Do you tan with sunshine or with a can?

Well I might just try the can can way this year because this little (haha) blogger will not have enough time to go outdoors to get her tan on this summer! boo!

Lisa @ pampered with paige said this about Lindsay Lohan's new product SEVIN NYNE TANNING MIST:

"Everyone's favorite train wreck celeb, Lindsay Lohan has a new self tanning line out called Sevin Nyne. Thankfully, by bff Mike McKay from Sephora is sending me a bottle to try. I couldn't resist, and had to indulge myself yesterday when I was at Sephora though. I sprayed it on my arm and it smells like coconuts, (which is a good thing), I also love the way it sprays. The solution comes out so light, you won't scare yourself when applying it. Once I get my bottle this week, I'll be sure to post a "tanning tutorial" for ya! Stay tuned."

When, and if, she posts her tutorial I will post it on here.

She's awesome and been a fan of hers for a really long time.

But my questions to you is:

Would you use a can to tan?

Or would you prefer a little natural sunshine outdoors?

Just wondering.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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