Food... yum!

So in my plans of eating right and better I'm trying to chose snacks with 100 calories or less. I have to so I don't overeat.

Especially when the snacks taste great!

I'm trying to e-mail my pics from my cameraphone to put the pics up here. It might take awhile but we'll see...

Ok five minutes later the pics were sent and i just got them.

The first snack is the package it comes in and this is a great find:

Each package there is 6 of these cute little cups. Applesauce! No sugar added! Only 50 calories, 0 g of fat. I bought the BLUEBERRY DELIGHT (above) and PEACH MEDLEY (below).

I just ate one peach medley and I have another in front calling me to eat it. They are sooooooooooo good! Especially the peach ones. Those are my fave. But blueberry is still good! Who knew I would be snacking on applesauce???? Thanks to Mott's making the no sugar applesauce with a little extra flavor. I didn't hate regular applesauce but it wasn't my fave. Now... hmmmm!

What were ALWAYS my fave are almonds! I had been looking everywhere for BLUE DIAMOND almonds because they are raved by everyone that tries them (and I usually see them in fitness mags - and have to admit they look delish). So I was at BJ's the other week and was looking for nice low cal snacks and I found these little babies:

They are so convenient because I can have them in my purse, school bag, or pocket. These 100 calorie bags are amazing because knowing me I would eat a whole bag of almonds in one sitting. This way I can control myself! I love all 100 cal packs! They are the best invention! Especially nowadays when everyone is on the go. I don't have time to sort through things to make little bags of stuff. What I can't seem to find are the Blue Diamond chocolate covered almonds and all the flavored ones. I really have to go shop at Target more because the one DJ I listen to always raves and finds really great stuff there. I barely go to Target because I live so far away from one! Although there are rumors that there is one coming right down the street from me so ... we'll see! I'm crossing my fingers! I was also looking for those containers that pours you the right portion on the top of the lid. Those look cool. But what I most like about this 100 cal pack is they are plain, all natural almonds! They aren't salted (which I hate when any nut is salted!) and they are not oily or messy! I love the honey roasted but they are higher cal and messy! Cannot live with messy stuff especially on the go like me who does not wanna have crums all over! So I will update if I have found the container ones.

So speaking of messy I have to admit I'm becoming a bit of a germaphobe! Before I used to hate to clean, didn't care if there was a bit of crums lying on my table etc. But now, I am on the look out for the crums and just cleaning everything! I mean I have a dirt devil mini hand vacuums and I vacuum my table! Oh well... will tell more later.

gtg for now. home is calling!


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