Ok. I will talk about it.

I've been hearing, reading, seeing, and totally hating everything NEGATIVE going towards this family the past few months.
I didn't want to talk about it because I don't know them myself and don't know the REAL story here.
But being a big and faithful fan of their family/show, I want to put it out there that I do hope that Jon and Kate (as two mature and grown adults) will get some counseling or resolve all this "tension". I didn't see the whole episode last night because I was at work, but from what I have seen ... it was just sad.
Sad because of the fact that they seem to be either afraid or just too hurt with each other to not even talk with each other. Or even touch each other. Plus when they do their interview on their chair, they were pretty much trying so hard not to touch each other and stay at polar opposites of the couch. This shouldn't be. They need to resolve it.
Whether or not they stop the show, they NEED to resolve it.
Therapy, counseling - ANYTHING to release that anger and tension between them. Because whether he did cheat on her or not, they should talk about it and get out everything they are feeling - sadness, hurt, anger - so they can somehow move on.
If not for the sake of their marriage but for the sake of their EIGHT CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!
Those kids are probably already noticing that their parents aren't interacting the same way they used to and they are going to be the ones suffering the most.
They will probably start becoming sad, angry, and completely disconnected from each parent.
I'm no psychologist but that is what I see happening with these kids. Kids pick up on many different things and think that this is what a marriage is supposed to be and not know any better. Again, I am no expert but that is what I see happening if Kate and Jon don't get their marriage straight.
And if they end up splitting up, they need to do it with the children in mind - talk to them, explain to them about everything that they could possibly understand at their age, and let them know they can talk to them and that they love them no matter what.
But for the sake and happiness of their children, and if Kate and Jon really still love each other and don't want to break their vows to each other, they will work on it and stay together and keep working on their marriage without being hateful against each other.
I really have faith in this family to be able to pull through because of what they have already accomplished these past 5 years. (with and without all the fame and glory of having a reality TV show)
And even though this seems like I am being negative about them, I am not. I am just sad to see such a great family grow so cold and far away from each other.
I know there are many who thought Kate was bitchy and destructive towards Jon, and some of that stuff might be true, but that is the way she was. And you know what? That is probably the way her mom was towards her dad or vice versa. She probably was never "taught" the way to treat her husband... ok maybe I'm being biased here... sorry.
But like I said kids pick up on these things and I hope to all that is good and mighty that those 8 wonderful kids don't pick up any negativity from all the bad press and hope that they are not being teased/bullied at school.
Ok. I'm done. I hope this somewhat made sense on what my opinion is about this family.
I will keep them in my prayers and thoughts so that everything turns out well.
I hope you join me in the positive thinking about this family.
If not, I respect that as well.
Would you like to share?

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