Not sure about this one.

I'm watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. right now (season 9) and was wondering about this outfit Rachel {Jennifer Aniston} is wearing.
What do you think?
Is this cute or a "what was she thinking??" outfit?
I'm 50/50...
Let me know what you think.

Summer wishin'

Today was an absolutely beautiful day.
Weather was perfect.
Not too hot.
Not too cold.
And this picture made want to just have summer off and go to the beach.
Isn't Cameron Diaz stunning in this picture?
Love it.

{pic found here}


Landslide - sung by 5th graders!

Isn't this beautiful???

These kids are wonderful!

Show them support by commenting here.

Backyard Bill

Backyard Bill
features stylish folks in their own clothes.

{all images via here}

'Tis a consensus...

Via a small poll I conducted.
No music automatically played when you come visit me on this lil' ol' blog of mine.
And ya know what?
I couldn't agree more.
It kinda got annoying for me to hear music every.single.time. I refreshed my page.
But now I have the player sitting there
So if you want some music just hit play.
If not, then just keep on reading, visiting, commenting, and enjoying my small tales of my life!


Off to work...

And see {hopefully} many babies be born healthy and safely.
What will you be doing tonight?

It is raining

and it should be soothing for me to sleep.

But am I?


Just looking and browsing online.

I'm bad.

I have to work tomorrow.

Hope my body figures out what it's supposed to do tomorrow!

Inspiration a la mode

Whatever that means...

Love Garance Dore.
Her photography inspires me.

If he came to your house/apt.

What would you do or say?
Check this story out.

Love Story meets Viva La Vida

by Jon Schmidt.
Pure magic and delight.

Keep watching {around 6:30ish} for the story behind this composition.
You won't regret it!

I apologize in advance.

For one day I plan to do this with friends/family/strangers and be an annoying tourist.

Sorry U.K.

It has to be done.


Anyone care to join me?

Beauty of pregnancy.

More here.


loved the most

Can't wait to wake up next to Kevin and just nuzzle with him...
it's almost his bday ... and he's not feeling good.
he has a sore throat, his tummy aches and can't really talk.
I didn't see him today but will tomorrow (his bday) and I hope to make it a great one!
I love him so much and I hope that I get to celebrate many, many, many more birthdays with the love of my life.
{will update later with the goings of his day}

Ok. I will talk about it.

I've been hearing, reading, seeing, and totally hating everything NEGATIVE going towards this family the past few months.
I didn't want to talk about it because I don't know them myself and don't know the REAL story here.
But being a big and faithful fan of their family/show, I want to put it out there that I do hope that Jon and Kate (as two mature and grown adults) will get some counseling or resolve all this "tension". I didn't see the whole episode last night because I was at work, but from what I have seen ... it was just sad.
Sad because of the fact that they seem to be either afraid or just too hurt with each other to not even talk with each other. Or even touch each other. Plus when they do their interview on their chair, they were pretty much trying so hard not to touch each other and stay at polar opposites of the couch. This shouldn't be. They need to resolve it.
Whether or not they stop the show, they NEED to resolve it.
Therapy, counseling - ANYTHING to release that anger and tension between them. Because whether he did cheat on her or not, they should talk about it and get out everything they are feeling - sadness, hurt, anger - so they can somehow move on.
If not for the sake of their marriage but for the sake of their EIGHT CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!
Those kids are probably already noticing that their parents aren't interacting the same way they used to and they are going to be the ones suffering the most.
They will probably start becoming sad, angry, and completely disconnected from each parent.
I'm no psychologist but that is what I see happening with these kids. Kids pick up on many different things and think that this is what a marriage is supposed to be and not know any better. Again, I am no expert but that is what I see happening if Kate and Jon don't get their marriage straight.
And if they end up splitting up, they need to do it with the children in mind - talk to them, explain to them about everything that they could possibly understand at their age, and let them know they can talk to them and that they love them no matter what.
But for the sake and happiness of their children, and if Kate and Jon really still love each other and don't want to break their vows to each other, they will work on it and stay together and keep working on their marriage without being hateful against each other.
I really have faith in this family to be able to pull through because of what they have already accomplished these past 5 years. (with and without all the fame and glory of having a reality TV show)
And even though this seems like I am being negative about them, I am not. I am just sad to see such a great family grow so cold and far away from each other.
I know there are many who thought Kate was bitchy and destructive towards Jon, and some of that stuff might be true, but that is the way she was. And you know what? That is probably the way her mom was towards her dad or vice versa. She probably was never "taught" the way to treat her husband... ok maybe I'm being biased here... sorry.
But like I said kids pick up on these things and I hope to all that is good and mighty that those 8 wonderful kids don't pick up any negativity from all the bad press and hope that they are not being teased/bullied at school.
Ok. I'm done. I hope this somewhat made sense on what my opinion is about this family.
I will keep them in my prayers and thoughts so that everything turns out well.
I hope you join me in the positive thinking about this family.
If not, I respect that as well.
Would you like to share?


{Ahem} Announcement for you:

I am currently a contributor to this wonderful blog:
"Creating a positive platform for REAL women to share their experiences, knowledge and stories."

If you are a woman {of any age, race or location} and are interested in joining this lovely community of women that have already formed, please email Carly @:
This is my Q&A I filled out:

NAME: Sofia


AGE: Just turned 23! Yay!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BLOGGING FOR: I started my blog Smiling at every Sunrise on July 2008.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION THE MEDIA GIVES OF WOMEN: One of the biggest misconceptions is that women are too emotional and let their emotions get in their way of succeeding or getting further in their careers. It's as if emotions aren't important and if women show the slightest bit of emotion and lose control they are weak. Especially if they "lose themselves" and start wearing baggy clothing, no make-up and aren't social. I would hope that women would be strong enough to give themselves those days, weeks, months to just be themselves and if wearing sweats everyday makes them happy then why not??? Even celebrities have their bad days and can't look great all the time. Don't judge a book by it's cover they say right? Because even if the cover has no make-up on or high heels everyday, the story can be more fascinating and interesting than you could ever imagine.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: Most of my inspiration comes from seeing women from around the world achieve so many things. My family originated from a third world country and I am so inspired by what my grandmother's did for all of their children when they had nothing - literally nothing - to help them achieve goals and dreams. They were very hard workers and everything they eventually had was from the sweat of their brows. They also inspired not only their children, but others of their towns, to be all they could be. Reach high and work hard to get what you want. They are my inspiration to be the best woman I can be and hope to keep inspiring my future children and all my young girl cousins.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING IN YOUR SPARE TIME: I love photography and enjoy taking many pictures of my family, friends and of course nature. I love the different lighting of the sun and capturing it with my camera brings me joy and delight when I need it the most. I also love spending time with family and friends even if it's just a couple drinks and chips and able to talk and catch up on our very busy lives. And when I have time {mostly done at night} I love reading all the blogs I follow and subscribe to. I love seeing and reading all the fantastic things that so many great bloggers post everyday.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS BLOG: I really liked the concept and idea of this blog showing different stories and lives of many women around the world. I love learning more about different cultures and countries and the women who live them every day.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE DISH: My favorite dish includes many different things! haha I love food but food does not love my body! But mostly I love yummy salads with croutons, I love meat, I love seafood, I love chicken and I love rice. Bread and cheese are a good combo for me and I think I was meant to live somewhere in Europe just to try all the different food the continent offers me! Dessert is my fave {yummmm} and if chocolate is included - even better! I love dark chocolate!!! So good! See? So many different food options, so little time! YOUR

FAVORITE PLACE TO SPEND TIME: I love being at home and relaxing with my boyfriend/family/friends. Nothing is better than just being around people I love and have fun with. Don't need mega bucks to have fun with great people - just a small get together at home is all it takes.

WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD TO BE A WOMAN: Women are amazing at everything we do and do it without complaining {most of the time}. We can do so many things with our lives that no one can tell us otherwise. Women are courageous, thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful, strong, and are not afraid to show the rest of the world everything we can be and do! I am so proud to be a woman because of all that women have accomplished and what we will keep doing in the future.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU EVER RECEIVED WAS: "Don't trust anyone but yourself." This was told to me by my grandmother and even though it sounds bitter, I completely believe it. Because you don't ever know what anyone else is thinking or planning on doing. Even if it is your best friend or your parents - you just never know. But you can trust yourself at the worst, at the best and all the in betweens!

Please stop by and comment!

And if you become a contributor that would be even better!


SOOO much to update!

Yet not enough time in the day to read all the lovely blogs and update what is going on with me...
But for now know this:
I started classes, clinicals start this weekend {and I'm goin to prison!}, and Kevin's birthday is coming up next Wed!
I need to make it a good year this year... =)
Won't say anythin here because he MIGHT check this blog... don't want to ruin his surprises... heehee...
How are you???


Cuteness... 25 months

found @ Le Love
Wish I could make my pics come out as cute!
A commenter said it was taken using a fisheye... hmmm...
Wonder where one would get one of those into thy hands?


Wrapping up on my bday surprise party...

{more to come...}


Thinking of summer
If I could only afford most of these styles and things!
It was my first time creating one of thes sets and it was so much fun!
It's like shopping without spending the money!
I like that!
So tell me:
How did I do?
Do any of these match?
Do they go well together?
There are five dresses with different shoes and accessories ...
I hope I did my fashion friends proud... and if you have any critiques or comments PLEASE do so below!
Would love to hear what you think!


if Kev would let me do this to a wall/door in our future house.
I think it is such a cute idea!
{plus the color is great as well!}
I fell in love with a chalkboard wall when naomi posted it on her blog from her old apt but now this door in her new house looFont sizeks so fab!

What do you think?


All things I love...

It's official.

I have a partner!

Ok. Let me explain.
Mrs. Stacey Sargent from Love and Photographs has made a "All things I love" swap possible with many, many, many of her lovely readers.

I decided to participate and I am happy to say that Katie from The Mortensen Family is my partner!

Here are the rules:
1. Get in contact with your partner and exchange addresses.
2. Gather all your favorite things to share with your partner (cost is $20-$25)
3. Ship out your package on June 1st. That way everyone will get it about the same time!

It's exciting!
I have yet to find all the things I love to send to her... luckily I have until June 1 to gather them up and send it to her!
Once I send it to her and she gets my package I will post pictures of it on here.
And vice versa when she sends me a lovely package!
I hope I can be as creative as Stacey was when she sent her own package awhile ago.
I have some ideas on what to include in the package but I want to make sure it comes out great!

Thanks to Stacey for putting this together!!!

{I haven't celebrated my 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th or 600th post but this one is my 615th and wanted to celebrate! Man I have lots of thoughts huh??? haha! thanks for reading...}



I flipping finally found who/what song this was from the Lincoln MKZ commercials!!!
Check it out:

"4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us
drifting, falling.
Floating weightless
calling, calling home..."


Let me introduce to you...

My gorgeous aunt.
Her name is Nancy.
But I call her Tia Susy.
{her middle name is Susanna}

She asked me if I would go with her to visit her friend at the hospital who just had a baby.

Me being the great niece, and the fact that I LOVE babies, couldn't say no and went with her.

Isn't that baby just adorable???

Made me realize that when I have a baby, that baby is going to be filled with so much love and going to be so spoiled!!!

but i can't wait.

i saw the sparkle in her eye as she carried that baby in her arms and the smile she gave me when she said:

"Can you imagine when you have one of these? Your dad is going to go crazy!"

Which is true. My dad is such a cutie when he's around babies.

He loves taking care of them and somehow they always tend to not cry when he carries them. It's like he is a comfort body when he is around. It's his spirit I tell ya.

He'll make a great grandfather one day.

Can't wait!

{p.s. Today, and this post, is the very first public time I admit that I cannot wait to have a baby. Before I wasn't sure. Maybe no one never is sure, but I am at least going to go for it when my time comes.}

{p.p.s. Just to make things clear: I will not try to get pregnant until AFTER I get married. ... But practice makes perfect right? haha...}


So I am very random so here are a few posts in one.

I am trying to clear my pictures on my phone and I just don't think I should make separate posts about these.

So here goes:

Man. When I saw this on my way to the mall with Kevin I was praying we came to a red light because I needed to get a pic of this car.
My mom and I used to have a car like this (with the roof of the car on the inside peeling off).
It just brought me back to my childhood and made me laugh and make my boyfriend think I am more of a dork... haha!

In late-April, Baskin Robbin's was selling $0.31 ice cream scoops.

It was yummy but wish it was a better day: weather-wise.

Days before this it was hot like no other and on this day it was so cold I need a jacket and a scarf.

But it was fun!

Kev n i invited his oldest niece and nephew (Jess and Justin) to go get some ice cream. They loved it as much as we did.

Now this pic was taken inside of Toy R Us.

What made me take a picture of all of these exercise equipments was the fact that I don't even use some of this crap.

Yes I should exercise more and I do use the exercise ball to stretch and sit ups but...

Really? Do kids REALLY need all these things to strength train or do push ups or use a parachute (which I still don't know what they use it for!!!???!!! can anyone help???)

I mean yes there is obesity in young kids and yes they should get up and do stuff... but... shouldn't it be stuff like playing basketball, baseball, kickball, jump rope, swimming, taking a walk or doing things with parents???

I mean, those bands on the middle shelf are DANGEROUS and you need the supervision of an adult to make sure they don't hit themselves in the eye!!! I'd be scared to use it myself!

The only time I ever used a band like that was a few weeks ago in a yoga class and the instructor kept telling us PLEASE be careful every 20 seconds as we were doing the exercise.

And now Reebok has invented this for kids????? I mean WTF!??!?!?!?!

Can anyone explain this to me?

Does this make sense to you?

Am I being a little too crazy to find that this is crazy way for kids to lose weight???

Please PLEASE shed some light for me about this.

I'd appreciate it!

This store has been around for forever but I have never been inside it!

So my 'virginity' to this store was broken the other day.

I might just like this a bit more than their competition H.D.

What do you guys think?

Lowe's or H.D.???

They had really pretty flowers and their prices were really awesome as well!

See. I told you it was randomness like no other!

Hope it was fun for you like it was for me! {haha}

Oh Disney...

I could not agree MORE with Meg Fee about this. Check out her post about Disney and if you're a late-80's early 90's child you will COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!!
Plus I also had to share the video she put on her post.
Too too too cute and lovely not to share on my blog!
It's things like this that keep me smiling....

I <3 hearing about new love!

This is a fellow blogger friend I have found and I want to congratulate her for not only finally graduating but also for being able to share with the world her new love!
Like I commented on her post can't wait to see all her new found love on her lovely blog
Bring it on girl! Bring it on!

The end to a perfect birthday. And sharing one with a vampire.

And I say perfect with a smile on my face.
I don't have any pics yet cause my phone is about to die and all the pics I took today was using my lovely bb curve so... will have to wait for some pics.
But I did have to update my blog before going to bed/while reading blogs because I came across an interesting anecdote.
I share a birthday with Robert Pattinson.
Yes. I do.
And he is also 23 today (well yesterday...).
OK. I didn't know this until I was reading this cute little blog and just about fell off my bed (where I do most of blogging btw)
when I read her post about it.
He's a rich, fabulous, elegant, hot, sexy, brooding, did i mention rich off his ass???, young 23-year-old.
And I?
A poor college student with a mere fraction of his worth in my bank acct, not so hot and sexy (well maybe on my REALLY REALLY good days! those are rarities unfortunately), but still very young 23 year old.
Oh how this opens my eyes to think that even though I don't have the riches I hope I am ten times happier than he is with his.
because let's face it. I don't have money. (like he does). or the great career he does.
but I do have love, caring, beautiful, fabulous people who care about me and support me whether I look like I have been fighting a cold or blow dried my hair and styled it (barely do this btw. styling it i mean).
So to Robert I say Happy Birthday.
Even though we are never ever ever EVER going to be in the same social planks of life, we share the same birthday. And it is an AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC, and FABULOUS day to celebrate a birthday on.
Hmm... wonder what time he was born... If we were born around the same time... *shudder* that would be weird...
Or would it?
Think wikipedia has that info?
I'm sure they do.
But I have lots of blog reading to do.
So thank you for all that called/texted me today.
I am ever so grateful for all the love you all give me!!!
I feel a blessed and overworked 23 year old who has a whole life ahead of her!
Let the power above give me many MANY more years to celebrate my birthday.
Especially REALLY good ones like today!
It was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{p.s. if it was ur bday also on 5/13 well then i wish you had a wonderful birthday!}


I'm turning 23 today.


No big party is being thrown.

No big thing is going on.
And these look yummy enough to eat if they were given to me in my celebration:

and if there was a cake to be had, this one would be a good one.


Plans for "the big bday"?

Breakfast with dad.

Skills at school.*

Spending afternoon with Kevin.

Dinner at Red Lobster with Kevin.

Getting ice cream after dinner.

Finally, LOST 2 hr season finale starting at 8pm over at Kev's sister-in-law's house.



NO big deal.

No party.

I love these types of birthdays!

And hopefully this weekend get to hang out with the girls.

Ya know. Dinner, drinks, and maybe (just maybe) some dancing.

woot woot!
*I was stupid enough to schedule to do something for school on my birthday. I have to do nursing skills @ 2:30pm for an hour. boo! I am getting nervous ... Dang it. Why did I schedule it for today??? of all days!


Picture is unrelated

Found this site from a blogger (who shall remain nameless) and I just wanted to share.

Some funny, some are just plain WTF?? and some are disgusting...
Lemme know what ya think!

I love this little guy

At least I think it's a he.
I still can't tell if it's a boy or a girl.
But I love my pet turtle.
His name is SQUIRT.
Just like the little turtle in Finding Nemo.
I have some videos of him eating and swimming around that I will have to post later.
SOOO adorable!

Before all the storms rolled through town...

I got to see this beautiful sunset.
Loved seeing this before heading to work.

Around the neighborhood...

During our walk around the neighborhood, I took some pictures because the lighting was gorgeous.
By the way, I love my camera phone (bbcurve) because it is just so convenient when walks around the neighborhood come in spur of the moment.
Here are some of the better pics I took that day {which can also find them on my flickr}:

This picture I took not only because the tree was HUGE and beautiful, but because the owners of this garden/house/yard put this cut little bench underneath this HUGE beautiful tree.
Wouldn't it be cool if they cut the branches a little so it wouldn't be in.your.face., put a little table with another bench on the other side, and hung lights on the lowest tree branches to have a cute little picnic/lunch/dessert under the tree during the summer?
I can picture it in my head and it would be so cool.:
Daffodils were THE flowers of spring 2009 because they were EVERYWHERE!
I am lovin' it!!!

This picture I took specifically in black & white because I fell in love with this tree!
It was, of course, HUGE and had so many branches in so many different directions.
I love these types of trees which are so big and complex but beautiful at the same time.:
This tree had a very tiny bird's nest which is in the middle of this picture.
It was so cute.
I loved it.
I'm such a girl.
Also, we went a little farther out of Kev's neighborhood and we found these cute little things around there:

Very inventive, no?
I love going for walks with Kevin.
Especially when I get so many gorgeous pictures out of the walks.
{thank you kev for being so patient with me whilst I took all these pics. I love you!}