So I am very random so here are a few posts in one.

I am trying to clear my pictures on my phone and I just don't think I should make separate posts about these.

So here goes:

Man. When I saw this on my way to the mall with Kevin I was praying we came to a red light because I needed to get a pic of this car.
My mom and I used to have a car like this (with the roof of the car on the inside peeling off).
It just brought me back to my childhood and made me laugh and make my boyfriend think I am more of a dork... haha!

In late-April, Baskin Robbin's was selling $0.31 ice cream scoops.

It was yummy but wish it was a better day: weather-wise.

Days before this it was hot like no other and on this day it was so cold I need a jacket and a scarf.

But it was fun!

Kev n i invited his oldest niece and nephew (Jess and Justin) to go get some ice cream. They loved it as much as we did.

Now this pic was taken inside of Toy R Us.

What made me take a picture of all of these exercise equipments was the fact that I don't even use some of this crap.

Yes I should exercise more and I do use the exercise ball to stretch and sit ups but...

Really? Do kids REALLY need all these things to strength train or do push ups or use a parachute (which I still don't know what they use it for!!!???!!! can anyone help???)

I mean yes there is obesity in young kids and yes they should get up and do stuff... but... shouldn't it be stuff like playing basketball, baseball, kickball, jump rope, swimming, taking a walk or doing things with parents???

I mean, those bands on the middle shelf are DANGEROUS and you need the supervision of an adult to make sure they don't hit themselves in the eye!!! I'd be scared to use it myself!

The only time I ever used a band like that was a few weeks ago in a yoga class and the instructor kept telling us PLEASE be careful every 20 seconds as we were doing the exercise.

And now Reebok has invented this for kids????? I mean WTF!??!?!?!?!

Can anyone explain this to me?

Does this make sense to you?

Am I being a little too crazy to find that this is crazy way for kids to lose weight???

Please PLEASE shed some light for me about this.

I'd appreciate it!

This store has been around for forever but I have never been inside it!

So my 'virginity' to this store was broken the other day.

I might just like this a bit more than their competition H.D.

What do you guys think?

Lowe's or H.D.???

They had really pretty flowers and their prices were really awesome as well!

See. I told you it was randomness like no other!

Hope it was fun for you like it was for me! {haha}

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