For my family

I have created a new blog for my family who cannot read or understand english. I figure if I can update my family that speaks english, i can do the same for my family who only speaks spanish. Plus it makes me practice writing in spanish. So if my family makes fun of my spelling oh well. I'm not really great in spanish writing. I'm not going to lie. I have to babel translate some words from

It's great when I don't know how to spell one of the spanish words and i just go to altavista and it's a lifesaver!

Anywho I'm tired right now! Lots going on. I just found out that my one friend got kicked out of nursing school which makes me really, really, REALLY NERVOUS!!!!!!!!! I just hope I can keep my hopes up so I can pass this darned class with an A!!!!!! well let's be realistic with at least a B-!

Ok now on to happier and lovelier thoughts: my grams is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her and can't get enough of her! I will have to post a pic up here to have in memory of her. She's had a rough life and she still is very enthusiastic about life. She's very old school (e.g. how to raise kids, life, sex, lifestyles) and she hates that everything is changing from when she was younger. But she has a lovely aspect about her that everyone loves her and listens to her awesome advice. She's got to the point where she's older now and she repeats herself. So she will tell me the same story about 20 times until she leaves. But I love it!!!!!!!!!! I get used to it and I know some day I will have to repeat the same stories she tells me to my kids or my little cousins. We'll have lots of "remember when grams told us the story about..." and I enjoy spending every little second I have with her. I hate that she lives soooooooooooooooooo far away but I am grateful that she is still with us!
A few years ago I prayed to God telling him that if he lets me see her at least once or twice more after she had left, that I would be more than grateful and thankful. He has listened to me and has brought her back to us more than once and I will be able to let her go when she passes on to another life. I think it was around the time when I lost my maternal grandmother because even though she raised me, I don't really have any good memories of her. She passed away from a heart attack during her sleep and I never got to see her because she also lived far away. But I think she is my own personal guardian angel because I can feel her around me sometimes. There have been a few times where I got out unharmed from almost-car-accidents and I always thought that it was my grams watching over me. It has to be. I imagine her and my grampa (whom I never met) just sitting in a lovely bench sipping a cool drink and watching over me. I love her so much and miss her very, very much. She was the one who raised me from birth so I think I will never forget her what little memory i have of her.

Ok I said happy thoughts right???? Haha

Also my cousin came up with my grams and I am so happy she's here we're having lots of fun together and she's awesome. She's a lot bigger and I think she'll surpass me. She's already past my shoulder for cryin out loud! Ugh! Kids being tall now a days! haahaa! I sound like an old fart!

Ok so I feel like I need to put some pics up here so I'm just going to do some pic searching!

Flickr is really cool! I need to join. I love taking pics of really cool thinks.

ok i gtg


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