Going to be a long day

So i had to meet my friend to finish up a project for our class so i had to wake up early! Yuck!
But i at least got here to school on time!
And now I'm going to be sitting for a loooooooooooooong two hours (hopefully NOT 3 like last week!) and being bored out of my mind. I usually record the lectures but I am horrible at keeping up with them and hearing them again.
Tomorrow it will be another early morning. i have to help my friend monica move to her new apartment! yay! then at 1pm i have to meet someone at school to go over our video taping skills that we have to do on monday! yay!
I will also be doing that saturday at 1 pm and then i work at 3pm.
I work all weekend and it sucks because i am just going to be very tired by the end of the weekend!
Plus i have lots of laundry waiting for me at my house to be put away, washed and some even ironed!
Ugh! I hate ironing!
Ok well I gtg for now. Class starts in a few minutes!
See ya!

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