So much to update about...

And no time right now. haha
I have spent a few hours trying to crop and edit some pics from a wedding I went to and they are now uploading on my Facebook so we will see how they come up. I will share only a few of the 84 pics I just uploaded.

This is yours truly (yes that is a fuzzy navel in my hands thank you very much, Kelly and Deanna (I was her 'date'. haha)

before the wedding, we went to Sheetz because we were hungry and we were an hour early to the reception so we needed time to kill.

and this is moi again and Deanna.
I wish I had been able to lose some weight before the wedding but... that is my goal once I graduate from nursing school.
some much needed weight loss needs to happen for my poor body .. and SOON!

Kelly, me, and Deanna again.

We decided to take some "prom pics" under this entryway... yes we are cheesy. haha

Deanna and me at our table.

Isn't her wedding gown just GORGEOUS???

It was a fun time and glad I got to go because I needed the time to relax before my big exam that I took yesterday (Thursday).
Which by the way we still haven't gotten our grades yet.
Granted we still have a few hours in the day to go, but she said she would either post them by last night or the latest today. *sigh* she did this for the first exam and we didn't get our grades until a week later! can you believe that?????
We are in 2009 where there is technology that can do so much and it takes one person a whole week to get our scantron sheets through a machine???
BUT I don't want to put negativity out there because I need POSITIVITY in my life.
Especially when it comes to talking about nursing school.
So say a little prayer for me tonight that I do get a good grade!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate ANY good karma thrown my way!
Even if I don't know you!
Thank you!

Ok.  Back to surfing the net and avoiding cleaning the bathroom(s) and my room.
Talk to you soon!

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