First day of school...

So I had my first official day of classes. In college it's weird to say college cuz it's not school... but yet it is at the same time. Anyway, I have some pics from the other day.
This is what I bought at Yankee Candle and it's very cute. I will have to sometime this coming weekend/week/holiday go over there and buy some more tarts. I think I'm down to one tart from my last trip there. I know - I only got four but they are so delicious when they burn. Some of them didn't get to smell as much because my grams was cooking so her food smells overpowered the tarts - in a very good way! haha

Here are my two cousins who are visiting and we were relaxin' after a day at the promenade.

They've been fun to have around. They have so much energy-especially the one in pink!

Well Peds is going alright as of now.

Nothing new to report.

I will try to get some more thoughts in later today but right now I am going to eat some breakfast cuz I had an early meeting then I came to the gym so I haven't eaten! I'm so darned hungry!

Ok. Will update later and have a good one!


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