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This is my Q&A I filled out:

NAME: Sofia


AGE: Just turned 23! Yay!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BLOGGING FOR: I started my blog Smiling at every Sunrise on July 2008.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION THE MEDIA GIVES OF WOMEN: One of the biggest misconceptions is that women are too emotional and let their emotions get in their way of succeeding or getting further in their careers. It's as if emotions aren't important and if women show the slightest bit of emotion and lose control they are weak. Especially if they "lose themselves" and start wearing baggy clothing, no make-up and aren't social. I would hope that women would be strong enough to give themselves those days, weeks, months to just be themselves and if wearing sweats everyday makes them happy then why not??? Even celebrities have their bad days and can't look great all the time. Don't judge a book by it's cover they say right? Because even if the cover has no make-up on or high heels everyday, the story can be more fascinating and interesting than you could ever imagine.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: Most of my inspiration comes from seeing women from around the world achieve so many things. My family originated from a third world country and I am so inspired by what my grandmother's did for all of their children when they had nothing - literally nothing - to help them achieve goals and dreams. They were very hard workers and everything they eventually had was from the sweat of their brows. They also inspired not only their children, but others of their towns, to be all they could be. Reach high and work hard to get what you want. They are my inspiration to be the best woman I can be and hope to keep inspiring my future children and all my young girl cousins.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING IN YOUR SPARE TIME: I love photography and enjoy taking many pictures of my family, friends and of course nature. I love the different lighting of the sun and capturing it with my camera brings me joy and delight when I need it the most. I also love spending time with family and friends even if it's just a couple drinks and chips and able to talk and catch up on our very busy lives. And when I have time {mostly done at night} I love reading all the blogs I follow and subscribe to. I love seeing and reading all the fantastic things that so many great bloggers post everyday.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS BLOG: I really liked the concept and idea of this blog showing different stories and lives of many women around the world. I love learning more about different cultures and countries and the women who live them every day.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE DISH: My favorite dish includes many different things! haha I love food but food does not love my body! But mostly I love yummy salads with croutons, I love meat, I love seafood, I love chicken and I love rice. Bread and cheese are a good combo for me and I think I was meant to live somewhere in Europe just to try all the different food the continent offers me! Dessert is my fave {yummmm} and if chocolate is included - even better! I love dark chocolate!!! So good! See? So many different food options, so little time! YOUR

FAVORITE PLACE TO SPEND TIME: I love being at home and relaxing with my boyfriend/family/friends. Nothing is better than just being around people I love and have fun with. Don't need mega bucks to have fun with great people - just a small get together at home is all it takes.

WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD TO BE A WOMAN: Women are amazing at everything we do and do it without complaining {most of the time}. We can do so many things with our lives that no one can tell us otherwise. Women are courageous, thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful, strong, and are not afraid to show the rest of the world everything we can be and do! I am so proud to be a woman because of all that women have accomplished and what we will keep doing in the future.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU EVER RECEIVED WAS: "Don't trust anyone but yourself." This was told to me by my grandmother and even though it sounds bitter, I completely believe it. Because you don't ever know what anyone else is thinking or planning on doing. Even if it is your best friend or your parents - you just never know. But you can trust yourself at the worst, at the best and all the in betweens!

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