A few things... well maybe more!

So I had to get gas and was waiting for the price to go down that my gas tank got really low!
As you can obviously see:
But shockingly there was no light that went off at that point because that pic was taken as I was driving into a gas station. It was worth it. The price dropped down 3 cents from when I was going to get it. So... yeah.
Anyway, this is my beautiful boyfriend:
We went to a Target that had these really interesting balls outside of it and he was fascinated by them (as was I mind you!). So I decided to take a pic of him. Of course there is a shadow so you can't see him real well! Plus I didn't have my digital camera so I took it with my camera phone!

Well I worked a few extra hours this past Sunday and I was falling slowly in love with this lotion:
It is from Bath & Body Works. It's called: Rice Flower and Shea
It was delicious. Every time I went past it or washed my hands, which I do frequently when I work there, I put some on. It was awesome! When my Warm Vanilla Sugar is gone, I will have to see about getting this one! Yum!

So I have been wanting to go to the outlet stores around my area, and I finally went to one the other day. It wasn't as great as I had hoped it would be. I hope the other one that I go to is a lot better. This is just one of the branches of VF outlet stores so I'll update on others as we go there!
As I had said, my cousin is here from my lovely country of Ecuador and my aunt had wanted to rent movies for her to see. SO here we were in Blockbuster and she has all these horror flicks sprawled over the floor which made me want to take a pic because she is just too cute and funny to have done that! I am so going to miss her!

Well that's all on these pics. Have more to update on so will write in a bit!
See ya!

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