Instead of blogging more of my life...

...i am going to watch this movie.

can you blame me???
do you love this movie as well?
am i the only one who has watched this movie about 100000 times!!?!?!?!
{true story: i used to work @ movie theatre and when i used to be the manager to close my friend Dave and I used to watch this on the TV's that were used during opening hours to show upcoming movie trailers. it was the best way to watch this movie!}
and now it's been awhile since i haven't seen it so... can't wait to see what i don't remember... that happens a lot. I watch a movie/tv show after a really long time like FRIENDS and ask myself... was that there when I first watched it?
i'm really goin ...
for now.


Kimberly Julie said...

might have to watch this one this weekend as well... i've forgotten its greatness!

Jojo said...

Oh it's soo great, I love it! I cannot watch this movie enough. And thanks so much for your comments about my wedding, so kind :) x