2/28/15 weigh ins:

Morning weigh in @ 8:15 a.m. :
Night weigh in @ 11:55 p.m. :

Didn't eat anything after 5p.m.
Except a tangerine (which I shared with Quynh at the hockey game) and a diet coke.
Haven't pooped in over a day now! A little worried.
Need to eat some fruit with breakfast tomorrow ... Hoping that helps... And drink LOTS of water!


2/27/15 weigh ins:

Morning weigh in @ 9:33 :
Night weigh in @ 11:00 :

2/26/15 weigh in:

Morning weigh in @ 8:10 :
Night weigh in @ 2:40 :


2/25/15 weigh ins :

I really need to stop eating bad stuff. It's comfort food and it sucks for me cause I do gain. Also I need to stop eating after 10p.m.
I have to get my strong willpower back! Say no! I don't need that food! I'm not hungry! It's just for comfort!
Ok. Back to weigh ins for today...

Morning weigh in @ 9:00 :

Night weigh in @ 12:30 :


2/24/15 weigh ins:

Slept in for sure... So goood.... But I gotta go to work x2 days until I have off for 9 days! Yay!

Morning weigh in @ 9:00 :
Night weigh in @ 12:37 :


2/23/15 weigh ins...

Early start to my day.

Morning weigh in @ 7:00 : 
Night weigh in @ 9:40 :


new week, time to track. weigh in for 2/22/15

Morning weigh in @ 9:15 :
Night weigh in @ 12:25 :

I tracked and didn't eat as much today.

Let's see how it goes tomorrow. 
Finally off to the gym!
But I'm waking up earlier so don't know how the weigh in will be affected...

Weigh ins for 2/21/15:

156.0 morning
160.6 night

I hate myself, winter, and food.

Need to get back to tracking & to a WW meeting ASAP! Hopefully Monday I can get to a meeting!

Plus I have no food for tomorrow at work... 😭😭😭


Weigh ins for 2/20:

In the AM:

At night: 

Didn't eat meat today and didn't really have lunch... Lots of chocolate and tortilla chips though.

Let's see what weight I wake up to tomorrow in the AM.


Today's weigh in


I really haven't tracked or been behaving. I need to lose 11 lbs in 5 months!

I need to have spring come sooner! I'm going to be running my butt every morning once it's >40 F in the AM. Hopefully with running and maybe not eating as much crap I can do it!

Wish me luck.


Weigh in time

So I did bad yesterday...
No tracking and eating crap...

This is what I get: 156.7 lbs.

As soon as I don't track our watch my portions there goes the weight! Up up up!

Just did my squats from the squat challenge I have been doing with Quynh. Better late than never... Plus tomorrow (aka today...) is a rest day.

My thighs are burning!🔥

OK weigh in time for after I ate like crap today!

Weighed in @ 12:19 am : 159.8 lbs


Weight today

Grr... What I get for eating at OCB!
Weight: 156.4 lbs

And I almost forgot to weigh in today! I can't wait until it gets warmer so I can run before going to work.

Until tomorrow...

Weighed at night 12:00 am = 160.8 lbs. 😫😬👎


Tracking my weight

So I'm going to start posting my weigh ins on here.
I usually weigh myself every morning in my birthday suit after peeing.
I am doing this squat challenge with Quynh and moni (which only Quynh is reporting she is doing).

So we're on day 3 already! Rest day tomorrow. Having fun doing this actually!

My weight at 9:40 am : 154 lbs.
My goal is to go down to 143-146 lbs.

Here goes nothing!
Wedding dress needs to fit for July!