I'm turning 23 today.


No big party is being thrown.

No big thing is going on.
And these look yummy enough to eat if they were given to me in my celebration:

and if there was a cake to be had, this one would be a good one.


Plans for "the big bday"?

Breakfast with dad.

Skills at school.*

Spending afternoon with Kevin.

Dinner at Red Lobster with Kevin.

Getting ice cream after dinner.

Finally, LOST 2 hr season finale starting at 8pm over at Kev's sister-in-law's house.



NO big deal.

No party.

I love these types of birthdays!

And hopefully this weekend get to hang out with the girls.

Ya know. Dinner, drinks, and maybe (just maybe) some dancing.

woot woot!
*I was stupid enough to schedule to do something for school on my birthday. I have to do nursing skills @ 2:30pm for an hour. boo! I am getting nervous ... Dang it. Why did I schedule it for today??? of all days!

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Kimberly Julie said...

happy happy birthday!! (i'll be 23 next month! woot!)