scarf time!

Along with changing my lotions for fall, I add on my lovely {yet small} collection of scarves! The one I'm wearing today is a beautiful green one and is perfect for this windy fall day.

At JCPenny's I saw soooo many more cute scraves & again was tempted to buy some but didn't seeing as I have no $$$$ =(

I usually get my scarves at Old Navy & I love them all. I have some from Ecuador too.

Hmmm... Might just do a vlog later of them. And start wearing them more too! =)

Do you recommend any good & cheap stores for scarves? Online or actual store. Would love to hear if you like scarves like me!

Ok. Off I go to SIM lab. Fun nursing school thing... Hopefully!

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Cute outfit!

After dinner with kevin & his fam we went to the mall to do a return & found out the store closed a 1/2 hour before we got there...grrr...
But anywho, we walked through JCPenny and found this really cute outfit. Actually Kevin found it & I agree! It's on sale too! Sooo tempted to buy it but instead bought Starbuck's for both Kevin & I.
I got the spiced pumpkin latte which is yuuuuummmmmmy! And kev just got a hot chocolate which he drank 3/4 of it by the time we got back to the car! =)
So now we're going to BJ's to get nyquil & oj cuz kev has a sore throat... Hope it's just a small cold. Hate it when either of us are sick. =(
I'm just getting over a small cold so... Let's hope it's a small one for Kev too!

Til next time!
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Can I get one of these?

I was going through my phone and saw the picture of the apron I had taken when Kev and I went to the VF outlets a few weeks back.

I don't have an apron, so this one would be a cool one to start with, don't ya think?

I mean, I can cook but I'm not the BEST and if someone does end up choking on my food I do know how to do CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.

So Santa (if you're reading this, I know it's early) this would be perfect. Thank you!

Do you shop for Christmas really early? Or do you wait last minute?

To tell ya the truth, I actually am a last minute shopper! Kevin, on the other hand, was asking me about Christmas shopping in the middle of summer!

Am I crazy to think he's crazy for shopping so early? Or am I crazy to not start shopping early for Christmas?

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Fall is here!

Leaves are changing and it's time to change my lotions!

I don't know if you do this but I do - with every season change, I change my lotions. Before summer I had the sugar vanilla (not sure of the exact name) from Bath & Body works. And then for the summer I switched to another B&B works that was very light and fruity I think called mango/madarin (it's orange). I'm bad at remembering all the names. But I think different lotions are good at different times of the year. Like now, it's starting to get chilly and I'm using the yummy Ulta lotion 'Va Va Vanilla'. It's so yummy smelling and so nice and soft. Totally recommend it for fall and/or winter.

Did I mention I LOVE the fact that there is an Ulta less than 5 minutes away?!?!???!!?? So awesome!

Ok. Back to reading... And resting before work tonight!

How are you?!??

Comment away!


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Some updating, some loving, some... something!


So today, Saturday, I actually have off!

Nothing to do!

But I am at work right now so I'll be sleeping pretty much A.L.L. day loooong.

Thank goodness!

I did not sleep well at all the past two nights because I had an exam to study for (boo.) and then I worked Wednesday night and I am working Friday night - Saturday morning.

So I have been busy and need a day off.

Kev and I are trying to finish last season of House, M.D. because the season premiere is coming up on Monday. So far we are on the ... umm... third disc if I remember correctly. It's good. I can't get enough.

It just sucks that Kev and I don't live together so we can just watch it as we drift off to sleep... I can't wait til that day comes. Where we are together saying good night and not over the phone!!! Of course there are going to be nights where that is going to happen because... well... I work night shift! Like last night around 10p I called him from work to tell him good night. So we are used to it but... ugh. It just sucks not being to just fall asleep in each others arms... seriously. Can't wait!!!!



In other news, I have some exciting prospects for when I graduate!!!

I accepted a position as a GN/RN in the Labor and Delivery unit I work at right now!!!!

Whoo hoo!

*doing some celebrating... some dancing*

Yay! So excited and can't wait to start working here when I graduate!

Just got to get past these 2 classes... they are two major mountains that I have to hike up... and to tell ya the truth, not liking all these rocks I have to step on to get to the other side!


We were witnessing a fight that broke out in front of the ED and there were about 10 cops standing in a crowd of people, with one person being brought into the ED in a wheelchair. Lovely.

Made for some entertainment though.

Always keepin' it interesting around here. haha


Will catch up later. Gotta go do... work. bleh. haha

Happy Saturday to you!


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Comment away lovies!

How are you all?

Need to upload all my vlogs later. Probably tomorrow (Friday) before work!

Have a great day!
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Show me some comment lovin'.

Anything you would like me to discuss?

Women's health?

Question about nursing school? Birthing? Labor and Delivery? Life?

Let me know.

Very interested in what you would want to see on this blog... Let's make it interesting!



So little time... and yet i'm still awake

It is almost 4 am and I have to wake up in a few hours to go prep at the clinical site I will be all day on monday. i'm going to be soooooooooooooooooo tired.

but so much went on this weekend that i will HAVE to update later today (sunday).

so much to tell and how do you like my new layout?

yay or nay?

so far my eyes are lovin' it.

let me know what you think.

ok. until later!

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Remembering. Honoring. Grieving.

Eight years ago seems like so long ago.
But to many, eight years ago is a day that never will be forgotten and a day that we remember many things.
We remember where we were. We remember what we heard. We remember what we saw.

So many feelings and emotions that ran through everyone on that day eight years ago ... not knowing who was on those planes, what was going on, loss of communication, fear that anyone you knew personally were there at that moment, a moment where the world froze together and stood in awe of this breaking news.

I remember being in high school. I remember walking around the hallways worrying about getting to class on time. And then I kept hearing rumors and scattered words: "World Trade Center" "New York" "planes crashing"... I kept going on my way to English class where I sat down next to one of my girl friends and asked "Is it true? What's going on?"

As the bell rang my teacher told us the news - two planes had been hijacked and they both hit the Twin Towers in New York City. I was in awe, stunned, at a loss for words. I think I was unable to breath for a few seconds until I was thinking - "Do I know anyone that lives there? Yes. I do. Family. Friends. Oh my God. I hope they weren't near the towers. Please God let no one I know be near the Towers. Please God bless all those people there."

As the day went on, there were rumors of the planes and the president and the fact that there were two other planes that were heading to Washington, D.C. and that the Towers had fallen, and that the bridges were closed to go into the city, and that there were firefighters, medical personnel trying to help everyone get out of the city because all the trains, buses and bridges were closed.

Then as I got home, I quickly turned on the TV and there it was - all those horrible and terrible images that will always be scarred in my brain, in my memory those images will stay with me forever. As I saw the footage of the Towers get hit by one plane then the other I was just speechless. As I kept flipping through the channels there was nothing but those images. The images of the planes hitting the towers and how those flames burned. And the even more scarring and terrifying images were of those people who were trying to get out of those two buildings as the flames kept rising and rising. The images of bodies just dropping one by one because they couldn't handle being trapped in those buildings - it just brings me to tears and makes me hope that their souls are resting now.

So many people died that day and so many people are still suffering from the tragedy that struck America eight years ago - including myself. Personally I thank God that no one in my immediate family was in the city at the time that the WTC got hit. But I still feel that all those people - dad's, uncles, brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandparents - that were killed that day were a part of my family as I am a United States citizen. Those people deserve to be remembered as they were innocent souls who did not deserve to die that way. I hope that whomever is reading this post understands that eight years ago today a major part of our American family was lost. Two of the greatest building ever built were lost and believe me that in itself brings me to tears. Those two buildings to me were the significance of what a great country this is and the unity of many people who come here for a better life. Maybe that is not the reason why those two buildings were built for but that is my way of thinking.

I went atop those two buildings many times and made some great memories. I just think of how unpredictable life is. Sometimes the "What if's?"get to me and I think "What if... my school decided to have a school trip to the WTC that day?" "What if... my dad had decided to take a day off and go into the city?" and so on...

But today is not about MY "What if's?" ... it is about remembering all those people that died tragically eight years ago because of these attacks to American territory.

Let's not forget those people who also died courageously in the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania that was supposedly meant to crash into the White House and the plane that actually did land into the Pentagon. There were many lives lost there as well and we cannot forget them.

I hope that you will join everyone in a little silent prayer today either at the time of the attacks or any time during the day today for all the men and women who lost their lives eight years ago.

Also, all the firemen, medics, nurses, EMS, soldiers who helped during and after the attacks to help all those in need. May God bless them all.

We should think of all those families who don't get to see their loved ones because of what happened eight years ago today. God Bless You.

God Bless America.
God Bless the World.

Even if you don't believe - must watch.


Soooo very excited she's back!!!


And I might just be one of the few that has not watched So You Think You Can Dance before but whoofc???

They are awesome as I can tell from this! Might just try to tune in...

Do you watch Ellen or SYTYCD?

What are your thoughts? Should I start watching SYTYCD?

Comment, comment, comment!

This season opener was absolutely fantastic! This definitely topped it off as one of the best season premieres ever!

Ellen rocks!

Wish I lived closer or could take a trip over there to be there for her show. That would be the greatest vaca ever. California and see an Ellen taping? A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!

ta-ta for now!

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What have I been up to?

Well probably updated since these have happened but will tell anyway...

1. Went to a David Cook concert. Very awesome. But very short concert and he didn't do a encore song! We were all very disappointed!

Went with these two great ladies Lauren and Tina:
And this handsome guy was kind enough to tag along... Doesn't he seem SO excited??? haha!

(see more of my Dave Cook vids here!)

2. Cut my hair and put highlights in it!

How does it look? Good? Bad? Yay or Nay?
3. Did I mention I went to Niagra Falls??? Well ... I did!

Surprisingly enough I took this picture with my digital camera! I L.O.V.E. it!!! Looks like a painting! So pretty!
{check out my video from Maid of the Mist that I went on with my cousins...}

Tis all for now.
Have to run some errands for school and work.
Hope to blog later!
It was a wonderful time to be in the blogging world again!
Hope you don't make yourself a stranger now either!

I love reading and especially any comments left here!