Some updating, some loving, some... something!


So today, Saturday, I actually have off!

Nothing to do!

But I am at work right now so I'll be sleeping pretty much A.L.L. day loooong.

Thank goodness!

I did not sleep well at all the past two nights because I had an exam to study for (boo.) and then I worked Wednesday night and I am working Friday night - Saturday morning.

So I have been busy and need a day off.

Kev and I are trying to finish last season of House, M.D. because the season premiere is coming up on Monday. So far we are on the ... umm... third disc if I remember correctly. It's good. I can't get enough.

It just sucks that Kev and I don't live together so we can just watch it as we drift off to sleep... I can't wait til that day comes. Where we are together saying good night and not over the phone!!! Of course there are going to be nights where that is going to happen because... well... I work night shift! Like last night around 10p I called him from work to tell him good night. So we are used to it but... ugh. It just sucks not being to just fall asleep in each others arms... seriously. Can't wait!!!!



In other news, I have some exciting prospects for when I graduate!!!

I accepted a position as a GN/RN in the Labor and Delivery unit I work at right now!!!!

Whoo hoo!

*doing some celebrating... some dancing*

Yay! So excited and can't wait to start working here when I graduate!

Just got to get past these 2 classes... they are two major mountains that I have to hike up... and to tell ya the truth, not liking all these rocks I have to step on to get to the other side!


We were witnessing a fight that broke out in front of the ED and there were about 10 cops standing in a crowd of people, with one person being brought into the ED in a wheelchair. Lovely.

Made for some entertainment though.

Always keepin' it interesting around here. haha


Will catch up later. Gotta go do... work. bleh. haha

Happy Saturday to you!


Thanks for stopping by!


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