After a Jonas Brothers concert...

I went to a JB concert and it was ok. Many, many little girls screaming their names and almost making my ears bleed! =p The day before this is what it looked like:

So I wasn't so sure that it was going to be a good day for a concert on Saturday.
As it turns out, it was a good day and there was no rain! Here I am on my way to the concert! There was so much traffic! It was insane!!!
So I know that there are going to be older adults at these boy band concerts, but more than likely they go to them with kids. Well this guy (^) was sitting by himself for a good 20 minutes (hence why I took the picture) without any kids around him. But to my relief 3 girls in bright pink shirts with the JB symbols everywhere, sat right next to him. =P

I just thank God that he wasn't sitting by himself and was there for the JB brothers. haha
I have many more pics of the concert, especially ones that are much better quality than this one, but I have yet to upload them! I also have videos that I need to upload which will be soon to be coming! I will have a link to them as well. I did like the special effects that the JB brothers had during their show, so that was a good thing! Other than that, in the videos you'll see me (because you couldn't hear me over the thousands of piercing loud voices of young girls) pointing to my ears and saying that it was way too loud!
Finally, I forgot to upload this earlier but these (^) are my new glasses! I have to wait a few more days to get them so once they come in, I will beautify myself and take a pic with them so you can see my really nice glasses that cost me an arm and leg. But I have insurance on them so if i get them scratched or something like that, I can get them replaced for free!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, not much going on. I picked up a few extra hours today so I am updating this right now... as I sit here trying to look busy! hehe! But I do have to go soon! I have to do some eLearning for my job and read about 5 chapters for class! AH! Wish me luck!

Ok take care and will update more later!


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