Fall is here!

Leaves are changing and it's time to change my lotions!

I don't know if you do this but I do - with every season change, I change my lotions. Before summer I had the sugar vanilla (not sure of the exact name) from Bath & Body works. And then for the summer I switched to another B&B works that was very light and fruity I think called mango/madarin (it's orange). I'm bad at remembering all the names. But I think different lotions are good at different times of the year. Like now, it's starting to get chilly and I'm using the yummy Ulta lotion 'Va Va Vanilla'. It's so yummy smelling and so nice and soft. Totally recommend it for fall and/or winter.

Did I mention I LOVE the fact that there is an Ulta less than 5 minutes away?!?!???!!?? So awesome!

Ok. Back to reading... And resting before work tonight!

How are you?!??

Comment away!


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