When nothing else works:

maybe i should ask kevin for his light saber he has... haha!

wonder if he would like this...

Hope she realizes he is bad for her before he hits her again!

{pic from here}
these are the reports:
"Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, PEOPLE has learned exclusively. The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the "Umbrella" singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE. "They're together again. They care for each other," says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean "Diddy" Combs's homes, on Miami Beach's Star Island. Adds the source: "While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves."In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. "He called to wish her happy birthday," a source told the magazine. "They've reached out to each other. It's been mutual." Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted."
{report from here}


from kevin...


crazy SNL.

my dancin' skills... heehee

compared to this dance:

i sooo can take him...

no no. KEVIN can take him! Kevin is one of the best DDR "dancers"/players i know!

{i absolutely L-O-V-E this song!!!!!}

Oh Hugh Jackman..

LOVED this opening performance!

What did you think?
{yeah... i know ... a little late... haha}

You know Paula Deen is awesome when this happens and she laughs it off!

I love her!
Paula Deen is amazing!

The Bird and The Bee:

where have you been all my life???

loving all these songs!

I can't get enough!

my fave here:

Can't believe I am going to say this about rupert grint but...

{pic from here}
he is actually handsome...
somewhat cute...
there. i said it.
where has the time gone? i remember him as this puny little guy and now... hmmm...
is it odd to say this?
what do you think of rupert?

i should be...

sleeping like him.
but i am more like this:

i am just randomly goin here and there to watch this or that...
read an article here and there.
get a dose of my daily fixings...
i am still tired and sleepy but i can't seem to go to sleep again.
once i wake up to pee... i cannot lay in bed anymore... night shift is a stinker!
but let me tell you, after last night i really started liking all the nurses and they made me feel welcome. which i completely appreciate!
maybe i will eventually get used to nights... i am a better person at night because I am sooooo not a morning person!
ok ... let's see if trying to sleep will work out...
yeah. who am i kidding!
Ellen is on in 1/2 hour and then Oprah... yeah. i'm goin to sleep. haha
to do list today:
eat leftover food from yesterday.
get gas in my car.
go to bank.
get eyebrows/upper lip waxed... you do NOT wanna see what I see in the mirror! It's like a little jungle growin on my face... that's just me!
update my food journal. I was a slacker last night because we were way too busy last night.
Call my aunt about tomorrow. we have a baptism to go to... need to find out if i should buy them something or what...
print out pics of Odie and Kev's fam.
get a lock at wal-mart for work locker.
make payments online.
be a little sad that my paycheck will be 99% gone by tomorrow!
be happy and smile today.
hug and kiss Kevin when he comes home from work.
give the weather outside a piece of my mind... why don't you go away winter already!?!?!?!?!?
what are your weekend plans???


Glasses or no glasses?

I don't know which is better!

Any critiques?

My glasses hide the tiredness of my eyes.

But without my glasses I'm more comfy...


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my food journal

That's right.
My food journal is a LISA FRANK notepad.


I found this while I was cleaning/organizing our rec/computer room.
I also found a HAPPY BUNNY notepad so as soon as I get this filled I will probably will use this one!


~~**did u ever use/have any LISA FRANK things??? I used to have lots of LISA FRANK stuff. They were awesome... Haha.. Wait. Does this show how "old" I am? Leave a comment if u ever used anything LF or even heard/seen it! **~~
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just some quotes

And what did Kevin give up?

Fast food restaurants.
And it is including subway.
Kevin's one, and only one, option is Wawa!
Because it is the most convenient thing to go to from work...
he's done it before but not for 40 days.
we'll keep you updated!

Ash Wednesday

was yesterday.
What did I give up?

both of these coffee chains.
I am still going to drink coffee (like when I brew it at home or at work because there is no DD or Starbucks coffee at either place) because I cannot stay awake or away from coffee for 40 DAYS!
But Kevin and I were trying to decide what to give up for lent so I decided to give up DD and Starbuck... Kevin agreed because it will help me save money at the same time.
it is going to be HARD when i go to B&N and there is the cafe... calling for me!
*sniffle sniffle*

Speaking of beds...

I don't think I would be creative enough to think of turing this:
into this:

Pretty awesome right?


I would enjoy every layer!
wouldn't be good for the "diet" ... hehe..
but still...
would you pass on a slice if you were given one???
i think not... especially if you like chocolate!
{cake found here}

Along with food journals

Portion sizes are also important.
And there are plates to help too.


maybe this will help:

"One of the factors which I credit most strongly with helping me to lose weight was keeping a food diary. Jim's written on Diet Blog before about how to keep a food diary and why, but I suspect there are plenty of dieters who think it's not worth the effort. Here's my five top reasons to write down what you eat:

Account for all those 'little extras'
Many people eat healthily at mealtimes, but snack poorly in between. If you're aiming to lose a pound a week, just a few extras (eg. a can of coke, a cookie and a packet of crisps) during the day prevents you from seeing results on the scales.
Writing down everything you eat demonstrates the cost of those 'occasional' nibbles...

Know when you can afford to treat yourself
Conversely, keeping track of your food intake over the course of a day or a week gives you the freedom to enjoy a treat once in a while - guilt-free. If you know you've got calories to spare for the day, and no chocolate has passed your lips for six days, you can indulge yourself!
Be aware of when you're eating
Keeping a food diary highlights patterns, showing if you overeat at particular times. Perhaps you binge late at night, because you've been eating too little all day? Or perhaps you graze constantly? If you don't keep a food diary because you have no hope of remembering everything you eat ... you may need to change your habits.

Fight 'portion creep'
Those of us who've been dieting or maintaining for a long time often get used to "eyeballing" portions rather than weighing everything out. But if your weight loss has plateaued, or if those pounds are edging back on, keeping a diary means you need to weigh your foods. That "medium" portion of pasta or rice might be bigger than you think...

See your habits changing
It can be motivational to look back on a food diary from a few months or even years ago and see how your nutritional choices have changed. Perhaps you've curbed your chocolate habit, or maybe you now eat proper meals instead of junk-food snacks. And if you're having a bad day, flicking back to a "perfect" week in your diary is encouraging: if you did it once, you can do it again!

Boost your self-control
Knowing you have to write down everything you eat makes you think twice about that donut, or that second plateful at a buffet. Even if you're the only person who'll see your diary, recording your food intake is a very easy way to improve your self-control."

This is one of the many articles/people who have said that it is a great way to see what you eat in order to not eat so much after all.
I believe it more now because when I used to do it for WW the writing down of food made me realize that if I ate food with less fat/calories and more fiber/protein it would fill me up faster.
Also seeing every day/week what I had to eat I would try to make healthier choices rather than eating the wrong foods.

Food journal

Do you keep have one?
A lot of different people who try to eat/stay healthy have a food journal.

I started mine this week and have been doing good so far as to writing down everything I have eaten... I used to do WW and all the points but I stopped because I don't think it is "critical" for now. I want to see how much I eat at each meal/snack and I write on a different piece of paper each time I eat something.

This process is supposed to help with watching what you eat/drink/exercise to lose weight/stay healthy.

What do you think?

Need to see:

I haven't seen this yet so I am posting it here now to make sure I have it and see it later today or tomorrow...
Did you see?
Any thoughts/questions...???

Trying not to fall asleep..

It is hard for me to stay up this long...

And this is probably not a good thing to be looking at when one is way sleepy and tired!

But I couldn't resist looking up more beds ... you know... for future beds in my house...

Right now I have a really high twin bed in my room that I got when I was ... oh ... 18 or so.

Now I wish I had thought of the future because I have NO idea what I will do with it once I marry and move to a different house (which is approx. in 3-4 years from now... maybe sooner ... who knows...)

Also Kevin has a non-headboard Full sized bed with a new mattress.

How to convince him we need a nice looking bed once we move in together...???

Anywho these are some different beds that I would look into:

This one is interesting because of the "architecture" and structure of the bed... :
This one is a bit more simple:

This one is pretty classy in my eyes... and the color is nice:

I would like this bed because Kevin is tall and without the bottom of the bed it would give him more feet space:

Any thoughts on any comfy bed frames/headboards?

Also what type of sheets/comforters/blankets are more comfortable to sleep in?


Almost time to catch some zzz's

i wish my bed was as pretty as this one...
but mine will do for now...
i am going to snooze like a little baby!
it went alright tonight... not too crazy busy and it kinda went fast... for night shift.
am i ready to do it again tomorrow night???
that is to be forseen later today!

I need to exercise!

i need to lose weight!
First step is to stop being lazy and go to the gym!

Working the night shift

my first night on NIGHT SHIFT!
i hope i don't end up like homer here.
i'm not sleepy... yet!
but soon enough i'll be getting drowsy...
and maybe then i'll end up drinking another cup of coffee!
we'll see.
i will update maybe later tonight!


i watched

and i loved...
did u watch?
what did u think???


Weather... Crazy

It was SNOWING this morning!
Thick flakes and everything!

Now... Nothing but sunshine.
Gotta love it!

I can't wait til SPRING though. Much warmer and more of this good sunshine...

Ok now off to my food shopping...
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We need food

At home.

Our fridge is pretty bare.

So I am heading out to buy some food. How long do YOU take buying food? I take a long time... why: I DON'T KNOW!
Maybe it's because I can't make quick decisions when I know I have time... and even when I don't have time to spare.

Hoping to make it home in time for the OSCAR's!

See ya!

Poor woman

Have you seen her photo?

It looks like her ... but all beat up.


Chris Brown has no excuse to being such a horrible man.

Will you be watching tonight?

I will be watching...

Hmmm... Hugh Jackman...

I guess I can see it

megan fox as sexiest woman or whatnot... I mean if you can go from red carpet to jeans and a shirt without looking too much like a crazy person you are pretty sexy... what do you think???

Can he get any cuter???

He's just yummy!
(sorry Kev... you know I love you!)

Family is all we need

After the funeral last Tuesday, we went over to the PALACE restaurant.
Not too bad. Their soup was great though. And now I can't remember the name of the soup either!
Now to name the faces of these photos! (all names will be from left to right)

Mya, Owen, Justin, and Jess (nieces and nephews of Kevin)

Kevin, Uncle Ron (from Kev's mom side) and Justin (who is trying to give Ron bunny ears... hehe)
Justin and Owen (saying good-bye)
Mya and Justin (good-bye hug)
Jess and Kevin (about to give her a wet willy... don't worry... I warned her!)

Kevin and Sofia
(Don't we look ravishing... haha... yeah right. I barely had time to do my hair! ... and right after I saw this I was thinking "man... i REALLY need to exercise! I'm beginning to have a double chin!")
Greg (Kevin's brother), Justin, Kathy (Kevin's sister-in-law), and Jess
Grammy Doris (Louise's mom), Gary, and Louise
The Boys: Dave, Greg and Kevin
(can they get any more handsome???... plus I like the fact that only Greg has his eyes open... heehee)
Dave (Kev's oldest bro), Owen, Mya, and Donna (Kevin's other sister-in-law)

We took advantage of the fact that all of us looked somewhat decent to do "picture time" ...
And we did so before all the kids got all their clothes undone.
It was a sad event to be able to get together like this with the whole family ... but I loved seeing everybody there.
We miss you Pop.