And now: army wives

I have changed my blog and added some things to it so it looks somewhat nice now!

I know that my last blog was HUGE but I was really bored yesterday and I am bored again today. I'm working again as well on this Sunday night and it's supposed to thunderstorm tonight. SO it should be fun to walk to my car without an umbrella!

I love Sundays because ARMY WIVES is on at 10 pm which I don't get to see until I get home. If I get home before midnight I will be able to see the re-run right after but we'll see what time I get home. Sometimes this shift ends right at 11:30 and I don't even get to my car until 11:45pm. Then it takes me about 15 minutes to get home if I am lucky without any crazy drivers in this city of mine.

I don't know if anyone is an ARMY WIVES lover but I definitely am!

Since it only shows during the summer, and this is the only show I watch religiously right now, I get really excited for Sunday nights. It sucks when I work (because I have to work every other weekend) and I miss it. Sometimes when I miss it during the days I work it sucks because they don't replay until maybe 1 am or 2 am! UGH! But hopefully I get to leave early tonight and get to see it!

And if you haven't watched this show, you should! It's great! I am not an army wife but I think they show the reality that many army wives are living. They have loved ones overseas and also have lives back here at home, and they show that everyone can live through it with close friends... and love.

I really want to get the first season on DVD! Have to wait until it goes on sale though... hate getting it when it first comes out because it's very expensive!

Other shows that I do love and try to watch religiously are:

I am so pissed that I have to wait almost ONE YEAR until the next season starts! AH! It's almost as irritating as every episode that airs! If you are a LOST fan you know what I mean! Every time this logo shows up I go "WHAT????" I am in a very real sense lost about the show and what is going on! Anywho, I also have to get season 4 on DVD so my boyfriend and I can see all of them back to back. He wasn't able to keep up with it so we are waiting to get it on DVD.

Other shows that I love are:


There are other shows I watch off and on like my boyfriends fave:

Damn these creators for making so many seasons. I will be very poor by the time all these seasons come out! =p

OK for now I will go because I don't want to make this super extra long like last nights. At least this one has pics. haha

Also I am finding out stuff about this blog and what to do. I don't really like the youtube thing that is on the right of my blog and also the pics. It's really weird! I can't get the right videos or pictures with the keywords I put in. If anyone can suggest that I get rid of them from my blog let me know. I just wanted to have something up there to give it some more color!

OK. Now I go. Take care everyone and keep blogging!

I know I will!


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