The end to a perfect birthday. And sharing one with a vampire.

And I say perfect with a smile on my face.
I don't have any pics yet cause my phone is about to die and all the pics I took today was using my lovely bb curve so... will have to wait for some pics.
But I did have to update my blog before going to bed/while reading blogs because I came across an interesting anecdote.
I share a birthday with Robert Pattinson.
Yes. I do.
And he is also 23 today (well yesterday...).
OK. I didn't know this until I was reading this cute little blog and just about fell off my bed (where I do most of blogging btw)
when I read her post about it.
He's a rich, fabulous, elegant, hot, sexy, brooding, did i mention rich off his ass???, young 23-year-old.
And I?
A poor college student with a mere fraction of his worth in my bank acct, not so hot and sexy (well maybe on my REALLY REALLY good days! those are rarities unfortunately), but still very young 23 year old.
Oh how this opens my eyes to think that even though I don't have the riches I hope I am ten times happier than he is with his.
because let's face it. I don't have money. (like he does). or the great career he does.
but I do have love, caring, beautiful, fabulous people who care about me and support me whether I look like I have been fighting a cold or blow dried my hair and styled it (barely do this btw. styling it i mean).
So to Robert I say Happy Birthday.
Even though we are never ever ever EVER going to be in the same social planks of life, we share the same birthday. And it is an AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC, and FABULOUS day to celebrate a birthday on.
Hmm... wonder what time he was born... If we were born around the same time... *shudder* that would be weird...
Or would it?
Think wikipedia has that info?
I'm sure they do.
But I have lots of blog reading to do.
So thank you for all that called/texted me today.
I am ever so grateful for all the love you all give me!!!
I feel a blessed and overworked 23 year old who has a whole life ahead of her!
Let the power above give me many MANY more years to celebrate my birthday.
Especially REALLY good ones like today!
It was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{p.s. if it was ur bday also on 5/13 well then i wish you had a wonderful birthday!}


Belle said...

Aw your his twin!!
Happy birhday to you as well darling!
Hope you had a magnificent day! xxx

kSbl said...

thank you!

i really did have a magnificent day!