Around the neighborhood...

During our walk around the neighborhood, I took some pictures because the lighting was gorgeous.
By the way, I love my camera phone (bbcurve) because it is just so convenient when walks around the neighborhood come in spur of the moment.
Here are some of the better pics I took that day {which can also find them on my flickr}:

This picture I took not only because the tree was HUGE and beautiful, but because the owners of this garden/house/yard put this cut little bench underneath this HUGE beautiful tree.
Wouldn't it be cool if they cut the branches a little so it wouldn't be in.your.face., put a little table with another bench on the other side, and hung lights on the lowest tree branches to have a cute little picnic/lunch/dessert under the tree during the summer?
I can picture it in my head and it would be so cool.:
Daffodils were THE flowers of spring 2009 because they were EVERYWHERE!
I am lovin' it!!!

This picture I took specifically in black & white because I fell in love with this tree!
It was, of course, HUGE and had so many branches in so many different directions.
I love these types of trees which are so big and complex but beautiful at the same time.:
This tree had a very tiny bird's nest which is in the middle of this picture.
It was so cute.
I loved it.
I'm such a girl.
Also, we went a little farther out of Kev's neighborhood and we found these cute little things around there:

Very inventive, no?
I love going for walks with Kevin.
Especially when I get so many gorgeous pictures out of the walks.
{thank you kev for being so patient with me whilst I took all these pics. I love you!}

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