Need me some boots!

Lisa from posted that she got some new rain boots from and made me want a pair!

So I went on over to the lovely site (and to tell you the truth almost fell over when I saw the price of the ones Lisa got) but I did find some great ones for a bit cheaper.

Aren't they pretty???
They are rsvp rain boots and are a whooping $64.00.
What do you think? Worth buying???
The best thing is

Oh I want them.
I want them bad!
They are so pretty!
Damn loans making me not be able to buy anything for fun...
Hmm... is Santa listening and paying close attention... maybe he will bring them to my feet... *hint hint K*

Also, if you don't believe in twitter because you think it's either stupid or not worth signing up for it because it's just updates? Well it isn't just for that!

I have found so many great twitter peeps that help me save at many amazing stores online and in-store.
I found a great website from a lovely twitter saver lover.
The site is and it has awesome savings from many great stores and the shipping is only $6.95. Not too shabby!

Like for example these cute ones:

Originally $79.
At it is only 19.95 {+$6.95 shipping, of course}.
Good deal?
 I think so!

And nope. I don't work for any of these sites but if I can help others save money, I will report it!
Ok. Gotta go get something to eat before my stomach eats itself!

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