Just another wednesday

So I had/have this exercise class I go to every wed. but this week our "trainer" wrote our whole class an e-mail saying that we owed her money because apparently we were supposed to pay her $20 per person per class for 15 weeks which comes to $300 for an hour long once a week class! Isn't that ridiculous??? Anyway that first sentence is ridiculously long! Ha ha.

In the past few days I've had lots going on. Sunday we went out with my boyfriends parents and grandparents for dinner. That was fun and always an interesting day out. Later that night we went to see:

and it was really really good! I absolutely LOVED Heath Ledger as the Joker and he deserves any award coming to him... well his family at the very least! =) And can't complain about how great Christian Bale looked! Ok I know I said I went with my boyfriend but come on! Bale is hot!!!

I worked Monday and yesterday I hung out with my boyfriend after donating blood!
I love donating blood because I get nothing out of it (no money, no nothing!) and I am truly saving a life! So if you have never donated, just thinking about it will help you get there! I am working on having my lovely 22 year old boyfriend to donate but he wouldn't. He says he's not a giver ... I hope I get to him soon. He should just once and then he can just cross it off his list of things to do before he dies and actually needs a blood transfusion! I should write down my list of things to do before I die! Just like the movie BUCKET LIST... it was a great movie by the way!

So today after learning that I had no class to go to, I decided to come to my college's computer lab and write a blog and go through one of my favorite radio hosts blog and vlog. She had written a blog about how dogs can die if the owners leave their dogs in their hot and roasting cars. There in her blog she talked about a website:

On that site there are plenty of things to read about the very big dangers about leaving a dog in a hot roasting car in the middle of summer! I mean I'm personally not a dog owner but my boyfriend has a dog and whenever I see a dog sitting and barking from inside a car where the windows are barely cracked that angers me!!!!!!!!!!! I always think about the poor dog who never asked to be left behind while the owner does their chores! Why couldn't they just leave them at home????? Well at this really great site there are flyers you can print out so if you do see a dog in a hot car witht he windows barely down you can just leave it on the car just so they know how dangerous it is to leave a dog "for just a minute"! I am printing them right now!

Well I gotta go soon. Since I didn't exercise with my class today I have to go to the gym! I am actually doing really good and I weighed myself to day and I am down to 179.6! YAY! I'm soooo happy! But I gotta keep going and I will keep going! I haven't really been working out in the past two days but that will change! Ok there's a class in this lab at 1pm so I gotta go!

Take care and be cool where ever you are! Use that SPF!!!!


So this is the story...

In the past few weeks (I started on July 1, 2008) I have devoted myself to lose weight. I started exercising every day that I can because I want to get fit and I just need to do it for myself.

I was at a weight that made me realize that I was in a very bad place in my life and I wasn't happy with the way I looked. I really could care less what anyone else says about me or how I look, but I think that I need to lose weight for my own health and self-esteem. I have a loving boyfriend that always tell me he loves me and that he doesn't think I am fat. Actually he gets really mad when I say I'm fat because he doesn't think I am. I do think I am fat but I guess I should say "I'm not healthy." Which in fact, I am not healthy especially with my height and weight right now.

When I stepped on the scale on July 1, 2008 I was at my ultimate and I think that this is ridiculous that I ever let myself get this heavy but I was at:

186 lbs!!!!

I could not believe it!!!!!!! I'm 22 years of age, 5'4" tall and I am almost 190 lbs???? I was furious and very disappointed with myself!

That was the day I said "I would never let myself get to that point ever again... unless I get pregnant or something." So I have been exercising every day and I make a point to walk for at least 1/2 hour every day. I made a goal of losing 20 lbs by the end of the year. I think I can totally do that and if I can do that in less than 6 months I will be very proud of myself and make me want to get even lower than 160! I ultimately want to reach my "true weight" of 120 but that will come in time. I think if I can reach 160 I will look at my life in a different way so I can be able to make bigger goals and stay as healthy as ever!

What I do to exercise:

I go to my gym and run on the treadmill or do at least 1000 steps on the stepmill (I really don't know the name to that machine-will look it up!) and then I do a few crunches on the stability ball and I do some weight bearing exercises. Every wednesday I have a exercise class that goes on throughout the whole summer which gives me even greater motivation to exercise because the instructor always tells us all taht we are getting stronger, have better balance, and are getting more toned! So that kind of encouragement will keep me going! So I will keep exercising every day no matter how tired or lazy I get. I always keep telling myself: you wanna get healthier and look and feel better? Then get up your fat ass to make yourself healthier! Yes I do say this to myself because who else better to yell at me than ... me??? =P

My other exercise "routine" is the NINTENDO WII:

My boyfriend has it at his house so everytime I work early and don't get out early enough to go to the gym, we play the wii fit which is very entertaining but makes me sweat just as much as going to the gym! Plus there I don't have to pay any membership! haha

My diet:

I have stopped eating junk food and started watching my calories and fat! I was on weight watchers before and I keep score of how many points each food portion is for each food and keep a food journal (which is awesome by the way!) which gives you a visual of what you are actually putting in your body! I also started (TODAY) drinking the slimquick packets so we'll see how that goes! I will keep updating about that! It tastes pretty good, has ZERO calories and ZERO fat and is SUGAR less which is great!

To end this long a$$ blog I have to say that in the past two weeks I have dropped down to

180 lbs!

I just love that! Not the fact that I weigh that much but in just two weeks with eating less, watching what I eat, keeping a food journal, exercising EVERY DAY, and keeping myself motivated I lost 6 whole lbs! I love it and can't wait to see even less lbs on that scale everytime I step on it.

I also learned that I need to weigh myself EVERY day to see my progress because I am a numbers girl when it come to weight and my overall health. Even if some days I only lose .2 lbs or are at the same weight, I just like seeing what I eat or what I am doing is giving me a positive or negative effect.

Ok now I really gotta go.

My shift has ended and I have to head home!

Take care and hope this encourages others to become healthier not only to look better but to feel better!

See ya!



Oh my!

So my boyfriend and I just watched the movie "Meet the Spartans" the goof movie that is completely ridiculous!

I laughed at the very stupid jokes and just at what they made hysterical because they made fun of people not only movies.

Anyway, I can't write too much because I need to go to sleep. Very tired today from work. A lot of work today!

OK will update tomorrow probably.



And now: army wives

I have changed my blog and added some things to it so it looks somewhat nice now!

I know that my last blog was HUGE but I was really bored yesterday and I am bored again today. I'm working again as well on this Sunday night and it's supposed to thunderstorm tonight. SO it should be fun to walk to my car without an umbrella!

I love Sundays because ARMY WIVES is on at 10 pm which I don't get to see until I get home. If I get home before midnight I will be able to see the re-run right after but we'll see what time I get home. Sometimes this shift ends right at 11:30 and I don't even get to my car until 11:45pm. Then it takes me about 15 minutes to get home if I am lucky without any crazy drivers in this city of mine.

I don't know if anyone is an ARMY WIVES lover but I definitely am!

Since it only shows during the summer, and this is the only show I watch religiously right now, I get really excited for Sunday nights. It sucks when I work (because I have to work every other weekend) and I miss it. Sometimes when I miss it during the days I work it sucks because they don't replay until maybe 1 am or 2 am! UGH! But hopefully I get to leave early tonight and get to see it!

And if you haven't watched this show, you should! It's great! I am not an army wife but I think they show the reality that many army wives are living. They have loved ones overseas and also have lives back here at home, and they show that everyone can live through it with close friends... and love.

I really want to get the first season on DVD! Have to wait until it goes on sale though... hate getting it when it first comes out because it's very expensive!

Other shows that I do love and try to watch religiously are:

I am so pissed that I have to wait almost ONE YEAR until the next season starts! AH! It's almost as irritating as every episode that airs! If you are a LOST fan you know what I mean! Every time this logo shows up I go "WHAT????" I am in a very real sense lost about the show and what is going on! Anywho, I also have to get season 4 on DVD so my boyfriend and I can see all of them back to back. He wasn't able to keep up with it so we are waiting to get it on DVD.

Other shows that I love are:


There are other shows I watch off and on like my boyfriends fave:

Damn these creators for making so many seasons. I will be very poor by the time all these seasons come out! =p

OK for now I will go because I don't want to make this super extra long like last nights. At least this one has pics. haha

Also I am finding out stuff about this blog and what to do. I don't really like the youtube thing that is on the right of my blog and also the pics. It's really weird! I can't get the right videos or pictures with the keywords I put in. If anyone can suggest that I get rid of them from my blog let me know. I just wanted to have something up there to give it some more color!

OK. Now I go. Take care everyone and keep blogging!

I know I will!



Well then...

Well since I haven't been able to write on this blog in a few days I wanted to stop in and say hi again. I am still at work and will be going on and off writing on here because 1) I don't want to get in trouble and 2) there will be people calling for me.

I wanted to start this blog because my new years resolution was to keep a semi vlog (video blog)for this past year and I haven't kept that up so hence this blog. I wanted to paint myself a picture of how my year goes especially when I thought it was going to be my last year in college. I am going to be a nurse... eventually... but my tracks came to a halt this past May because my grades in one class were not enough to pass to the next level of nursing school. To tell you the truth I am sort of relieved now because I get to work a bit more and earn some very needed money! There are many people that keep telling me that it sucks that I am not with them in the nursing program and I do miss being with my "people" but I think this was meant to be. I am one of those people that say "What ever happens, happens for a reason!" I don't know if you believe that but I think that too many circumstances have happened in my life to not believe in that statement.

So besides nursing school I have to also work on myself and all my relationships with family and friends. I get to spend more time with my boyfriend who always feels left out during school semesters where I barely get enough time to spend time with myself. Once I am in nursing school my body and soul are devout soldiers to everything nursing. And if that is not the attitude one takes in my nursing school you get kicked out faster than you can say "help!" They have no respect for your own private lives or personal injuries. My nursing school (and I think almost 99% of nursing schools are like this now) is very demanding of your life and time and if you do not spend every waking minute trying to stay ahead you will definitely be left behind.

I don't know if there are any current nursing students out there that may share the same feelings but nursing school is not for wimps! I think you have to have a very thick layer of skin so that many things will not get to you and have you break down. And for any future nursing students out there: don't let anyone put you down! Yes nursing is crazy and there is A LOT to do during nursing school and for the rest of your nursing career. But once you get to that rotation that you know will be the one you want to be doing for the rest of your life, it is SOOOOOOOO worth it.

I will give you my "Ahh! I love nursing!" moment that happened about a year ago.
It all started out on my Mother/Baby rotation at a local hospital. Half of my group went up to the mother/baby unit and half of us went to the delivery unit. I was in the latter group. Well I got paired up with "Lexi", RN (fake name of course) and she was great! She got me doing many things and there was a woman who was in labor for an odd amount of hours. The soon to be mom and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for awhile so they were very excited that this day had come. As I was following Lexi and helping our "mom" I got to see many things which I will not go into detail. A few hours after I got into the unit (maybe around 9:30 am) the doctor saw very little progress in the delivery. The baby was not moving into the pelvis far enough and they did not want to have the mom push because the baby's HR (heart rate) was too low. Therefore, they chose to do a C-section (where they deliver the baby through the abdomen) and off we all went with our little blue hats and little blue shoes on towards the OR.

Now let me tell you, other than TV, I have never seen the inside of an OR! So there I am standing like a deer in front of headlights not having any clue what to do or where to go I just observe. I love observing what people do and how they interact... it's amazing how much you can know about a person if you just watch them like at a park or at the airport. Anyway, I kept getting in the way of doctors and nurses who were sterile so I kept moving from one corner to the other. As time went on I kind of got the feeling of how everything worked inside the OR; basically if you are not a "legal" part of the group, stay flat against the wall! That's what I did until I needed to get the husband who had been anxiously waiting right outside until his wife was being prepped for surgery. When I went to get him I also observed him: he seemed very happy yet scared and kind of had the same look I probably had: a deer in headlights. I directed him to the chair next to his wife and said she was a little groggy from the drugs.

Sooner than I thought the doctors had her belly open and her uterus exposed. It was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Unfortunately, she had a severe cut and it turned very bad all too quickly. She would not stop bleeding and they could not get enough blood to transfuse. At the same time, the baby was a little too low in the mom's pelvis for the doctors to pull him out. In addition, Lexi the RN called NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) who are supposed to be called in these types of cases, did not come down until AFTER the baby was born. The anesthesia nurse and Lexi actually had to get the baby to breathe, get him warm, and get a pulse. The baby was so blue and non-responsive. At this point, I had become hands-on involved with the baby and was supposed to keep track at what time it was born, what his APGAR's (two numbers that tell how healthy the baby is one minute after they are born and then at five minutes). After all the chaos, the baby breathed and let out a cry of "I'm here! Don't worry mom and dad! I made it!"

I was so relieved the baby was ok and now it was mom's turn to be ok. At that time, the dad was relieved yet wondering why his wife was not as awake as she should be. As time went on, the doctors and surgeons found out about the severe bleeding and the husband was told to go with the baby up to NICU or to wait in the waiting room. To make an even longer story short, we did not get out of the OR until almost 12:30 pm! We were in there for so long that I was getting lightheaded because I had not gotten anything to eat or drink for over 6 hours since I got to clinical and my legs were tired of standing there. Within this time, I had basically become Lexi's helper because she had way too many things to do such as chart everything that was going on, vitals among other things, and also she would have to do some of the tech things like clean up the floor and count up all the sponges.

Now to the sponges: apparently in a usual C-section only about 10 to 15 sponges are used. In this one, they used up more than 60 sponges! That is how much blood she put out!

Well there is a happy end to this story (in my head) because she lived to see her new long awaited baby boy and help her husband to raise him.

I cannot tell you how much that experience has helped me as my individual personal life and how I became a lover of labor and delivery! I love sending the mom and dad with a new "bundle of joy" and the fact that I helped to deliver a brand new life! It's an amazing joy to know you helped bring a life into this crazy world.

Well many hours have passed after I started this post and it is already the end of my shift! Yay! I get to go home... until I have to come back tomorrow!

It was great to write out that story because although I have told my family and friends that story, I just want to spread the word about how lovely and amazing and awesome it is to deliver a brand new baby!

I am now tired and a little hungry because I never got a break... but I did eat a late lunch so a few graham crackers and cheese got my tummy full for a bit.

Well I have to go so I will finish my work and drive home. I hope that this blog was not too long!

I will try to go online every day to do this blog. I'm looking forward to writing again!

Oh and I haven't really read anyone else's blogs because I have NO idea how to look at other peoeple's blogs. Where do I go to just search and read different blogs? If you can let me know! Thanks!

Wherever you are or doing hope you have a great Saturday night!

Take care,



Hello blog world. I hope to keep up with this blog and just add little details of my life that I would like to put out there to the world. I don't have much time to write much tonight because I have to go. I am at work right now (ha ha) and my shift is ending in about 2 minutes.

Well I hope I get to see a lot of other bloggers out there and comment anytime you want!
See ya!