Gotta love WiFi

I'm sitting in class and am trying to pay attention...

It is not working.
So I decided to post something.

I have been working 12 hours/day for the past 3 days on the L&D unit so I haven't been able to go online for awhile to post things and check on all my daily fixings (<--- over on the left side of my page)
So ... my class started at 9am and it is now 11:30. I have finished reading them all (except to watching all the vids on ppl's blogs) in this span of time. While taking notes mind you! I'm a great multi-tasker. Oh and also answering questions.
Did I mention I'm all the way at the back of the classroom???
We're talking about epidemic, pandemic, endemic... it's fun! Yucky diseases that can be invading all of our communities around the world!
I promise I am paying attention to class/professor.... but I can't help myself. I have my laptop and taking notes so I might as well go online....
Anywho. I'll go back to browsing, listening, and typing... gotta love my life.
Believe me I won't be lovin' it come the beginning of June!

But gotta do it to be able to graduate ASAP!!!
a.k.a. DECEMBER 2009!!
Ok back to class... what are you up to???

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