Weekly Calendar Mondays

And again it is a day late. haha.
but here it is:
Monday - rest. rest. rest. work 7p-7a... in PNU. by myself. for the first time. scary.
Tuesday - meet JM @ school @ 12p. yep. no sleep for me. canceled dentist appt. yay!
Wednesday - meet with NB @ 'tutor' office for help with calculations. ... boo. then yogalatte @ 4p-5p. {hopefully get my skills done today or tomorrow around this time!!!} and hoping to have enough guts to go to ZUMBA dance class @ school. YAY! [but i gots to drop off my car for my final inspection... boo.]
Thursday - meet with tour{mate} @ 6p-8p. fun! {will tell ya more about it later}.
Friday - rest {hopefully} before my lovely 7p-7a night shift in TRIAGE. again. first time. alone. should be fine!
there it is.
might need to update if I have to add more stuff to it.
have a great Tuesday
[aka Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!]

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