After a Jonas Brothers concert...

I went to a JB concert and it was ok. Many, many little girls screaming their names and almost making my ears bleed! =p The day before this is what it looked like:

So I wasn't so sure that it was going to be a good day for a concert on Saturday.
As it turns out, it was a good day and there was no rain! Here I am on my way to the concert! There was so much traffic! It was insane!!!
So I know that there are going to be older adults at these boy band concerts, but more than likely they go to them with kids. Well this guy (^) was sitting by himself for a good 20 minutes (hence why I took the picture) without any kids around him. But to my relief 3 girls in bright pink shirts with the JB symbols everywhere, sat right next to him. =P

I just thank God that he wasn't sitting by himself and was there for the JB brothers. haha
I have many more pics of the concert, especially ones that are much better quality than this one, but I have yet to upload them! I also have videos that I need to upload which will be soon to be coming! I will have a link to them as well. I did like the special effects that the JB brothers had during their show, so that was a good thing! Other than that, in the videos you'll see me (because you couldn't hear me over the thousands of piercing loud voices of young girls) pointing to my ears and saying that it was way too loud!
Finally, I forgot to upload this earlier but these (^) are my new glasses! I have to wait a few more days to get them so once they come in, I will beautify myself and take a pic with them so you can see my really nice glasses that cost me an arm and leg. But I have insurance on them so if i get them scratched or something like that, I can get them replaced for free!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, not much going on. I picked up a few extra hours today so I am updating this right now... as I sit here trying to look busy! hehe! But I do have to go soon! I have to do some eLearning for my job and read about 5 chapters for class! AH! Wish me luck!

Ok take care and will update more later!



First day of school...

So I had my first official day of classes. In college it's weird to say college cuz it's not school... but yet it is at the same time. Anyway, I have some pics from the other day.
This is what I bought at Yankee Candle and it's very cute. I will have to sometime this coming weekend/week/holiday go over there and buy some more tarts. I think I'm down to one tart from my last trip there. I know - I only got four but they are so delicious when they burn. Some of them didn't get to smell as much because my grams was cooking so her food smells overpowered the tarts - in a very good way! haha

Here are my two cousins who are visiting and we were relaxin' after a day at the promenade.

They've been fun to have around. They have so much energy-especially the one in pink!

Well Peds is going alright as of now.

Nothing new to report.

I will try to get some more thoughts in later today but right now I am going to eat some breakfast cuz I had an early meeting then I came to the gym so I haven't eaten! I'm so darned hungry!

Ok. Will update later and have a good one!




Love shopping and hate spending money. But I got this adorable thing for the fall. Will put up pick once I have it up. I actually want to wait to see if I can get it cheaper in the outlet stores we'll be going to later today. These are my cousins:
Aren't they cute? They were both reading mags with Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus. I seriously better not see Miley turning into a whore. I'll be so pissed! Anywho I bought tarts at Yankee Candle (which is awesome by the way) and I bought tart "burner/melter" that is a leaf.

I bought 4 tarts: Macintosh, Willow breeze, Island Spa, Sun and Sand.
They all smell yummy! Like I said I am going to try to get more at the outlet stores later today. Hopefully I'm lucky and they are on sale!
Ok gotta go!
Will update with all the shopping!
KSBL + me - money = no new fresh products!

I was talking about the fresh product i used last night on my other blog and let me tell you it is great. It's a face cleanser and it left my skin free of makeup and my skin was nice and soft! Couldn't believe how soft my face was. It was great!
So as I finished my other posting I was searching and looking for other products of fresh and came upon their candle section. Did not know they made candles so I clicked on one and found that they used to spice up the mood between you and your honey. Like this candle:

This is the description of the candle which makes me really want to buy this and put it in my boyfriends room so ... well read on:

CANNABIS SANTAL CANDLE is a seductive blend of patchouli, dark chocolate, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla musk, and an alluring cannabis accord. The room is filled with a mysteriously entrancing scent that drives both men and women absolutely wild.
Unique blend of waxes preserves the fragrance until the last minute.
Lead-free wick creates a clean flame.
Bakelite lid protects the candle and preserves the fragrance.

Only bad thing is it's $48 for one! Crazy... but it's just so pretty and probably smells very yummy. Also, my other deal is I have to smell the candles I want before I buy them! So unless I can go to the NY store I don't think I'll be buying this pretty thing anytime soon! IF it were cheaper then I would take a risk but... yeah.

They have these other scents as well: Rose baie, Sake, Sugar, Sugar Lychee, and Violette,

Plus I bought 4 candles at Wal-Mart the other day for $4 so that's better than nothing. But I'd rather have a wick that creates a clean flame rather than make my walls black! Grr.

These are the ones I got: Warm apple pie, Garden Rain, Fresh Cotton (which I am burning right now), and Pumpkin Spice.

I thought that these would reflect great as the summer drifts away and fall begins to show again!

I am also searching through and their fall favorites. Let me just say: ahh.

There so many gorgeous coach purses! I'm going to try to find the purse this other blogger had on her post. It's this goreous velvety color and I fell in love with it when I saw it on her blog.
Isn't it gorgeous even though it's $348??? If only I were rich and were able to afford these. I was actually thinking of signing up with the website that you can rent out luxury purses just like in Sex and the City movie. Jennifer Hudson is "poor" (as are 90% of young women in the U.S.-im just guesstimating here) in the movie and she rents her LV and Coach bags so she doesn't have to buy them... I already am renting my textbooks so why not luxury bags right??? I'll have to check it out.

There's also a larger size of this bag:

If I were to chose, I would rather have this bigger one. I have way to much stuff to carry around to have a little one. But there are those rare occasions where I do go out and only need money, ID, and keys where I could use these:

This one (^) is ZOE SIGNATURE CAPACITY WRISTLET and it's $128.

Why is this one more expensive than the wristlet??? Intriguing question right?

Well I'll go for now. Stare at the pretty pics because I will probably never own one... but renting sounds fab! I'll update later on Bag Borrow or Steal.
See ya!


Food... yum!

So in my plans of eating right and better I'm trying to chose snacks with 100 calories or less. I have to so I don't overeat.

Especially when the snacks taste great!

I'm trying to e-mail my pics from my cameraphone to put the pics up here. It might take awhile but we'll see...

Ok five minutes later the pics were sent and i just got them.

The first snack is the package it comes in and this is a great find:

Each package there is 6 of these cute little cups. Applesauce! No sugar added! Only 50 calories, 0 g of fat. I bought the BLUEBERRY DELIGHT (above) and PEACH MEDLEY (below).

I just ate one peach medley and I have another in front calling me to eat it. They are sooooooooooo good! Especially the peach ones. Those are my fave. But blueberry is still good! Who knew I would be snacking on applesauce???? Thanks to Mott's making the no sugar applesauce with a little extra flavor. I didn't hate regular applesauce but it wasn't my fave. Now... hmmmm!

What were ALWAYS my fave are almonds! I had been looking everywhere for BLUE DIAMOND almonds because they are raved by everyone that tries them (and I usually see them in fitness mags - and have to admit they look delish). So I was at BJ's the other week and was looking for nice low cal snacks and I found these little babies:

They are so convenient because I can have them in my purse, school bag, or pocket. These 100 calorie bags are amazing because knowing me I would eat a whole bag of almonds in one sitting. This way I can control myself! I love all 100 cal packs! They are the best invention! Especially nowadays when everyone is on the go. I don't have time to sort through things to make little bags of stuff. What I can't seem to find are the Blue Diamond chocolate covered almonds and all the flavored ones. I really have to go shop at Target more because the one DJ I listen to always raves and finds really great stuff there. I barely go to Target because I live so far away from one! Although there are rumors that there is one coming right down the street from me so ... we'll see! I'm crossing my fingers! I was also looking for those containers that pours you the right portion on the top of the lid. Those look cool. But what I most like about this 100 cal pack is they are plain, all natural almonds! They aren't salted (which I hate when any nut is salted!) and they are not oily or messy! I love the honey roasted but they are higher cal and messy! Cannot live with messy stuff especially on the go like me who does not wanna have crums all over! So I will update if I have found the container ones.

So speaking of messy I have to admit I'm becoming a bit of a germaphobe! Before I used to hate to clean, didn't care if there was a bit of crums lying on my table etc. But now, I am on the look out for the crums and just cleaning everything! I mean I have a dirt devil mini hand vacuums and I vacuum my table! Oh well... will tell more later.

gtg for now. home is calling!



Green eyes...

Love COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!! I'm listening to them on youtube right now and one of my favorite songsw is GREEN EYES! It's an amazing song!

And I just found a SMALLVILLE thing someone made for this song! You should check it out!

COLDPLAY is coming to town on November 1st and I wish I could go but ... classes + work + personal life - money - time = very sad me with no tickets for COLDPLAY!

VIVA LA VIDA : check it out! awesome! i need to download the new CDs!

VIOLET HILL: another great song off of their new CD:

So ok this post is a tribute to coldplay. I might as well say it now!
gotta love it!


For my family

I have created a new blog for my family who cannot read or understand english. I figure if I can update my family that speaks english, i can do the same for my family who only speaks spanish. Plus it makes me practice writing in spanish. So if my family makes fun of my spelling oh well. I'm not really great in spanish writing. I'm not going to lie. I have to babel translate some words from

It's great when I don't know how to spell one of the spanish words and i just go to altavista and it's a lifesaver!

Anywho I'm tired right now! Lots going on. I just found out that my one friend got kicked out of nursing school which makes me really, really, REALLY NERVOUS!!!!!!!!! I just hope I can keep my hopes up so I can pass this darned class with an A!!!!!! well let's be realistic with at least a B-!

Ok now on to happier and lovelier thoughts: my grams is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her and can't get enough of her! I will have to post a pic up here to have in memory of her. She's had a rough life and she still is very enthusiastic about life. She's very old school (e.g. how to raise kids, life, sex, lifestyles) and she hates that everything is changing from when she was younger. But she has a lovely aspect about her that everyone loves her and listens to her awesome advice. She's got to the point where she's older now and she repeats herself. So she will tell me the same story about 20 times until she leaves. But I love it!!!!!!!!!! I get used to it and I know some day I will have to repeat the same stories she tells me to my kids or my little cousins. We'll have lots of "remember when grams told us the story about..." and I enjoy spending every little second I have with her. I hate that she lives soooooooooooooooooo far away but I am grateful that she is still with us!
A few years ago I prayed to God telling him that if he lets me see her at least once or twice more after she had left, that I would be more than grateful and thankful. He has listened to me and has brought her back to us more than once and I will be able to let her go when she passes on to another life. I think it was around the time when I lost my maternal grandmother because even though she raised me, I don't really have any good memories of her. She passed away from a heart attack during her sleep and I never got to see her because she also lived far away. But I think she is my own personal guardian angel because I can feel her around me sometimes. There have been a few times where I got out unharmed from almost-car-accidents and I always thought that it was my grams watching over me. It has to be. I imagine her and my grampa (whom I never met) just sitting in a lovely bench sipping a cool drink and watching over me. I love her so much and miss her very, very much. She was the one who raised me from birth so I think I will never forget her what little memory i have of her.

Ok I said happy thoughts right???? Haha

Also my cousin came up with my grams and I am so happy she's here we're having lots of fun together and she's awesome. She's a lot bigger and I think she'll surpass me. She's already past my shoulder for cryin out loud! Ugh! Kids being tall now a days! haahaa! I sound like an old fart!

Ok so I feel like I need to put some pics up here so I'm just going to do some pic searching!

Flickr is really cool! I need to join. I love taking pics of really cool thinks.

ok i gtg



It's the end of summer

And I am truly sad about this fact! Summer 08 went waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast!

I start college classes next week already and so do many of the kids around here for public schools! Oh well. Had to start up sometime right?

My grams is here from Ecuador with my cousins and it's awesome to have them here. It sucks that I have to work instead of spend time with them but hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to spend some more time with them.

I have to go out and buy my book for my one class that I am taking so yay! =P

It's actually not that bad in price if its used. Even if it is new it's $98 at most. Which is very surprising because they usually cost about ten dollars more. I'll have to look online see if I can get free shipping with a bit of a discount then.

So Michael Phelps did it! He got his 8 GOLD OLYMPIC MEDALS! Awesome for him!
I was thinking if this guy wanted to get laid, he would just have to say his name to a girl and buy her a drink. haha just kidding.

There isn't really any other good or exciting news on my part. I will soon be leading a very very hectic life for the next four or so months. I will be looking into getting more hours at the hospital and with clinicals, class and all my other responsibilities it should be an interesting juggle. It sucks but it was an awesome summer because I didn't really have any big responsibilities so now it's going to suck royally because I'll have to get into the groove of things again. Being here and there at the same time plus have some time for myself and study time. AGH! Headache already forming...

To more cool things:
I was lookin online for really awesome rings and found some. Some from Tiffany's and I couldn't believe when I found out that you could custom make your own ring on

Flower ring from Tiffany & Co.
Vine Band ring from Tiffany & Co.

so pretty. i think those are in platinum but i love love love white gold. its so much better than yellow gold. i've always worn yellow gold but i prefer white gold now.

ok well i gotta go. you should check this website out. click here.

enjoy. she has really good tips and i'll try adding some of my own.

but later. i'm going home now!



Olympics, olympics, olympics!

So unless you've been in a cave for the last past weeek, the olympics have been the top news.
With USA having 22 medals total for this years Olympics and China not too far behind with 20 as of now, it's been going great. I actually have some really awesome pictures I found on yahoo and I will put them on here.

So hope to find some more pics and to soon have some more of my pics up here.
I gotta go for now.
GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's been some time I guess

So it has been some time since I got to write in here. I still have to upload a crap load of pics from my trip to NYC with my bff Q. It was an awesome day even though we got soaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our bus was going around NY on a Sex and the City Tour and we decided to stop at some stores as soon as it started to pour! And we only had one tiny umbrella which covered only half of me. I was wearing a dress... oh lala ;) and my dress was soaked once we finally got back to the bus.

The one store that we went to was FRESH. And was it fresh and wonderful! I spent about $90 and I got a bunch of free gifts because we were on the SNTC tour plus we got a discount (which I still don't know how much of a discount I got! but it was something! so thanks fresh!) and we got some extra little handouts because the girl who was store manager actually knew my hometown here in PA. Apparently she has some relatives who live around here. So we got a real good deal. Ok so on to what I bought at FRESH:

This is HERE COMES THE SUN FACE PALLETTE which is a bronzer and highlights my good features. Perfect for the summer! I have never bought a bronzer before but let me tell you: it is amazing! I love it! Now I actually make time to put on my "face" before I leave for work or to go out with my BF or friends! It's awesome! It has three different bronzers and the sales manager told me she uses all three at once because it just blends in better with her skin tone. Which in fact is a bit like my complexion! So I had to get it!

Next was the concealer and my number is #3. It works great to hide the dark circles I once in a while have It's cute and small and doesn't take much space on my new "make-up shelve". =P

I got a smaller bottle of this eau de parfum called CANNABIS ROSE. It smells fantastic, summery, and not too strong. When we stepped into the store this is the very first thing I smelled. And also what led me to buy $90 worth of FRESH products.

And if you want to buy some lovely FRESH products click here.

I got a bunch of other little stuff which I can't remember so I won't try to attempt to name them. they were like trial size anyway. Other than that not much has been going on. Oh I did volunteer at this festival near my town. It was fun. It was part of the hospital I work for so i guess I got some "brownie" points. haha

In other news, the OLYMPICS STARTED!!!!!!!!!

Whoo whoo to the hot guys playing and swimming! Ok I don't only watch it for that but it is a plus. (K- if you're reading this you know you like the girls! Still love ya though!) it's exciting to just see all those people competing and being in Beijing and all!

United States Medal Count
Gold 2
Silver 3
Bronze 4
Total 9

It's great that there are already 2 GOLD medals won for USA!

Click here if you want to see more!

And I just had a "WOW!" moment right now. I just found out how to hyperlink something! Awesome!!!!! =P I'm 22 I should know these things but I do not! Oh well. Now I do.

Ok well I gotta go right now. I'm about to be relieved from work.

Will try to keep up with these more! So they won't be super long like this one! hehe

Have a great week!


Exciting weekend!

So I had an awesome and exciting weekend. Will have to update later because I need to put up pics which I have yet to go through and upload!

Well now to the fun and exciting stuff of the week!

Will write later.