Breakfast during night shift... cont'd

As I was talking about before, breakfast @ work during the middle of the night
{between 1am- 4am)
This is Jimmy.
He is the omelette MASTER... haha.
NO - really. He is.
He makes them huge, yummy, and did i mention delicious???
This was what was left of my huge omelette when I started to get full.
hmm... sooo good!
Oh and I got tater tots... can't find any better tots than at the hospital I work at!
No lie!
He deserves a raise for all the hard work he does!
Thanks jimmy!!!!

Wanna see something fabulous and worth watching?

Then you should watch this!

The wind definitely gets better after a couple minutes...
And it is amazing!
I lost it around 7:30 because it was just so lovely, emotional, adorable, and just... love was pouring out of this video!
Best 10 minutes you will have in your day... i promise!!!

Can you cut 100 calories out of your diet for a year?

To be able to drop about 10 lbs.
I might just do that... hard part is counting all the calories I eat everyday...
Do you think this will work for you?


$0.31 Baskin Robin ice cream!!!

{Will update with pics later!}


Let's talk about

We just got a call from someone ( i think it was the AP aka secretary of the unit aka D.) and D. said that it was BREAKFAST NIGHT!
And I haven't been here for the past few times they have it @ night so I am ever sooo happy!

There is this one guy {if I can, I'll go down tonight and take a pic of him working his "magic" at the omelette station...}

Man he makes an amazingly awesome omellete!

I wish I could take his skills home with me.

Also, the tater tots are to die for!


I just ate my din din (yep. at 11p. wonders about working night shifts.) and it was one of those Healthy Choice pasta things... it was yummy but I am sooo craving one of these deliciously good omelettes!


Can you tell I like them?

My weekly plans...

or whatever I decided to call it...
[UPDATE: Weekly Calendar Monday's]
I remembered on the way to work I didn't post my weekly plan that I started last week so here goes...
Monday: Car inspection and work night shift
Tuesday: Sleep, sleep... and more sleep until 2ish; meet Jackie hopefully around 230p-ish to practice skills and for lunch; after that catch up with Kev for DWTS result show and some TV watching (even if it is "against" his will...)
Wednesday: meet with financial advisor to go over loan stuff @ 1p; my last yogalatte class @ 4p [=(]; meet with Kev... maybe eat din-din together and watch LOST!!! so exciting! it's the 100th episode this week! Also watching The Unusuals... awesome show btw!
Thursday: possible meeting with professor to do skills for an hour... wrote an email to her sunday... still haven't heard back from her... grr..; if possible also meet with math tutor to go over some math problems for a math exam we have on the first day of class coming up the 3rd week of may... *panicky ... start breathing heavily... heart pounding...eek!*; catch up on the blogging world if I haven't done so before today...
Friday: do stuff around the house; maybe cook din-din for dad and i; and of course... the Wolverine movie comes out sooooo... Kevin is "dragging" me to go see it opening night... and he doesn't like going opening night so this is a special night... *sigh* will let you know what I think about it... haha!
Saturday and Sunday is a free for all... not my weekend to work so I should be good... I hope it's good weather and we're able to do something fun...


I wish...

I could sit here again with my beau and just enjoy the sunset...
But no.
Gotta go to work.
See you tomorrow sun!

Do you like what you see???

Well I do!
And if you do too, check this awesome new blog I found out about.
She is giving away one of these beautiful feather pendant necklaces to a person who goes to Leah Sak's site and makes a comment on her post.
There's already 106 comments (including ME) so...
sign up!
You never know if you are the lucky one who gets this gorgeous necklace.
Also, check out Leah's site for more beauties!
She has many!
Now go... and come back to tell me if you won and if you love Leah's beauties as well!


You should also

Check this mantra out.
Won't post a pic of it.
You need to see it for your own at the site.
I loved it.
I thin- no.
I KNOW you will too!

Where's Jacob?

{pic found here}
I found this site of pics and it's the adult version of "Where's Waldo?"
Pretty awesome.

I'm feeling good today

{pic found here}
And I wish I was sitting here getting my tan on, drinking a margarita, reading a good book and talking with my beau.
Wouldn't that be lovely?


Kevin l-o-v-e-s mexican food hence: Burrito night...

As I said before, we come together and eat... and have so much fun!
The top left pic is of all the burritos we made and ...
believe it or not
Kevin ate 80% of all of those!
I only ate 2 1/2 of those.
They were good but... I couldn't eat anymore than that.
Kevin was stuffed and somewhat sick... yet he loved it!
Oh and did I mention he LOVES fruit punch???
Everytime he comes over this happens:
K: "Can I get something to drink?"
S: "Yeah. Help yourself babe. Mi casa es tu casa."
K: "Sweet. You have any fruit punch?" {opening the fridge}
S: "Yep. You haven't been over for awhile so we have a full carton."
K: {gulp gulp} "What?"
S: {laughs}
about an hour later...
K: "I'm still thirsty..."
S: "Well get something to drink. Fruit punch?"
K: "Ummm... i kinda finished that already..."
S: {smiling} "o-k then... lemonade?"
K: "Nah. I'm too lazy to get up and get something anyway... are ya gonna finish yours?"
S: "maybe..." {watching TV}
K: {gulp gulp gulp}
S: {reach for glass... feels ligther} "Hey!"
K: "It was like that when I got there." {smiling with a lemonade 'stache}
Have I mentioned:
I LOVE this man????

Wednesday's and/or Thursday's

are night's where Kevin comes over and we make dinner instead of goin' out.
I believe last week we made burritos {pics to come}.
This week we made chicken alfredo - from scratch!
Kevin even actually helped cook and clean up!
I am lovin' him for that!
For an appetizer Kevin decided he wanted bruschetta (not home made... will be working on that) with cheese (my idea and for his delight) on top of bread.
It was ever so yummy but I wish I wouldn't have filled up on soooooo much bruschetta because I only had a small plate of chicken alfredo.
But I would like to thank Kev for having this great idea for our dinner nights.
At the same time, we watch TV and we are becoming extremely excited when Wheel of Fortune comes on... how weird are we???
But we love that show and scream at the TV and are like "seriously dude/dudette? why couldn't you solve that????!!?!" He makes me smile.
After that we watched Scrubs and Into the Motherhood followed by the
most amazing
love to hate
TV show
Yep. We are fans. Ever since the show started and we have all seasons that are out on DVD.
We are just as lost as the ppl on the island and this week was just a stupid thing about the Oceanic 6... but next week looks goooooooood!
I always scream at the TV when this show ends.
And "WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" is always a common thing coming out of my mouth every week at the end of this show.
Are you entertwined and in love with this show as well???

I <3 him

{pic via here}
And if you do as well...
you should follow him here!

Are YOU in love?

{found via Le Love}

Love it.

Gotta see it.




Did I mention...

I absolutely L-O-V-E spring.

I came to my campus to just relax and sit and watch Castle online...

Best decision I've made all day... Well except takin' on another 'job'...
{More on that later...}


Ready for a movie?

{pic found via A Cup of Jo}
Well then...
What'd you think?
Thumbs up?
Thumbs down?
Me? = give it 2 thumbs up!

Have you seen

the "real" rendition of this video?

I like this one better!

If ya wanna see a cute vid...

check out my other blog

Type Love

{found here}

I find this fascinating and awesome!!!!

I love this TYPE LOVE.

Don't you???


Tag ... =p... i'm it... D'oh!

So... thanks to lovely blogger Kimberly I was tagged.

I had seen others tag each other but never had the "courage" to do it myself.

But as I checked Kimberly's blog, I saw she had tagged me.

So with a laugh and thinking "man why didn't I check this AFTER I took a shower!" I took a pic of me... {eek!!}

The rules:
Take a picture of yourself right now.
No primping or preparing.
Just snap a picture.
Load the picture onto your blog.
Tag some people to play along

And to make more wonderful bloggers cringe and hope they look better than moi I tag:


Coastal Nest




Hopefully they do it!

If they do, I will post their pics on here and a little of why I love to read their blogs every day!

Have fun!

{oh. and have a wondeful Tuesday! The sun is shining around these parts and I am going to work soon... oh night shift... *sigh*}


Happy happy MONDAY!

And the race is off...
with another week speeding by with many things to do!
I am starting a new thing on here.
{hoping that I will keep it up}
Every Monday morning I will post what is scheduled on my calendar so far...
i.e. work, classes, practicing skills, training, yoga... etc.
So here goes...
Weekly Calendar Monday's starts NOW:
Monday - grocery shopping, get gas, showering, updating blog(s), TV watching (if possible: Ellen and Oprah and the news), make dinner, and go to work @ 7p-7a.
Tuesday - sleep, sleep, sleep until maybe hopefully 3-4p, eat late lunch, possible TV watching...?, get ready for work, and work 7p-7a.
Wednesday - oh sleep how i adore thee until 2:30ish, make some appointments.... maybe while TV watching, Yogalatte class @ 4p-515p, home prob shower, then go from there... should study, update blog(s).
Thursday - shower, eat ... something, meet friend Nicole to practice skills/meet with skills instructor @ 10a, grab... lunch?, meet Deanna (will explain who this is after my meeting with her) @ 12noon, after that... free as a bird... to do... i don't know yet... but probably can do ALOT... because I have alot of things to do... organize/clean and such, update blog(s).
Friday - eat, update blog(s), clean up around house, make dinner, rest before work (more Ellen and Oprah maybe...?), work @ 7p-7a.
There ya have it!
My week.
Nah. Not yet.
Nursing school is coming.
It'll get a whole heck of a lot crazier after I start classes again...
Sooooooooo dreading it!
And what are your plans this monday?
Is it nice where you are?
Here not so much.
It's supposed to rain and be cold and yucky
That's spring weather for ya.
But I can wait for the humid and stuffy hot weather... yep.
That much I am sure of.

To exercise or to not exercise...

while being pregnant...???

{pic from here}

Read more about it on my other blog:

Nursing Ventures.



{pic from here}
Something we take for granted, do we not???
I get home tonight and I open the door and go to turn on the light in my living room.
Go turn on the light outside of my house.
I start freaking out.
Looking for a flashlight in the dark... not cool.
Keep looking...
Not one flashlight!
So I turn on my video phone which has a really cool light that pretty much worked as a flashlight throughout this whole process.
(thank you to my blackberry!)
I told Kev (who dropped me off thank goodness!!!!!) to wait for me to take the garbage out so I then proceeded to call him to park the car and come in to help me look @ the breaker ...
which is in the basement...
which I think is creeepy to begin with...
and without light???
Even creepier!
Well 15 minutes later I found out that on my second floor my whole entire wall was not working: Not my light that I turn on as I walk in.
Not my light for my turtle Squirt.
Not the little digital picture frame I have.
Not the record player/CD player.
Not half of my kitchen appliances.
(thank goodness my fridge wasn't affected... that woulda been a DISASTER!!!)
Not my 1/2 bathroom or any of the kitchen lights.
So when my dad got home from work, we went downstairs again to check on the breaker turned on/off every.single.switch.possible.
We gave up after 5 minutes because we were both tired and he has to get up early tomorrow for work.
But as he was showering the hallway light came on (which was part of the problem) and then I went to check and stuff was working...
But without the same enough energy.
We think it has something to do with our water heater.
It has been shutting off every once in awhile and now I think it is DEFINITELY affecting other parts of our house.
Such us our lights.
And appliances.
Which is!!!
I mean we pay our electric bill every month ON TIME and now this happens???
We'll definitely have to get a new water heater.
I don't even wanna know how much those go for nowadays.
But I am planning on helping my dad pay for half of it at least.
He works so hard for everything we have.
Especially this little house we call home.
Before this, I really took electricity for granted.
I feel so blessed about other things I have... but electricity... not so much.
Now this problem of ours has shed light (no pun intended) onto my many blessings that I do take for granted everyday.
So I want to thank all my lucky stars and my guardian angel for caring for me as well as they have.
I just don't know what I would do without electricity.
Would you???



Reminds me of this video.

Both are awesome, inventive and great songs!

I barely...

mention my other two blogs I have.
(which can be found on the right side of this page... fyi)
But I just posted about pregnancy advice (no. i'm not pregnant. it's from another lovely blogger I found... ) on one of my other two blogs:
I made this blog up because I wanted to share a little of the nursing world with others and I felt that my main blog wouldn't be suffice.
Hence Nursing Ventures.
I don't post much on there since I am not a nurse yet, but I am trying to put posts about new bloggers I find that give either pregnancy advice or just have cute, funny, crazy, and any type of pregnancy stories (yes even sad ones about demises and abortions... hey that is life...) they can, and are willing, to give out to the world.
So if you know any or know of anyone who is willing to share, let me know!
It will help me understand pregnancy a lot better! Which would hopefully make me a better nurse!
Another purpose for that blog is to tell all of MY adventures in the labor room (which i love btw). since I work in one now, I would be hopeful that I will gain more knowledge and be able to post it on there!
Yet another purpose for that blog is for me to tell about my "adventures" or "misfortunes" while I am in nursing school (and once I graduate, I hope to work in the Labor and Delivery unit as a RN. It's my passion and one of my life goals to be a labor nurse...)
So if from time to time I post on there, I will just do a little post on here about it... so maybe (just maybe) some of you who check this blog, will check that one as well.
Ok... back to your regurlarly scheduled programming...


Instead of blogging more of my life...

...i am going to watch this movie.

can you blame me???
do you love this movie as well?
am i the only one who has watched this movie about 100000 times!!?!?!?!
{true story: i used to work @ movie theatre and when i used to be the manager to close my friend Dave and I used to watch this on the TV's that were used during opening hours to show upcoming movie trailers. it was the best way to watch this movie!}
and now it's been awhile since i haven't seen it so... can't wait to see what i don't remember... that happens a lot. I watch a movie/tv show after a really long time like FRIENDS and ask myself... was that there when I first watched it?
i'm really goin ...
for now.


Shoes were meant to be there...

So when we were in our room in Waldorf=Astoria during our April Adventure we set up all our shoes by the window.
That Saturday morning I woke up to this lovely sight and I couldn't waste it.
I like it.
I didn't even mean it to come out looking B&W.
I wish I had a better camera so I can capture so much more great things around me.
Photography: you complete me.

And it continues... our April NYC adventure

i had some extra pics on my phone so i decided to make it a slide show through
Love it? Hate it?
i LOVE it.
but that's because i LOVED our mini adventure in NYC!
Can't wait to go back and create some more!
Or maybe to another location...
but what's better than NYC ... especially if it's only 2 hr drive away???

are you ready for THIS!?!?!?!?!?


I am ready.

Ready to see your own natural beauty!

Bring it on!


gettin' inspired...

i'm on flickr now.
put up some of my personal fave creations.
{and hoping more will come to me!}
also gettin' inspired by others pictures.
i love photography!
don't you???

just fabulous enough to post...

The Fabulous One posted this a few minutes ago and not gonna lie.

I liked it.

Never heard of The Orion Experience before so thanks Fab One for introducing me to them!


Boy meets girl kinda movie - a love story? apparently not!.

watch this:

and comment below if you think it will be awesome and you need to see it...


you don't like it and just want to walk away!

Tell me tell me!
This movie actually makes me think of my bff Quynh. She is such a non-commitment whore (yep. you read right.). She hates talking about marriage, kids, big white fence, moving in together, and the "future" of her boyfriend and herself. She has been with the same man for over 5 years now and she is soooooo afraid of commitment it is sooo not funny.
They have broken up and gotten back together more times than i can remember!
She told me that her boyfriend asked about her ring size (yeah i know... *gasp*) and she started freaking out! (and not the good kind of freaking out... the kind where she went bazercko and said noooooo way i'm getting engaged/married/tied down/put a ball and chain on me...)
Actually she told him she didn't want a ring ...
my dear Quynh... will you ever get married so i can through you the best bacholerrette party in the world?!?!?!? come on woman! grow some balls and move in together!
I'll treat it like it was your wedding!
She'll never get married.
Wow. I really should start writing about her more.
She's an interesting character...
and one of the most awesomest persons i know.
{sorry Quynh. it's my blog. your my bff. gotta tell stories of someone else but my own sometimes...}

{thanks le love for posting this. i want to see it. can't wait!}

Coldplay - where have you been all this time?

oh yeah.
in my car.
where i don't remember to put CD's on anymore!
but let me just say-
COLDPLAY is amazing!
My friend Dave burned their CD's for me a long time ago
(thanks Dave!)
and I have them in my car and just started listening to them again.
The one i have in is a rush of blood to the head
and track #7 is my favorite!
no i don't have green eyes neither does Kevin,
but i love that song.
i think it's the guitar that does it for me.
it's just so personal and awesome.
i've had it on repeat for the past 2 days to and from work it's the song
i hear.
love it!
Do you like COLDPLAY?
Own any of their CD's?
I don't own any just have burned copies (sorry Coldplay... poor college girl here!).
But if i could, i would buy X&Y because that is one I don't have and I would love to own it!

{If you haven't heard #7 then go to the right of my page and click on the pic under singing this...
it is a YouTube vid with the song playing... let me know what you think.}


How lucky is this doggie??

First it was Oprah with her puppy Sadie...
Now this cute Portuguese water dog is lucky enough to be a part of the Obama family!
Sooo cute!
What do you think?
Good choice for a first dog?
Or what other kind of dog should they have gotten?
I like it.
It's cute, small and supposedly doesn't shed!
My dream puppy!
Can't wait to see more pics of him in the White House.


mondlerclips - can't stop watching!

I love this YouTube Channel:


check it out!

it's awesome!

i always have it on ...

i love FRIENDS!

I was there ... in the city... that weekend!

{vid found here}

Did I go?



looks like sooo much fun!

would you go???


It is here...


We used to celebrate galore when I was a little girl and when my baby cousins (who are definitely making sure we are not treating them like babies) were little, but this year... not so much. Our little family has resorted to just a small dinner (or early dinner anyway) with just my dad, me, my aunt, my two boy cousins, the twins (and my oldest cousin Freddy is their dad) and the twins older half sister. See small family of mine. I love them though. They all fill me with joy and laughter whenever we get together. We don't see much of each other unfortunately during the year, even though we are pretty much one tiny town away! But even through all the hard times we have faced (which have been plenty in our small family) we always put our heads high and smiles on our faces because we know that as a family we can help each other out in every way possible.

So I hope that this Easter and every other holiday you decide to celebrate, you and your family are together to enjoy each others company!

I worked night shift the past two days so I wasn't able to get together with Kevin's fam or my fam *even though we didn't do anything*.

So what did you do for easter?


Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger

White Castle Casserole

Snack pizza bomb

Deep fried cheesesteak

two lb mcdonald's cheeseburger
just go to the site.
you'll either wanna throw up, hungry, throw up again, wanna go workout, or just never fry anything A.G.A.I.N.



"Drop 2 Pounds This Week":

Want to shed some weight without the headache of calorie counting, measuring portions or giving up your fun foods? I did! And now it's your turn, by trying what has been working for more than a million other women: the SELF Challenge. As part of our 13th annual Challenge, we've created quick, fun ways to peel off pounds without getting woozy from starving yourself or spending your life at the gym. The key is to get your heart pounding so you lose the poundage.

Here’s the deal: Decide whether you want to lose 2 pounds a week or less (that may sound slow, but you can drop a size in a month this way and keep it off). Follow our free, easy eating plan and try to burn 500 calories per day for a total of 3,500 a week. Those shooting to lose a pound a week should aim to sizzle 250 calories per day (and 1,750 a week). To maintain your weight, focus on daily sweat sessions that burn 100 calories a day (or 700 calories off per week).

Whatever your goal, choose from the following workouts. (Pay attention to the effort level, using a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is watching TV and 10 is installing a 100-pound plasma screen on the wall.) The smartest, most effective route to lasting weight loss is through exercise, so no matter which mix of workouts you choose, expect to see results within two weeks.

Activities to burn 500 calories:
• Walk 40 minutes at a level 8 on a hilly course (or crank up the incline on the treadmill).
• Do 36 minutes of running intervals: Jog for 1 minute at a level 5, sprint 1 minute at a level 9. Repeat 18 times.
• Take a 45-minute Spinning class.
• Dance to a good beat for 72 minutes at a level 7.
• Hit the elliptical machine for 60 minutes, doing intervals. Do 2 minutes at a level 8, then 1 minute at a level 5. Repeat 20 times.
• Swim freestyle for 50 minutes at a level 8.
• Use the rowing machine for 40 minutes, doing intervals: Go 8 minutes at a level 8, then 2 minutes at a level 4. Repeat 4 times.

Activities to burn 250 calories:
• Walk for 35 minutes at a level 7.
• Run for 20 minutes at a level 7.
• Bike for 30 minutes at a level 5.
• Dance for 50 minutes at a level 4.
• Hit the elliptical machine for 30 minutes at a level 8.
• Swim freestyle for 25 minutes at a level 8.
• Use the rowing machine for 28 minutes at a level 8.

Activities to burn 100 calories:
• Walk for 25 minutes at a level 4.
• Run for 12 minutes at a level 4.
• Bike for 17 minutes at a level 4.
• Dance for 20 minutes at a level 4.
• Hit the elliptical machine for 15 minutes at a level 5.
• Swim freestyle for 15 minutes at a level 5.
• Use the rowing machine for 25 minutes at a level 5.
Should I try this?
Eh. Why not.
Maybe tomorrow.
{article found here}

Yep. I did it.

{pic from here}
I went to the gym!
Who said I couldn't do it? Huh? HUH???
Anywho, let's see if I keep at it the rest of this week!
Can I?
Will I?
Well I should - unless I want to weight too much and then my heart will stop working...
I don't want that to happen.
I kinda need my heart.
It kinda keeps me going every day.
Especially when I need to be a hopeless romantic and cry at the cheesy romantic and cute commercials.
Plus I need it to pump blood to the rest of my body.
That would help as well.
So if I don't exercise my heart might get clogged and that isn't right because my heart has been good to me.
It doesn't deserve the fat and grease I feed it every time I pop a french fry in my mouth.
It really is taken for granted the heart.
I can't feel it unless Irun up the stairs and are running out of breath by the time I hit the second floor of a 3 floor apt complex...
Or up the one set of flight of stairs to my room from the living room.
So really. It's not just to look good that we should all workout.
It's to give that great organ of ours a little help.
Help that it has always asked of us silently as it sits there between membranes, tissues, muscles, bones and lungs.
Give your heart a little love every once in awhile.
Go workout.
Make it beat fast so it can speak to you - it will thank you later - when you can no longer move as fast as you can now.
Enjoy the endless possibilities that your heart gives you while your young.
Because once you decide to grow up and stop caring for yourself and start caring for those around you, your heart will care for you because it knows that you cared for it once.
When you were young. When you went to workout. When you ran that extra 30 seconds on that treadmill. When you thought you were gonna fall off but didn't and at the end of the run how great it was to feel the sweat roll down your brow to your cheek.
See the heart remembers that. Even though you just think it's sheer hurtful at that moment, your heart is content to be exercising itself and get extra strength to help you out when you forget about it.
The heart is caring.
So care for your heart now.
Stop eating that cheeseburger and fries and milkshake.
Go workout.

Feeling his pain:

But I will go to the gym.
I will run.
I will...
But first: sleep.
Sleep is good right?
As far as I have heard.
Will do that then.
Nighty night.
{yeah lots to update on but overwhelmed with so many pics and vids that I need to organize myself later to post them... NYC: I miss you. Waldorf=Astoria: I miss you even more. Especially your SUPER comfy beds! Lauren and Tina: you ladies made great roomies all weekend. Thanks for letting me tag along on this awesome adventure!}

Reflection of a Skyline

{found with the help of Le Love}


It's the latina in me...

Even though I think the girls in the vid are... well... you see for yourself.
Still like the song...
Catchy... =P

Two out of three of these bags...

Contain presents for Kevin...

One is for now...

The other is for his bday...

Hope he likes 'em!
(I know he will... But just sayin': he best like ' em! Hehe)

He doesn't read the blog that much (much to my disagreement... Grrr...) so maybe he really won't know I already have something for his bday! Yay!


I usually am a late present getter (is this even a word?!?!??) person so... I feel good!


"Hey kids, wanna go on a shoplifting binge with mommy and daddy?"

Check THIS stupid STUPID idiotic story out.
What did you think was gonna happen?????????
Dr. Phil ain't gonna help you with the attorney bills!
*throws hands up in the air*


It's been awhile...

But I've been having too much fun to update this blog!

I'm in Waldorf=Astoria with my two besties and we are just relaxing after a long day of shopping and walking around town!

We had lunch at Serendipity3 and I had a chicken sandwich that was not even a sandwich... It was a hot mess! (Maybe more on that later...)

This bed is sooooooooo comfy and will miss it most when I go home!!!

These beds have kept us inside and there is nothing wrong with that!

I just miss the boy-- Kevin I miss and love you so much. Can't wait to see you soon!

More updates later... Or tomorrow! =P
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Drinkin' pomegranate cosmos

At simply pasta in NYC...

And lovin' it!

Up next: Junior's - for yummy cheesecake!
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Just watch... I would start yelling at traffic to stop.

What would you do?

What do you think?


Love making us look

If you haven't already, sign up to and make your own!

It's a load of fun!

Expect many more of these come next week...

It will feature many lovely NYC places and adventures taken by three beautiful and amazing ladies!


We went to Applebee's last night...

and Kevin felt like he was in Disney World!

Why you ask?

Because of the 2 for $20?

Because of the yumminess of their food?

Because we were eating out?

Because we were seeing each other for the first time in 3 days?

If you thought any of these were it... well ... you were wrong!!!

It was because he got to do this:

Yep. Take a picture with Chewbacca!

Chewbacca was at this Applebee's and he got soooooooooo excited!

It was funny and cute and adorable at how excited he was when he saw that chewbacca was there... told you ... he keeps me young!

Can't wait to see him in Disney World!

He is such a little kid ... no joke.

Kevin thinks...

it's funny to dress me up in older ladies' clothes...
he dared me to do this...
then take a picture...
while people were shopping at Macy's...
{where I got this}
and staring at me... haha... whooofc!
(whooofc: taken from Lisa Paige meaning who the F*&^ cares?!?!)
he's funny and weird...
he keeps me laughing and keeps my heart young.
one of the many things that makes me love him more and more each day.
Thanks Kev.
I love you.

It is April... and it is Fool's Day... have you done any tricks yet?

I haven't... but might be thinking of some of these:

Look Closely: Serve your victim some cake/ice cream. After they've eaten some of it, point to their food and tell them there is something in it. Once they bend their face down for a closer look, push their face into their food.

{Kev's mom's bday is today.... hmmm? should i or should i not...? hehe}

Running Late: While the victim is asleep, reset all the clocks two hours ahead. When they wake up they will panic and think they slept in and are late for school or work.

Salty Surprise: Simple - put salt on the victim's toothbrush. Then stand by to watch the surprised look on their face.

{Don't tell him but I just did this to my dad's toothbrush! heeeheee ... shh!}

Early Bird: Set the victim's alarm clock for the middle of the night and hide it somewhere in the room where they will have to get up and scramble to turn it off. (This works even better if you sneak in after they fall asleep and unscrew the light bulbs. Then they'll have to search for it in the dark!!!)

Find more April fool tricks here!
My dad and I are real big pranksters.... especially him!
{UPDATE: my dad just did one to me about 5 min. ago... he got out of the shower and told me to hurry up and go downstairs to turn off the stove. ... Got downstairs and there.was.nothing. I ran upstairs and he was like did you turn it off? And then ran into his room. He said through his door: APRIL'S FOOL!!! grr... i'll get him....}

25 year old dies after Wii Fit..... what??!?!

Ok. So here's the article.
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: this is what they are claiming killed him.... hmm... never heard of this!!!!
Gonna have to do some research!
{oh... yeah... this is NOT an April Fools' joke... read the article}