Coldplay - where have you been all this time?

oh yeah.
in my car.
where i don't remember to put CD's on anymore!
but let me just say-
COLDPLAY is amazing!
My friend Dave burned their CD's for me a long time ago
(thanks Dave!)
and I have them in my car and just started listening to them again.
The one i have in is a rush of blood to the head
and track #7 is my favorite!
no i don't have green eyes neither does Kevin,
but i love that song.
i think it's the guitar that does it for me.
it's just so personal and awesome.
i've had it on repeat for the past 2 days to and from work it's the song
i hear.
love it!
Do you like COLDPLAY?
Own any of their CD's?
I don't own any just have burned copies (sorry Coldplay... poor college girl here!).
But if i could, i would buy X&Y because that is one I don't have and I would love to own it!

{If you haven't heard #7 then go to the right of my page and click on the pic under singing this...
it is a YouTube vid with the song playing... let me know what you think.}

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