It is here...


We used to celebrate galore when I was a little girl and when my baby cousins (who are definitely making sure we are not treating them like babies) were little, but this year... not so much. Our little family has resorted to just a small dinner (or early dinner anyway) with just my dad, me, my aunt, my two boy cousins, the twins (and my oldest cousin Freddy is their dad) and the twins older half sister. See small family of mine. I love them though. They all fill me with joy and laughter whenever we get together. We don't see much of each other unfortunately during the year, even though we are pretty much one tiny town away! But even through all the hard times we have faced (which have been plenty in our small family) we always put our heads high and smiles on our faces because we know that as a family we can help each other out in every way possible.

So I hope that this Easter and every other holiday you decide to celebrate, you and your family are together to enjoy each others company!

I worked night shift the past two days so I wasn't able to get together with Kevin's fam or my fam *even though we didn't do anything*.

So what did you do for easter?

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