Fall fall fall... is here!

So i am not the biggest fan of fall but I do love many parts of this season. I get to start changing my wardrobe, my lotions, and start wearing my scarves!..... OK. maybe i do like fall... haha...

The leaves are changing and I absolutely love seeing the foliage! I hope to take some time away from studying and take some great pictures of the foliage around my neighborhood and city.

There are gorgeous mountains behind my house and when the leaves start turning it is just so pretty and I love watching the transition as the days go by.

There are already frontyards filled with leaves and people raking up the leaves... ah fall!
Onto a few updates in my life, I have just the rest of October for this class and only one class will be in my way towards getting my diploma. *sigh* I need so much to do in such little time but it's incredible how fast the time has gone by!

The biggest thing that I feel like I need to update about is the big big BIG purchase Kev made this week.
Yep. That's right. He bought his beloved truck! I gotta say it is pretty awesome!
Can you tell he's excited? That's the most he has smiled for me in a picture! yay! I'm happy for him and that he was able to do this for himself. He's been so good at saving and I'd rather he do this now than having even more bills (i.e. mortgage, electric, water, taxes etc.) when we move in together. Hopefully by the time we move in he'll have this lovely monster of a truck for awhile and we can put it to some good use to move our furniture etc.
Here he is. Driving it for the first time on the road. My baby all grown up in his new truck. It is soooo spacious and pretty (sshhh! don't tell him i said pretty. it's manly to him. ;p)
Me being silly and loving the fact that I got to be his first passenger in his new truck and drive home. yay!

{all images via my camera}

This last pic is of him with the Thunderbird he traded in to get his new GMC Sierra.

He really did love his T-bird but I think he'll get over it and we'll always remember that car and have enough pics and memories to last a lifetime.

p.s. doesn't Kev look so handsome in his work gear? i love seeing him after work. i know he hates his suit because he wears it all day but i think he looks so handsome (and hot ... ;p) in it.

But poor him by the end of the paper work and signing of everything his back was hurting so bad he limped out of the dealership. I don't know what's wrong. He said kidney stones but I don't think it's that. I think that he just strained his muscles somehow but i'm sorta worried because he was having pain down his leg. if he isn't any better or gets worse during work i'm taking him to the ER. There could be a small chance he does have kidney stones but if he has a pinched nerve 2 ibuprofen/motrin is not gonna help him at all. especially him not being able to swallow pills the crushed med might not be working well. I wish Motrin made liquid meds for adults and not only for kids. Tylenol has it why not Motrin??!!? or Excedrin!??! Tylenol will not help much because if it is just his muscles, he needs a anti-inflammatory i.e. ibuprofen.

anywho, please pray he gets better cuz i hate seeing him in pain. especially when i can't do anything else but tell him to put a warm compress or patch on his back. =(

ok. i'm gonna go now. gonna surf the web a little and then sleep because i need it. clinicals all day kicked my butt!

see ya on the flip side!


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