The worst! Ugh!

I hate taping skills for class because it's just very nerve racking! Ugh! Way to start fall!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that not much has being going on.

Have to catch up on lots of homework that I have due this week. I have to do quizzes

and a concept map of a chronic patient.

I also have to vlog since I haven't done one in awhile...

Well I am so not liking facebook right now. It looks so different and stupid. I'm so lost! I haven't logged on to that because I just don't want to. Too much crap to update as it is. I like blogging better than dealing with facebook.

I usually just look into them to see if a friend has said hi that I haven't seen in awhile. It was giving me a headache so I logged off. I like this better. Blogger is way better! haha

And then there is myspace where I don't the people who request to be my friend... its weird.

Ok I'll go for now...


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