It's the end of summer

And I am truly sad about this fact! Summer 08 went waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast!

I start college classes next week already and so do many of the kids around here for public schools! Oh well. Had to start up sometime right?

My grams is here from Ecuador with my cousins and it's awesome to have them here. It sucks that I have to work instead of spend time with them but hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to spend some more time with them.

I have to go out and buy my book for my one class that I am taking so yay! =P

It's actually not that bad in price if its used. Even if it is new it's $98 at most. Which is very surprising because they usually cost about ten dollars more. I'll have to look online see if I can get free shipping with a bit of a discount then.

So Michael Phelps did it! He got his 8 GOLD OLYMPIC MEDALS! Awesome for him!
I was thinking if this guy wanted to get laid, he would just have to say his name to a girl and buy her a drink. haha just kidding.

There isn't really any other good or exciting news on my part. I will soon be leading a very very hectic life for the next four or so months. I will be looking into getting more hours at the hospital and with clinicals, class and all my other responsibilities it should be an interesting juggle. It sucks but it was an awesome summer because I didn't really have any big responsibilities so now it's going to suck royally because I'll have to get into the groove of things again. Being here and there at the same time plus have some time for myself and study time. AGH! Headache already forming...

To more cool things:
I was lookin online for really awesome rings and found some. Some from Tiffany's and I couldn't believe when I found out that you could custom make your own ring on Amazon.com

Flower ring from Tiffany & Co.
Vine Band ring from Tiffany & Co.

so pretty. i think those are in platinum but i love love love white gold. its so much better than yellow gold. i've always worn yellow gold but i prefer white gold now.

ok well i gotta go. you should check this website out. click here.

enjoy. she has really good tips and i'll try adding some of my own.

but later. i'm going home now!



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