I need a new perfume... {& my cry for HELP!}

And I think I am going to get this one:

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This perfume is from MAC Cosmetics and it is called Creations MV 3.
It is a 20 ml bottle and it is only $25!!!
Is that a good price though? I mean for 20 ml??

I currently have "Danielle" by Danielle Steel and I love it - but it is running out pronto. But the big bottle is soooo expensive that I really don't feel like can't justify spending $50+ on the bottle. But I do love it! I always get questioned on what I am wearing when I wear "Danielle" and it does smell delicious!

Give me any insights you have on perfumes please!
What other good perfumes are out there?

p.s. I need to go shopping for new make-up. Seeing as this post & article tells me to do so... and it has DEFINITELY been more than 3 months since I have changed ANY of my make-up! Eek!

UPDATE: I seem to only find "Danielle" at Khol's and it is for $39... is THAT justifiable for me to spend???
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