Let me introduce to you...

My gorgeous aunt.
Her name is Nancy.
But I call her Tia Susy.
{her middle name is Susanna}

She asked me if I would go with her to visit her friend at the hospital who just had a baby.

Me being the great niece, and the fact that I LOVE babies, couldn't say no and went with her.

Isn't that baby just adorable???

Made me realize that when I have a baby, that baby is going to be filled with so much love and going to be so spoiled!!!

but i can't wait.

i saw the sparkle in her eye as she carried that baby in her arms and the smile she gave me when she said:

"Can you imagine when you have one of these? Your dad is going to go crazy!"

Which is true. My dad is such a cutie when he's around babies.

He loves taking care of them and somehow they always tend to not cry when he carries them. It's like he is a comfort body when he is around. It's his spirit I tell ya.

He'll make a great grandfather one day.

Can't wait!

{p.s. Today, and this post, is the very first public time I admit that I cannot wait to have a baby. Before I wasn't sure. Maybe no one never is sure, but I am at least going to go for it when my time comes.}

{p.p.s. Just to make things clear: I will not try to get pregnant until AFTER I get married. ... But practice makes perfect right? haha...}

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