It's been some time I guess

So it has been some time since I got to write in here. I still have to upload a crap load of pics from my trip to NYC with my bff Q. It was an awesome day even though we got soaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our bus was going around NY on a Sex and the City Tour and we decided to stop at some stores as soon as it started to pour! And we only had one tiny umbrella which covered only half of me. I was wearing a dress... oh lala ;) and my dress was soaked once we finally got back to the bus.

The one store that we went to was FRESH. And was it fresh and wonderful! I spent about $90 and I got a bunch of free gifts because we were on the SNTC tour plus we got a discount (which I still don't know how much of a discount I got! but it was something! so thanks fresh!) and we got some extra little handouts because the girl who was store manager actually knew my hometown here in PA. Apparently she has some relatives who live around here. So we got a real good deal. Ok so on to what I bought at FRESH:

This is HERE COMES THE SUN FACE PALLETTE which is a bronzer and highlights my good features. Perfect for the summer! I have never bought a bronzer before but let me tell you: it is amazing! I love it! Now I actually make time to put on my "face" before I leave for work or to go out with my BF or friends! It's awesome! It has three different bronzers and the sales manager told me she uses all three at once because it just blends in better with her skin tone. Which in fact is a bit like my complexion! So I had to get it!

Next was the concealer and my number is #3. It works great to hide the dark circles I once in a while have It's cute and small and doesn't take much space on my new "make-up shelve". =P

I got a smaller bottle of this eau de parfum called CANNABIS ROSE. It smells fantastic, summery, and not too strong. When we stepped into the store this is the very first thing I smelled. And also what led me to buy $90 worth of FRESH products.

And if you want to buy some lovely FRESH products click here.

I got a bunch of other little stuff which I can't remember so I won't try to attempt to name them. they were like trial size anyway. Other than that not much has been going on. Oh I did volunteer at this festival near my town. It was fun. It was part of the hospital I work for so i guess I got some "brownie" points. haha

In other news, the OLYMPICS STARTED!!!!!!!!!

Whoo whoo to the hot guys playing and swimming! Ok I don't only watch it for that but it is a plus. (K- if you're reading this you know you like the girls! Still love ya though!) it's exciting to just see all those people competing and being in Beijing and all!

United States Medal Count
Gold 2
Silver 3
Bronze 4
Total 9

It's great that there are already 2 GOLD medals won for USA!

Click here if you want to see more!

And I just had a "WOW!" moment right now. I just found out how to hyperlink something! Awesome!!!!! =P I'm 22 I should know these things but I do not! Oh well. Now I do.

Ok well I gotta go right now. I'm about to be relieved from work.

Will try to keep up with these more! So they won't be super long like this one! hehe

Have a great week!


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