Halloweeny Time

It has come and is now ending.
I am at work (yes yes... bad bad me!) and I am sort of glad that I am because it is raining outside and rather be here getting paid than outside trying to watch a parade or go do anything since it's so yucky outside.
(Hey Santa: remember, it would be great if I got some pretty rain boots! check my other posts for ideas! thanks!)

Plus, the rain brought a little time delay for the Phillies vs. Yankees game and that I believe just started so hopefully I can catch it on the TV here at work (in the waiting room). I hope the PHILLIES win!

They are are at home now and hopefully all the Phillies spirit from the fans get them all sorts of good vibes!

Boo! (no pun intended) but this computer is being funny and won't let me put any cool pics on here... ;[

Ok ladies and gents.
I go back to working ... ok ok. I won't lie. I'm goin' to read some blogs ... hehehe

Til next time!

Be safe out there!
Don't eat too many candies... well maybe eat all of them since I am a fatso that can't stop eating... if you could only see my desk of food around here! haha

See ya!

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