Halloweeny Time

It has come and is now ending.
I am at work (yes yes... bad bad me!) and I am sort of glad that I am because it is raining outside and rather be here getting paid than outside trying to watch a parade or go do anything since it's so yucky outside.
(Hey Santa: remember, it would be great if I got some pretty rain boots! check my other posts for ideas! thanks!)

Plus, the rain brought a little time delay for the Phillies vs. Yankees game and that I believe just started so hopefully I can catch it on the TV here at work (in the waiting room). I hope the PHILLIES win!

They are are at home now and hopefully all the Phillies spirit from the fans get them all sorts of good vibes!

Boo! (no pun intended) but this computer is being funny and won't let me put any cool pics on here... ;[

Ok ladies and gents.
I go back to working ... ok ok. I won't lie. I'm goin' to read some blogs ... hehehe

Til next time!

Be safe out there!
Don't eat too many candies... well maybe eat all of them since I am a fatso that can't stop eating... if you could only see my desk of food around here! haha

See ya!


I'm frustrated

I have been lookin and lookin over this blog and I cannot flippin figure this crap out!
The sidebar was showing perfectly, then it was all the way at the bottom, then it disappeared, then it came back to the right, and now it is back to the bottom. I have no idea what happened but I think it has something to do with the last two posts. Because between them there is no border and they are from two different dates...
The help forum thing I went to for blogger helped me at first and I figured it out. It was fine. I was looking at some things, refreshed and then BAM! Same problem again. The damn left sidebar was at the bottom.

Someone get me away from this blog before I explode.

But see the thing is if you click on each post individually, you can see the sidebar there. So it can't be the problem from the beginning which was my videos on my one post were too big! But I fixed all of them! I even fixed the pictures in my last post for crying out loud!
I don't understand.

I'm frustrated.
So hopefully this post will fix it and just keep me on track. I am so flippin behind on things to do before work tonight!

I have yet to clean anything!
I have yet to bathe myself!
I have yet to nap!!! agh!!!

ok. here's to hoping!

if not then, readers will just have to deal! just keep scrolling down!
You'll see the follower things at the bottom somewhere! haha
and my contact info as well.

just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling....

p.s. i'm THIS.CLOSE to saying OK someone expert at this! I'll pay you to make my blog look nice!
p.p.s. the weird thing is that my other two blogs {see here and here} are absolutely fine.... maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't change my layout so much huh... hmm...

Need me some boots!

Lisa from posted that she got some new rain boots from and made me want a pair!

So I went on over to the lovely site (and to tell you the truth almost fell over when I saw the price of the ones Lisa got) but I did find some great ones for a bit cheaper.

Aren't they pretty???
They are rsvp rain boots and are a whooping $64.00.
What do you think? Worth buying???
The best thing is

Oh I want them.
I want them bad!
They are so pretty!
Damn loans making me not be able to buy anything for fun...
Hmm... is Santa listening and paying close attention... maybe he will bring them to my feet... *hint hint K*

Also, if you don't believe in twitter because you think it's either stupid or not worth signing up for it because it's just updates? Well it isn't just for that!

I have found so many great twitter peeps that help me save at many amazing stores online and in-store.
I found a great website from a lovely twitter saver lover.
The site is and it has awesome savings from many great stores and the shipping is only $6.95. Not too shabby!

Like for example these cute ones:

Originally $79.
At it is only 19.95 {+$6.95 shipping, of course}.
Good deal?
 I think so!

And nope. I don't work for any of these sites but if I can help others save money, I will report it!
Ok. Gotta go get something to eat before my stomach eats itself!


Movies galore!

So many movies I need want have to see! Which ones do you want to see?
Any recommendations for me???

Here are some trailers of movies that have caught my eye:

The Blind Side (2009)- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

We have so much to talk about!

It's been a fantastic, crazy, stressful, amazing, relentless, unbearable week!!!

All those things at once!
But the greatest part is that it ended on a wonderful note.
Wanna guess what it is?
Well I'll tell ya:

I have been stressing out so much as of late because of this stupid freaking class that I haven't been able to update my blogs who are just sitting there with no sort of inspirational .... anything on them that I feel I have lost a little of myself.
I tell ya. Nursing school takes so much of a person's life that I think I might have to do some regrouping after this last and final class. I sometimes have to stop myself and ask myself who I really am right now.
I have been a student nurse for so long that I don't know how to be ... a person anymore!
I still will be a student nurse until mid-December and won't lose any kind of insight on that part of my life...
But trying to be a "normal" person again after all these years of being "trained" to be a student nurse... yeah that task, my friends, will not be an easy one.
But as I have read a few of my favorite blogs this  mornin', that I have missed oh so dearly, because sooo much inspiration comes from them, I know I can come back to the normal me. The me that can be a loving and caring daughter, girlfriend, cousin, friend etc. to all the ones who have loved me through all these years of nursing school! (and have had to put up with the many tears and tantrums of how much I HATE nursing school! thanks by the way!)

Many people have dealt with me not being all there at times because most of my mind has been on the fact of "When am I going to graduate??????"
Mi distruggoImage by Camilla Ferrari via Flickr

But I can surely say that I will end up graduating after December! I so look forward to the following weeks ahead and I can't wait to share it with you all (the few and great and kind that come visit from time to time) and I hope know that I can count on my friends and family to be understanding of my new soul searching after graduation.
So to all, please bear with me as these next few months bring much busy work for my FINAL NURSING CLASS and I promise to update more on my blogs and I hope to find even more wonderful inspiration on your amazing blogs.
What can't this blogging community do?
I hope to see more of you all!
Keep comin' back ... I might just have a little surprise for you once graduation comes a little closer... a little giveaway of sorts... Maybe that will give a little incentive to come back... ;)

p.s. my blog is going to be under construction so if while you are visiting PLEASE forgive the unorganization that will come! I need to spruce things up a bit... need some fresh new stuff especially after my successful completion of my second to last class. Thanks for understanding!


I got them! *a sneak peek!*

Can you guess what I got??? Look over the past few posts on this blog and you'll know what they are! Thank you Talia! More pics to come of me wearing them!
They are gorgeous!
See ya all later!
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I am not the biggest baseball fan but this team is doing so freaking good!!!
They beat the LA Dodgers!!!!!!!

Have you guessed who I am talking about... Yep!

So happy the Phillies won! They beat the Dodgers 5-4 tonight and feels pretty good to say that I am a proud fan!
I hope they win the World Series again... just wonder who they will play: Yankees or Angels since the Yankees lost tonight. Yikes!
Are you a baseball fan (or any sport fan???)? Who is your fave team?

Tell me...,

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I need a new perfume... {& my cry for HELP!}

And I think I am going to get this one:

{image via}

This perfume is from MAC Cosmetics and it is called Creations MV 3.
It is a 20 ml bottle and it is only $25!!!
Is that a good price though? I mean for 20 ml??

I currently have "Danielle" by Danielle Steel and I love it - but it is running out pronto. But the big bottle is soooo expensive that I really don't feel like can't justify spending $50+ on the bottle. But I do love it! I always get questioned on what I am wearing when I wear "Danielle" and it does smell delicious!

Give me any insights you have on perfumes please!
What other good perfumes are out there?

p.s. I need to go shopping for new make-up. Seeing as this post & article tells me to do so... and it has DEFINITELY been more than 3 months since I have changed ANY of my make-up! Eek!

UPDATE: I seem to only find "Danielle" at Khol's and it is for $39... is THAT justifiable for me to spend???
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So much to update about...

And no time right now. haha
I have spent a few hours trying to crop and edit some pics from a wedding I went to and they are now uploading on my Facebook so we will see how they come up. I will share only a few of the 84 pics I just uploaded.

This is yours truly (yes that is a fuzzy navel in my hands thank you very much, Kelly and Deanna (I was her 'date'. haha)

before the wedding, we went to Sheetz because we were hungry and we were an hour early to the reception so we needed time to kill.

and this is moi again and Deanna.
I wish I had been able to lose some weight before the wedding but... that is my goal once I graduate from nursing school.
some much needed weight loss needs to happen for my poor body .. and SOON!

Kelly, me, and Deanna again.

We decided to take some "prom pics" under this entryway... yes we are cheesy. haha

Deanna and me at our table.

Isn't her wedding gown just GORGEOUS???

It was a fun time and glad I got to go because I needed the time to relax before my big exam that I took yesterday (Thursday).
Which by the way we still haven't gotten our grades yet.
Granted we still have a few hours in the day to go, but she said she would either post them by last night or the latest today. *sigh* she did this for the first exam and we didn't get our grades until a week later! can you believe that?????
We are in 2009 where there is technology that can do so much and it takes one person a whole week to get our scantron sheets through a machine???
BUT I don't want to put negativity out there because I need POSITIVITY in my life.
Especially when it comes to talking about nursing school.
So say a little prayer for me tonight that I do get a good grade!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate ANY good karma thrown my way!
Even if I don't know you!
Thank you!

Ok.  Back to surfing the net and avoiding cleaning the bathroom(s) and my room.
Talk to you soon!

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I'm a winner! =p

So I have been away from the blogging world for awhile and I come back with some great news!
I was given my VERY FIRTST AWARD by the lovely Marie (thank you so much again!) and I won part of Talia's (and thank you too!) giveaway!!! Yay!
Isn't that awesome?!?!?

So are you wondering what I won from Talia's giveaway? Well wonder no longer!

{image via}

Aren't these gorgeous earrings???
I just e-mailed Talia with my address and I can't wait to get them!
Thank you so much Talia!
And thank you to your sister-in-law Jessica for having these beauties as part of your giveaway!
If you wanna see who won the rest of Talia's giveaway go here.
Also, go check out Jessica's Etsy shop as well!

And now onto my award from my lovely blogger friend Marie.

Here are the award rules:

1) Thank the person who gave you this award. Thank you Marie!!! {Check!}
2) Copy the logo and place it on your blog. {Check!}
3) Link the person who nominated you. {Check!}
4) Name 7 things about yourself that no one would know. Look below... {Check!}
5) Nominate seven Kreativ Bloggers. See them below! {Check!}
6) Post links to the seven blogs... {Check!}
7) Comment on each of these blogs that you've nominated. {Check!}

7 Things You Wouldn't Know About Me:
1: My favorite candy bar is Peanut Chews.
2: Remember Beauty and the Beast? Yep. FAVE movie ever.
Cover of
3: My dream wedding has a lot to do with a specific scene of my fave movie (see #2).
4: I hope to someday travel the world:
5: I'm a tomboy at heart but I love dressing up in dresses and skirts.
6: I like little little little little tiny puppies.
7: I like Yoshi.

7 Bloggers I nominate:
1: Lisa from
2: Sarah from Sarah's Fab Day
3: Molly June from the story of us
4: Rikki and Sarah from The Invitation Lady
5: Mayra from life is BANANAS
6: Jen from Haute Whimsy
7: KIRSTYB from fashionchampagne

Thank you again Marie and Talia!

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Venice, Florence, Disney (all sites), Germany, France, Spain, England, Austria, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland... damn. I have to meet a millionaire now to be able to travel. haha


Wonderful weather!

Calls for a wonderful wedding!
So happy to be enjoying this wonderful weather & not inside!
More great pics to come!
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Wearing the shirt my mom sent me.

I like it. It's cute.
Thanks Mom!
Love you!
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Too good to be true... or is it?

if it actually worked, i would so go for one of these!
what do you think?


Black Barbie

I agree with Wendy.
I love it.
Curvier barbies with fuller lips = realistic features for black girls who are playing with barbies.
What do you think?
Agree or disagree?

Ready for Halloween ... with a great giveaway!

{image via}

Over at Haute Whimsy there is a great giveaway you can go NOW and sign up for!
There are some great cards up for grabs from a fanciful twist and I can't miss out!
Already signed up and am doing this blog post to get me an extra entry.
Will you go and sign up?

The Shelf Life of Makeup

Very interesting article!

Had NO idea that mascara needed to be thrown out only 3 months after it was open! crazy!

Click here for more.

{image via}
This is the mascara I use and I love it!
Still need to find primer that is affordable and works.
Any suggestions?

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Autumn Giveaway!

Found this adorable blog called this little life of mine.

It is written by Talia (isn't that a great name???) and you should definitely check the giveaway she has going on!

I'm especially loving these earrings:

And the wallet:

{images via}

Plus, $10 to Starbucks just makes me happy to look at! Yummy fall flavors like Pumpkin Spice Latte are to die for! hmmm!!!

Go on over to Talia's blog and comment away for an entry.
Well ... if you don't... then you're gonna be missing out!


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Fall fall fall... is here!

So i am not the biggest fan of fall but I do love many parts of this season. I get to start changing my wardrobe, my lotions, and start wearing my scarves!..... OK. maybe i do like fall... haha...

The leaves are changing and I absolutely love seeing the foliage! I hope to take some time away from studying and take some great pictures of the foliage around my neighborhood and city.

There are gorgeous mountains behind my house and when the leaves start turning it is just so pretty and I love watching the transition as the days go by.

There are already frontyards filled with leaves and people raking up the leaves... ah fall!
Onto a few updates in my life, I have just the rest of October for this class and only one class will be in my way towards getting my diploma. *sigh* I need so much to do in such little time but it's incredible how fast the time has gone by!

The biggest thing that I feel like I need to update about is the big big BIG purchase Kev made this week.
Yep. That's right. He bought his beloved truck! I gotta say it is pretty awesome!
Can you tell he's excited? That's the most he has smiled for me in a picture! yay! I'm happy for him and that he was able to do this for himself. He's been so good at saving and I'd rather he do this now than having even more bills (i.e. mortgage, electric, water, taxes etc.) when we move in together. Hopefully by the time we move in he'll have this lovely monster of a truck for awhile and we can put it to some good use to move our furniture etc.
Here he is. Driving it for the first time on the road. My baby all grown up in his new truck. It is soooo spacious and pretty (sshhh! don't tell him i said pretty. it's manly to him. ;p)
Me being silly and loving the fact that I got to be his first passenger in his new truck and drive home. yay!

{all images via my camera}

This last pic is of him with the Thunderbird he traded in to get his new GMC Sierra.

He really did love his T-bird but I think he'll get over it and we'll always remember that car and have enough pics and memories to last a lifetime.

p.s. doesn't Kev look so handsome in his work gear? i love seeing him after work. i know he hates his suit because he wears it all day but i think he looks so handsome (and hot ... ;p) in it.

But poor him by the end of the paper work and signing of everything his back was hurting so bad he limped out of the dealership. I don't know what's wrong. He said kidney stones but I don't think it's that. I think that he just strained his muscles somehow but i'm sorta worried because he was having pain down his leg. if he isn't any better or gets worse during work i'm taking him to the ER. There could be a small chance he does have kidney stones but if he has a pinched nerve 2 ibuprofen/motrin is not gonna help him at all. especially him not being able to swallow pills the crushed med might not be working well. I wish Motrin made liquid meds for adults and not only for kids. Tylenol has it why not Motrin??!!? or Excedrin!??! Tylenol will not help much because if it is just his muscles, he needs a anti-inflammatory i.e. ibuprofen.

anywho, please pray he gets better cuz i hate seeing him in pain. especially when i can't do anything else but tell him to put a warm compress or patch on his back. =(

ok. i'm gonna go now. gonna surf the web a little and then sleep because i need it. clinicals all day kicked my butt!

see ya on the flip side!


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