good! I weighed myself at the end and I am at ... *drum roll* 180 pounds! Yikes! I need to drop at least 40 lbs to be at a 'healthy' weight and healthy BMI. *le sigh*

I am sharing my weight and my trials about weight loss so I can finally face my weight problem that I seem to think is not gonna hurt me in the long run.

Believe me... I have had many patients that are so overweight and have many problems and are very obese... Ugh. It's frustrating because they don't push well and just have so many problems delivering.

So in the name of not becoming a huge human glob ... I am partaking in a healthier new lifestyle. Doesn't mean I won't eat junk from time to time. But I will start exercising now! I need it! My family should at least see me alive and healthy and look better than I do now.

I also owe it to myself to look better and feel better! If I can go to a store and not have to always look for the biggest size of jackets or shirts or underwear that will be a great achievement!

It's not only about losing the lbs to me... It's about looking and feeling good!

So if you want to join me - hoorah to you! Comment me or email me or tweet me!

We can go at this together! Maybe we'll make progress in 2 months or 1 year! But at least we'll be starting to go down a healthier path of life!


Til next time at the weigh in... ;D

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Wish I could...

Work for the weekend! But... It's monday. Booo!

Enjoying my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks which is extremely yummy! Glad I stopped by to pick one up! Lisa ( always raves about them every time they come back. So being the "follower" I sometimes can be, I got one this year. Very worth the $4!

And since I am super early for an employee forum for work that I need to attend and today seemed like a good day to go to one, this latte better keep me up for it! I worked last night and it wasn't crazy but I am usually zonked out by this time of morning when I get home. So latte go to work... That reminds me I should pee before I go to this thing! (Sorry...tmi?)

Good weather so far today. Not too cold for October like it was the past few days.

Hate the cold!

Anywho I'm gonna stop lingering in my car and head into this thing... Here I come boring speeches... Bleh!
Wish I could listen to my XM radio on my phone! They are playing good ones on XM 8 right now!



Comment, look, and come back!

(Hopefully I'll keep updating!)


Have a wonderful Monday!

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Wear pink whistles - get suspended....?

How is this at all fair to referees who are trying to do something for the common good and donate to a reputable charity like the Susan G. Komen research for breast cancer???

You watch.
You choose what side you would be on.


What do you think?

Lasagna soup

That's what Kevin got. Ha ha!

So yeah... It's just a bunch of noodles with sauce with water.
Ha ha.

Gotta love these random soups at diners!

I got breakfast!
Can't wait!

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Love this scarf!

Help me find where it's from!


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Trip to Target!

Tryin on hats!


Should I buy them???


Nah! Just some shirts for now.

love that target is two minutes away from my house!

Although my checking acct doesn't like it as much. ;p

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Dear reader(s)

Hello! Just sayin' hi after a loooong 12 hour night shift!
I'm still lookin' pretty good huh???


I kid!

I need to lose some of this face fat!

Sooo... I will start getting on my Wii Fit and start doing some exercises!!!


I hope I can keep it up!

I think I'll keep a record here to see how I'm doing.

I hope I do good. I wanna and need to lose weight for my health.

But anywho, gotta go!

Damn traffic is driving me crazy (lame pun intended!).

Night! (Yeah it's ur morning but my night!)


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Bachelorette party

P's on the face.
My awesome friend Amy.
And p confetti's on our glasses.

Havin' tons of fun.


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I completely agree!

Holy hotness!
Men - look out!
Your women will be going to this movie with or without you!

And I don't blame them for drooling over Reynolds and Cooper.


Sorry Kev! This is a movie I will be watching.

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Who in their right mind...

Would use this??? Seriously?

But it does beat the smoke and the yucky black spitting bottles everywhere!


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What I'm craving


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Laughing right out loud

At the supermarket!

Glo Balls!
Flash Cakes!
Super Twinkies!
Batman Cup Cakes!
Oh my!

Ha ha!

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Ha! Lost items

Weird how much $$$ people spend on this type of stuff!

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Passion Tea from Starbucks

Looks like blood at first!
But it's soooo good!

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Bad news... Good news!

Bad: we're short three mirrors. Booo!

Good: We're going to Ikea! Yahoooo!
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Well... Not my dad exactly!

Can't wait to see the whole wall full of mirrors!
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My job?

To sort out darn screws!
One poked me.

I'll be ok.
Got my tetanus shot this year. Barely any blood! Ha ha.

My dad is having a tough time with one right now too...

Maybe these screws are just resilient. Hmm...

As long as they hold up our mirrors is all I care about...

Looking good so far!

Just not looking forward to having to Windex them.

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One down!

Many more to go!
Lookin' good!
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This better come out good.
Our basement is gonna look chic!

More later...
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ellen reminded me!
Love it!
Self Breast Exams (SBE) are sooo important!
Be aware of your breasts and how they feel!
And ask your OBGYN to do a breast exam if they don't already when you go for your PAP!

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I am catching up now to Oprah and Ellen. Love these ladies! :)


At B&N

All full from Texas Roadhouse.
Thanks babe for a great dinner!
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Brave pup!

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My outfit

For my night out with Kev.
Yay! So excited!
The place is a surprise so will update later on the place.
So hungry! Better be a good place!
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This rain is very soothing! Almost like having those sound machines without paying the ridiculous price! :) here I come sleepyland... O:)
Greatest joke: know why it's so hard to solve a redneck murder? Because the DNA is all the same and there are no dental records. Ha ha! Awesome Jeff Foxworthy!
Work: ten more minutes. I don't work tonight and Kevin invited me for dinner. Sooo excited! This rain will be awesoooome to sleep in... Ahh.... :D
Updates from my phone: willing to at least update via SMS because I am just too lazy to tell you about my life. :) At work now. Lots going on. Babies galore!


Oh teens!

Smart or... Not?
You teens tell me!
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Love this list!

Click to enlarge!

From September issue of O mag on pg. 196.

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Cool gadgets & accessories that I want!

Found all these on the September issue of my O magazine (pgs. 92-93).

Would love each of them to be mine!

(Hear that Santy Clause???)

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Not so much.
Weird computer of mine!
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Fall Season Premieres - so excited!

So many shows, and I'm glad that I get a DVR starting today!
It starts next week, Monday and I'll go through each day showing my favorite shows!

Up first MONDAY!
{definitely not voting for Palin or that Jersey Shore guy...}

{hotness all around!}

{yep. can't just have one day of the week with the dancing...}

Not sure what else is on Tuesday's.
Oh yeah. I think Parenthood is!
Ever watched?

The Middle

{I just love this show. So realistic! And freaking funny too!}

Modern Family

{I just wish I was a part of this family! Awesome and hilariously funny! Must watch!}

Cougar Town

{Old friends getting together. How much more amazingness do you need?}

The Whole Truth

{new one... we'll see how this goes... but I love Maura Tierney...}

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT for short)
{one word: HI-LARIOUS!}

Others that I need to catch up to are:

{Love him and his sarcasm... haha}

The Office
{It won't be the same without Michael Scott!}

Law & Order: SVU
{Watching on Netflix starting on season 1.... love the cases they have there. Love Mariska Hargitay!}

Oh my goodness!!!
So much to watch!
Thank goodness I have a DVR now!

What's your fave show???
I probably missed something....


Cute kid, cute dance

Obviously this is just a commercial but cute nonetheless.


Women in Brawl... and biscuits!

Sooo.... My dad was reading the paper this morning and I had to report this awesome and stupid news.
Read on:

"Police said two women have been charged in a fight over a plate of biscuits and exactly who was allowed to eat them.
The incident happened just after 11 p.m. Aug 31...
"Jane Doe", 26, who lives at home with her boyfriend and his family, told police she baked the biscuits. Police said when other people at the home ate some of them, Doe got angry and said the biscuits were only for her. A fight broke out between Doe and her boyfriend's mother, "Jane Smith", 52, according to police.
Both women are charged with harrasment."

*names were changed, of course*

My dad and I were saying why in the heck would you get in a fricking fight over biscuits when they cost less than $4???? The charges are definitely gonna be more than four freaking dollars!!!

ha ha

This made my day!


"I go in with you, I come out with you"

Wow. I can barely see through my tears after watching this.
I strive and live and breath for one day to have a marriage bond like this. {if that day ever comes and I decide to marry}
To have this never ever ending love is something special.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

If you have a marriage bond and love like this, go ahead and give a kiss/hug to the one you married/love right now.
I wish I had Kevin next to me this very second just to give him a kiss and tell him how much I love him.
Maybe one day I'll see this video again and know what Annie and Danny were talking about.

{thanks Jo for posting this!}


Day Dreaming

Wouldn't you love to be here?
I love the whole room.
Colors would need to be changed and some furniture would need to be updated to some comfier stuff but I like it.
I love the bookcase.
What's your dream room?