Cute outfit!

After dinner with kevin & his fam we went to the mall to do a return & found out the store closed a 1/2 hour before we got there...grrr...
But anywho, we walked through JCPenny and found this really cute outfit. Actually Kevin found it & I agree! It's on sale too! Sooo tempted to buy it but instead bought Starbuck's for both Kevin & I.
I got the spiced pumpkin latte which is yuuuuummmmmmy! And kev just got a hot chocolate which he drank 3/4 of it by the time we got back to the car! =)
So now we're going to BJ's to get nyquil & oj cuz kev has a sore throat... Hope it's just a small cold. Hate it when either of us are sick. =(
I'm just getting over a small cold so... Let's hope it's a small one for Kev too!

Til next time!
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