We have so much to talk about!

It's been a fantastic, crazy, stressful, amazing, relentless, unbearable week!!!

All those things at once!
But the greatest part is that it ended on a wonderful note.
Wanna guess what it is?
Well I'll tell ya:

I have been stressing out so much as of late because of this stupid freaking class that I haven't been able to update my blogs who are just sitting there with no sort of inspirational .... anything on them that I feel I have lost a little of myself.
I tell ya. Nursing school takes so much of a person's life that I think I might have to do some regrouping after this last and final class. I sometimes have to stop myself and ask myself who I really am right now.
I have been a student nurse for so long that I don't know how to be ... a person anymore!
I still will be a student nurse until mid-December and won't lose any kind of insight on that part of my life...
But trying to be a "normal" person again after all these years of being "trained" to be a student nurse... yeah that task, my friends, will not be an easy one.
But as I have read a few of my favorite blogs this  mornin', that I have missed oh so dearly, because sooo much inspiration comes from them, I know I can come back to the normal me. The me that can be a loving and caring daughter, girlfriend, cousin, friend etc. to all the ones who have loved me through all these years of nursing school! (and have had to put up with the many tears and tantrums of how much I HATE nursing school! thanks by the way!)

Many people have dealt with me not being all there at times because most of my mind has been on the fact of "When am I going to graduate??????"
Mi distruggoImage by Camilla Ferrari via Flickr

But I can surely say that I will end up graduating after December! I so look forward to the following weeks ahead and I can't wait to share it with you all (the few and great and kind that come visit from time to time) and I hope know that I can count on my friends and family to be understanding of my new soul searching after graduation.
So to all, please bear with me as these next few months bring much busy work for my FINAL NURSING CLASS and I promise to update more on my blogs and I hope to find even more wonderful inspiration on your amazing blogs.
What can't this blogging community do?
I hope to see more of you all!
Keep comin' back ... I might just have a little surprise for you once graduation comes a little closer... a little giveaway of sorts... Maybe that will give a little incentive to come back... ;)

p.s. my blog is going to be under construction so if while you are visiting PLEASE forgive the unorganization that will come! I need to spruce things up a bit... need some fresh new stuff especially after my successful completion of my second to last class. Thanks for understanding!

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